Generating... (staff required)

I need another member of staff to generate my rat for me :) Will add all rats to people's banks when that's been done.

1. Aspelta
This rat appears to be some kind of alien. Its neon green with bright purple eyes and little antennae. When they glow, things have a habit of starting to float.

2. Cali
This cotton candy rat is fluffy like a sheep and striped alternatively pastel pink and baby blue. His fur is edible, like cotton candy, but does not melt in the rain.

3. Dema
This rat can produce paint pigment in little pods when he hiccups - there's no way of choosing the colour though - its a surprise!

4. Edel
This rat appears to be entirely robotic, save for his tiny little heart. Remember to keep him oiled and out of the rain.

5. Renny
This rat has wings, can fly, and is entirely covered in feathers, reminiscent of the european goldfinch - how pretty!

6. Thorn
This rat is entirely composed of fire. Fortunately, he only sets things alight when you ask him too, so a great companion at bonfires.

7. Wolf
This rat has turqouise and purple fish scales, and develops a mertail in water.

8. Fennic
This rat is black with a red gem in the centre of his forehead. His tarot card readings are astonishingly accurate.

9. Alora
This rat turns into a particularly beautiful plant in moonlight, the leaves of which have potent healing properties! Handy!

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