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Re(5): 9 SQN

After all these years and Army now have our own critical of 9sqn.
When Army (regular)moved into Vietnam (pre Nui Dat) the generals saw the value of rotary first hand. It therefore wanted total Army control.
Army perpetuated constant critism taken up by their middle management.
To this day many ex Vietnam 9sqn veterans feel that unjust Army attitude.
You would think that following SAS Blackhawk and Kanimble accidents that Army might think they were not the accomplished rotary aviators they thought they were.
If there are doubts check the subsequent ABC interview with General Sanderson and
his efforts with regard to RAAF.
Perhaps Army would like to explain why the Tiger gunship was missing in Afghanistan.
As a footnote im still a active member of our Fire and Rescue Brigade and have met a number of young ex Army that retain a complete disrespect to wards RAAF.
Perhaps it can be summed up by a veterans c130/b707 loadmaster who said quote Army intelligence now there is an oxymoron unquote


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