lockets done >>

- Edited Larka, Sloane and Grayson's inventories to reflect new items.
- Removed the Moonstone gem from Mallos' inventory.

Have NOT:
- Done other parts of the update.
- Put bronze locket in my bank from trade.

Larkaís Bronze Locket and Moonstone flash opaline as they are fused together. The light pulses gently, as though considering. It grows, separating itself from the locket, and shrinks to the size of a pebble. If Larka feeds the pebble of light to a familiar, that familiar will remain a baby forever.

A Forever Baby Familiar item has been added to Larkaís inventory in addition to her fused locket. It looks like thatís all the magic this locket had in it, but it still makes a pretty piece of jewellery! You can choose the shape/design and reassign to another character if you prefer.

Graysonís Gold Locket and Hematite Gem gleam liquid silver as they are fused together. The locket quivers under the power of the hematite and hums for several minutes. It cools and settles, twitching only occasionally.

Hematite is a chaotic gem, almost impossible to control. Now that it has fused with the locket, it has created an object of untold power. The hematite in the locket can absorb magic in the surrounding vicinity temporarily. Be warned, though Ė a gold hematite locket is a tricky object, as inclined to prank as it is to help. It could take magic from Grayson, from select others, or from everyone in the locality. Grayson will have no ability to direct the locketís power, although pleading with it might help?

You can choose the shape/design of the locket and reassign to another character if you prefer!

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