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TV (5);


Stick and Ball

Ice Hockey (1)


Canadian Football (1)

Net and Ball:

Basketball (1)
Team Handball (1)
American Handball (1)


Grand Old Opry
April 26: Craig Morgan and Luke Combs

May 3: The Bright Stream Ballet
May 7: Don Quixote Ballet

Jazz at Lincoln Center:

April 29: Concert Celebrating Ella Fitzgerald, the First Lady of Jazz
April 29: Skain's Domain: Zoom interviews by Wynton Marsalis: this episode: Hamilton de Hollanda; Anat Cohen and Victor Goins; Choro music and Ragtime

Arte.TV Concert

April 25: United We Stream #12 Sass Vienna; #33 Heidegluhen; #34: Hard Wax
April 26: United We Stream #35: Acud
April 27: United We Stream #36: Bulbul
April 28: United We Stream #37: Sameheads
April 29: United We Stream Global #13; Waagenbau Hamburg
April 29: United We Stream Global #14: Drugstore Belgrade
April 30: United We Stream #38: S036


National Theatre:
April 30-May 6: Frankenstein (Benedict Cumberbatch)
May 1-May 7: Frankenstein (Johnny Lee Miller)
May 7-13: Antony and Cleopatra (Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo

Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Shows Must Go On
May 1-2:Andrew Lloyd Webber's Royal Albert Hall Celebration:

Globe Theatre:

May 1-11: Romeo and Juliet
May 11--Macbeth


April 25: National Film Board of Canada English and French Collection Curators have released blog posts with links to their picks for best ten NFB films of all time. You might want to try Nahanni (#9) English (about 18 minutes).



April 25: PBS Full Episodes (in ten topical areas--available in US only)
April 25: Archive of American Television Oral History: added link to latest updates.
April 25: April 25: Aljazeera English Youtube Documentaries (20 playlists, over 1,500)
April 25: NHK (Japanese Public Television English Language Documentaries)
April 29: France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Cap Sud-Ouest and selected other documentaries. (French)


Al Jazazeera English Youtube Documentaries

April 26: What Will Ramadan be like in the Time of Coronavirus?
April 26: South Africa's Deadly Politics
April 26: Will Global Collaboration against Covid-19 Succeed?
April 26: Senegal's $1 Covid 19- Test Kit and the Race for a Vaccine
April 26: India's Lockdown: Narratives of Inequality and Islamophobia
April 27: Why is Worldwide Military Spending Going Up?
April 28: Why are Black Americans Hardest Hit by Coronavirus?
April 28: Coronavirus: Can Russia Flatten the Curve?
April 28: Lebanon braces for More Protests as Economy Sinks.
April 28: Is Freedom a Casualty in the War Against Coronavirus?
April 29: Four Ramadan Songs
April 29: Coronavirus: How is Lockdown Effecting Domestic Violence?
April 30: Can the Economy Recover From Coronavirus?

France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine
April 28: Pays Basque et liberte: retour sur le processus ver la paix"


Stick and Ball


April 25: October 5, 1980--Final White Sox game of 1980--complete game--Harry Carey and Jim Piersall, Harry sings 7th inning stretch, Minnie Minoso's final at bat.

April 26: Steve Carleton 1972 Season Blog Post--added Carlton's 4th Start3rd Start, v Steve Arlin and San Diego Padres, April 29, 1972. Next start: at Los Angeles, May 3


April 25: Vanuatu Exhibition Cricket Matches--the only "live" cricket matches in the world)

April 25: West Indies Women: South Africa Tour of West Indies 2018 (3 ODIs, 3 T20s (full match videos); Australia Tour of West Indies (3 ODIs, 3 T20s) (full match videos); India Tour of West Indies (1st ODI highlights; 3rd ODI; 5 T20s, full match videos)

Lawn Tennis:


