some shamanimals

I got the bug...no pun intended!

A kind of sea serpent found in the shallow waters of the Silver Coast. The varalga has no legs but can grow to be up to 3m long. Their stripes are very distinctive with alternating coloured and white bands. Their coloured bands change colour to match the water. The varalga has a flat face and friendly curling mouth. They have big lamp-like green eyes, a kelp-like beard and more kelp-like apendages down its back. They are very shy and try to keep away from faeries, but will defend other smaller sea creatures if necesarry.

Pellicus Seadragon
These little creatures are about the size of your little finger, and resemble the sea dragons found on earth. If you're lucky, you might find one in the rock pools along Shaman's coastline. No one is entirely sure what colour they are naturally. They gather algae and waterweed and stick it to their bodies in order to attract food. As a result they usually just appear green and look a little on the fluffy side. The males can sting you if you bother them, but its no worse than a nettle sting and will pass quickly enough.

The tedulae fly is a kind of dragonfly only found on Shaman. They can grow up to 10cm long and are teal in colour. They have 10 legs, 3 sets of wings, and are covered in a layer of fur-like scales. They appear to have a tapir-like nose, which uncurls to allow them to stick their tongue out to feed on pollen. They are a gardener's friend and can encourage flowers to bloom and fruit and veg to grow large and sweet.

Gem Spider
Gem spiders are small and harmless. They have the ability to burrow into gemstones. Females lay their eggs in gems and when the little spiders hatch, they break off a little piece of gem and use it as armour for their soft little bodies. It wears this gem-armour for the rest of its life. They're not dangerous; just pretty.

You should keep a watchful out for these little nasties. Colloqually known as wing-eaters, they settled on unclean wings (of birds, insects, faeries) and nibble away at them. They're a bit like clothes moths really just...for your wings. Ascenti are tiny, barely visible to the naked eye, and appear on the wings as lime-green flecks. To rid yourself of an infestation, you need to bathe your wings in lemongrass and mint.

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