Spendin the big monies

Can I please buy a Mythical Familiar to change Cypress's Qarinah into a Hellhound?
She'll look the same just this is a nice summary instead of the long version currently hahaha. I'd also like to buy her Shadow Travel!

Cy's familiar can now be listed as:
Qarinah (female hellhound, Shadow Travel)

Then I'd like a Familiar Formatter to change Bohdi's familiar into a yellow-throated marten; we can remove the sea camouflage pattern (if there's a cost for that okaying the deduction in advance!). :) Also using a Database Glitch from my bank to rename him Mischief.

Bohdi's familiar can now be listed as:
Mischief (male yellow-throated marten)

So that's 9200$ from my bank plz!
New Balance: 11,372$

Bohdi's ren object is a lioness statue; Birch's is a black cat stuffed animal with 3 tails; and Danny's is a caracal candle!

Let's rename Silax to Oren using a Database Glitch from my bank too, please!
New Balance: 2

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