April 26: Australian Open AO Classic Youtube: 2019 Women's Final: Osaka v Kivitova
April 26: US Open Tennis: 2011 Men's (Djokovic v Nadal) and Women's (Stosur v S. Williams) Final:
April 26: Wimbledon Classic Match: 2015 Women's Quarterfinal: S. Williams v V. Azarenka
April 26: WTA: 2019 Dubai Tournament Quarter-Final: Hsieh Su-Wei v Pliskova
April 28: US Open Women's Round 1: Osaka v Kerber
April 29: WTA: 2019 Madrid Doubles Semi-final: Hsieh/Strycova v Voskoboeva-Kudermetova
April 29: WTA: 2019 Rabat Final: Kanta v Sakkari
April 30: 2006 US Open Round 2: Agassi v Baghdatis (Andre Agassi's Final Career Win
April 30: WTA: 2019 Birmingham Final: Barty v Goerges
May 3: Austalian Open AO Classic Youtube: 2000 Men's Semi-Final Agassi v Sampras


April 25: World Padel Tour: 2017 Coruna Open: Lamperdi-Moyano v
April 30 Buenos Aires Padel Master 2016: Jardim-Stupaczuk v Sanchez-Diaz


April 25: Frontenis: 2019 Individual Club Espana Final 201 Official Master Pro Youtube: Turi v Chikis


April 26: US Open Classic Finishes: 2015; Men and Women
April 27: US Open Classic Finishes: 2010; Women
April 28: British Open: 1999 Final Round in full (7 hours 17 minutes)
April 29: A US Open Decade: 1950s

Basque Pelota Sports:

Frontenis: 2019 Individual Club Espana Final 201 Official Master Pro Youtube: Turi v Chikis


April 24: 1991 Ladies Professional Raquetball Tour: US Outdoor Women's Championship: Doubles Final:
Sheprow/McBride v Pfahler-Lyons


April 29: Professional Squash Association Squash TV Youtube Rallies of the Decade
April 30: Greatest Battles: Nick Matthew v Gregory Gaultier (highlight from several of their matches)


April 26:"Total Recall" 1983 World Championships Women's Final
April 27:"Total Recall" 2018 New Zealand Open Men's Singles Final
April 28:"Total Recall" 2018 New Zealand Open Women's Doubles Final
April 29:"Total Recall" 2018 New Zealand Open Mixed Doubles Semi-Final
April 30:"Total Recall"2018 New Zealand Open Men's Doubles Semi-final

Table Tennis

April 26: Best of the 2019 Japan Open: Xu Xin v Lin Yun-ju
April 27: Women's Final: 2019 Liebherr World Table Tennis Championships: Liu Shiwen v Chen Meng

April 28: Men's Final: 2019 Liebherr World Table Tennis Championships: Ma Long v Mattias Falck

April 29: ITTF Smashback: 1998 World Grand Tour Final:Liu Guoliang v Jan Ove-Waldner

April 30: Classic Match: 1979 World Championship Final: Hungary v China

May 1: ITTF Smashback: 2004 World Grand Tour Final: Ma Lin v Timo Boll

May 2: TV Exhibition Match: Zang Jike v Hou Yingchao

Ice Hockey


International Ice Hockey Federation

April 29: 2008 International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships: Final: Canada v Russia

Gaelic Hurling

April 26: 1991 Munster SHC Final: Cork v Tipperary



April 26: The World Snooker Tour has added a playlist: Crucible Gold: a compilation of match video and analysis on various players and topics. An excellent way to learn the sport.
April 27: Crucible Gold--Episode 10: Upsets
April 28: Crucible Gold--Episode 11: 1982 Final
April 29: Crucible Gold--Episode 12: 2011 Final
John Higgins v Judd Trump (2 1/2 hour session)
April 30: Crucible Gold--Episode 13: 2015 Final
Murphy v Bingham



Canadian Football


CFL:Global has provided full match videos of the entire 2015 Post Season: 2 Divisional Semi-finals, 2 Divisional Finals, and the Grey Cup Game: Ottawa v Edmonton (added April 30)

