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Your Bunny Print Egg cracks open to reveal... a very unusual pair of babies!

Suggested name: Dusk
Level I: 24 points
Light brown hair (BbRR), hazel eyes (bbGg), type iii skin
Twin to (Name), Long-Sighted
Weak Radar, Lunar Manipulation, Lunar Enhancement

Suggested wings: shadow wings
Suggested personality: Sensitive, particularly to the body language and facial expressions of others, with a tendency to over-analyse; quietly creative but aghast at the idea of sharing his creative works; can be cynical. Strongly empathic and able to sense other people’s feelings and know how to respond to them (interpersonal intelligence) but has poor coordination with throwing, catching, kicking and interacting with other objects (object-control skills).

Suggested name: Dawn
Level I: 24 points
Light brown hair (BbRR), hazel eyes (bbGg), type iii skin
Twin to (Name), Carrier for Stun
Uncontrollable Levitation, Solar Manipulation, Solar Enhancement

Suggested wings: morning light wings
Suggested personality: Perfectionist tendencies; can be indecisive and close-order to work out the time/weather changes (naturalist intelligence).

Let me know what names and wings you’d like and I’ll add them to the DB :)minded; very involved in the ‘process’ of things and prefers the enjoyment of ‘doing’ rather than the end result. Very good at running, jumping, sliding and swimming (locomotor skills) but lacks the ability to perceive changes in the atmosphere in

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