Hamper and EOT

First, thank you for the 20 points! <3 I am glad the drawing lessons are helpful.

Here are my hamper claims:

Bronze Locket: Use the same tagline twice in one thread.
Database Glitch: Use a green tagline.
Randomise Trait: Use a blue HTML.
Ordinary Familiar: Post a character on the board where they are listed as living.
Single Baby: Post in the Silver Coast.
Sex Swap Potion: Post in the Castle.
Amazonite Gem: Post to a demigod.
Hop Loop: Post to a character who was born on Shaman.
Aventurine Gem: Post to a character whose name starts with a, b or c.
Tame Prey: Post to a character who is using a brown or orange tagline.
Divinity-Infused Rat: Post your character to their SO.
Point Bundle: Put something in the #inspiration channel.
Basilisk Venom: Put something in the #uplifting channel.

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