Some magical pet or Shamanimal suggestions? <3

Just had a few ideas I wanted to toss out there after I came across some cool folklore lists, please feel free to edit as-needed; I was mostly looking for fun magical pets but some of these might be better suited to Shamanimal status instead. :)

- Jackalope: A jackrabbit with antelope horns.

- Peryton: A creature with the head, neck, forelegs and antlers of a stag, combined with the plumage, wings and hindquarters of a large bird,

- Heidrun: A goat who produces endless amounts of mead; they are always female.

- Sleipnir: An eight-legged horse, typically grey in color, prized for it's speed.

- Aosagibi: A heron whose feathers have fused into shining scales that give off an iridescent blue light; it breathes golden powder that collects to form a heat-less fiery light, though this light eventually dissipates in the wind.

- Basan: A large chicken that breathes cold fire (it glows but does not burn).

- Furi: A monkey-like creature with red eyes; blcackish leopard-like fur; and blue hair from its nose to its short tail. They cannot be cut by blades or burned by fire.

- Furaribi: A bird with a dog-like face and enveloped in fire; they tend to wander aimlessly.

- Inugami: A large dog-like creature with a split tail and no (visible) eyes; they are exceptionally loyal and can be "stored" in chests or water jugs.

- Kamaitachi: A beast with fur like that of a hedgehog, a cry like that of a dog, and wings, they are said to attack people with limbs like that of a sickle or razor.

- Kasha: A small creature with the head of a cat or tiger and a burning tail, it is commonly found where an evil person died.

- Komainu: Large creatures resembling a cross between a lion and a dog, they are natural guardians and protectors.

- Kanko: A fox the size of a weasel or rat, with vertical eyes and thin hair, who can aid in telling the future.

- Okami: A powerful wolf spirit that either takes your life or protects it depending on the actions one does in their life.

- Onikuma: A bear-like creature that has been known to walk upright.

- Satori: A monkey-like creature that reads minds.

- Yamabiko: A small creature resembling a cross between a dog and a monkey; they have gray fur, peach-colored belly, floppy ears, large grin, and arms outstretched as though it is caught mid-shrug. They cause a delayed echo of sounds around them, especially speech.

- Chamrosh: A creature with the body of a dog and the head & wings of a bird.

- Chrysomallos: A sheep with golden fleece.

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