Things are slow so here's my take

Here in N.E. Indiana, eight miles to the East of Arcola my small Doctor's office is already offering drive thru testing for anyone who shows signs of the corvid-19. This will help put those infected in quarantine away from others and the severe cases in the hospital. Indiana will be giving $600 weekly checks to those unemployed and no disconnects for water, electricity and sewage plus no evections in most area's. No cost for travel to and from work will be big savings for those unemployed especially big in the rural area's. Put the $1200 per person checks on top of that and things don't seem quite as bad economically especially for a hourly worker. Personally nothing changes for me except my wife's working from home and I'm retired. The scale rental and sons announcing is done in May and perhaps even in June the way it looks. I hope it ends there. We're planning to play forward our checks from the gov't locally by investing in windows and siding for the house. A small reputable company will get that whole check as soon as it comes then they can do the work later. That helps us both. I do feel sorry for the small business people though. I think they are the one's who will bear the brunt of the shutdown. Repair shops and service companies who normally come into the home are just a small example. The workers will be ok, a lot of the owners not so much so.
During this time I'm behind our President 100%. I can't imagine the stress he's under. The press and libs rip him at every chance they can never a word of ecouragement. Sure once in awhile things said one day are different the next but it's not being wishy washy like the main stream media want to say. There's no play book on this. The President's not going forward alone. He has a room full of people who give him their best estimates what to do. Most of our leaders, state and local also try their best. Our local democrats and republicans alike have been great through this. I'm behind them 100% also. Nationally though the democrats with Pelosi at the top have made me ashamed with their pork barrel antics. They have no shame and it's going to bite them in the butt in Nov. Bottom line Let's all pray for our leaders they have a burden no right person could want!


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