Stuff and things!

Can I please claim the recognition +20pts to Ripkar? <3 Thank you so much!

I'd also like to assign the Alicorn Amulet to Lincoln and the Wand to Tiahleigh!

Tiahleigh can also have the Affinity (fennec foxes) and Empathy from my bank; Lincoln can have Evasion and Puppet Manipulation.

We can also use the 2 Ordinary Familiars to grant them:
Lincoln: Dusk (male tiger quoll)
Tialeigh: Dawn (female tiger quoll)

I'd like to use the Familiar Recoulor in my bank to make Dawn albino (I couldn't find any records of one existing normally?)

Could I "open" my Divinity-Infused Rat to see what it is? Bank for now!

Let's use the Randomise Trait on the Snake Tail in my bank!

I think I have a few things that need to be removed:
- 1x Tame Predator (pansexual flag color): Memphis has one and I don't think I had two?
- 1x Illuminati Abudction (used for the Popbo bbs)
- 1x Bittles Cat: I sold one awhile back and I don't think I had two?

Can I also combine the following from my bank? Let me know if they need to be assigned first!
Amazonite Gem + Silver Locket
Aventurine Gem + Bronze Locket

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