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Re(1): Question 'bout Mary Ruth Keller stories

Bill has an important, but not major role in all my stories, starting with the fourth one in the Kuxan Sum Cycle: "Rustic Suite." I wrote the Scully family based on my experiences with my in-laws, because my father-in-law and brother-in-law are former Naval officers, and my mother-in-law was very much the "Navy wife" (She passed away from Alzheimer's complications in May of last year). Bill, in my stories, sees himself as the head of the Scully family, now that Ahab is dead. That sets up a conflict with Margaret and Dana Scully, who have lives of their own. It's also a contrast with how Mulder sees Samantha.

FWIW, all of my stories have been updated and uploaded to ArchiveofOurOwn and Fanfiction.net:




I finally got around to writing the Fox-Samantha reunion story last year (I explain in the author's notes at both archives how I got interrupted all those years ago): "Chermera." It's another long-ish case file, but not as long as "Zurvan." I've sent it off to Gossamer, too, but that hasn't updated yet. Before you read it, though, you should read the story that comes between "Zurvan" and "Chermera," called "Anath." Half of "Anath" is devoted to Samantha's life, the other to how Mulder and Scully recover from the events of "Zurvan."



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