Possibly suggestion! :3

I was wondering if you guys might consider a "Streak Saver" item for the Post a Day challenge at some point? Like a 1x use item that you can only use every X days (ex: every 15 so you could use it up to 2x for Plat and 1x for Silver+)? I don't think you really need one for Bronze tho. I was just thinking it might be nice to have something as a backup if like, you had a rough day at work or got sick and forgot to post on day 29 and then lose your streak. :P

Another fun option could be something in character, like answer a prompt to save your streak? So you missed day 29, on day 30 you'd need to do a regular post + answer a prompt and you'd be able to claim Plat?

Totally fine if it doesn't fit (I know the whole point is to have a challenge!) but I noticed the Duolingo app does it and thought it was a neat possibility/wouldn't hurt to ask! :)

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