Association Football (Soccer)

FIFA World Cup at Home Full Matches

April 25: Argentina v England: 1998
April 25: Germany v Italy: 2006
April 26: Germany v Brazil: 2002
April 27: Germany v Brazil: 2007
May 1: Brazil v Argentina: 2005
May 2: West Germany v Netherlands: 1990
May 3: Belgium v Japan 2018
May 4: Women's: France v Brazil 2019

Rugby Union

April 26: 1995 World Cup Men's Final: South Africa v New Zealand
April 26: 2015 World Cup: Scotland v Samoa
April 26: 2014 World Cup Women's Final: England v Canada
May 1: 2017 World Cup Women's Semi-final: US v New Zealand
May 2: 1999 World Cup Quarter-final Play-Off: Argentina v Ireland

Rugby 7s

April 29: 2018 World Cup Women's Final: New Zealand v France

Rugby League

English Super League:

April 30: SL Rewind: 2019: Catalan v Wigan
May 1: SL Rewind: 2010 Playoff Semi-Final:
St.Helens v Huddersfield

Australian National Rugby League

April 26: 2017:
2017: Round 8 Rooster's v Dragons;
2009: Round 7 Storm v Warriors;
1989 Grand Final Tigers v Raiders

April 29: 1998 State of Origin: New South Wales v Queensland
April 30: 2011: Round 25: Eagles v Sea Eagles v Storm

Gaelic Football:

April 26: 1982 All-Ireland Senior Football Final: Kerry v Offaly
April 29: 2015 Leinster SFC Semi-final: Westmeath v Meath

Florentine Calcio Storico
April 29: Calcio Storico Story: a documentary about the sport split into 9 parts of about 7 minutes each (Italian)



Added Banzuke (Rankings) for May Tournament and changes from March Tournament rankings (link to my Sumo blog).

Chris Sumo Youtube:

April 25: Jump in sumo coronaviruses cases"
April 26: Kisenosato's (72nd Yokozuna--the most recently promoted) Struggle (1)
April 27: New Sumo rankings chart released; Hukuho: "I can fight longer. Bring on 2021"
April 29: Visual guide to a Japanese sumo rankings chart (a 260year old tradition continues)
April 30: Kakuryu, Takakeisho comments: wrestlers out of hosptal
April 30: Memory Lane:When Sumo came to London (1991)


Top Rank Boxing On This Day

April 27: Tommie Hearns v Randy Shields (April 25, 1981), WBC Welterweight Championship match.

Mixed Martial Arts

April 27: Bellatore MMA Youtube: 2019 Euroseries 3
April 28: Bellatore MMA Youtube: 2019 Euroseries 4

Bo Taoshi

April 26: Al Jazeera Documentary (Witness--Japan's War Game) added to explanatory section

Ball and Net:


April 28: 2015: Eastern Conference Semi-finals Game 3: Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls

April 29: 2015: 1st Round Western Conference Playoffs: LA Clippers v San Antonio Spurs, Game 7 (CP3 Calls Game)

April 30: Block Party! Last 5 seasons


April 30: FIBA: International Basketball Federation Youtube. Streams hundreds of game videos.


April 29: March Madness: 1998 Championship Game: Kentucky v Utah

Team Handball:


April 26: Added International Handball Federation Youtube

IHF 1st IHF 2019 Men's North America and Caribbean Championships (21 matches including the Final: US v Cuba

Handball Belarus

April 25: Handball Belarus: 2011 IHF Men's World Championships Denmark v Sweden
April 26: Handball Belarus: 2019 IFH Women's World Championships:
Spain v Russia; Russia v Montenegro; Romania v Russia
April 27: Handball Belarus: 2011 IFH Men's World Championships Spain v Norway; Germany v France; Germany v France
April 27: Handball Belarus: 2011 IFH Men's World Championships: Denmark v Serbia
April 28: Handball Belarus: 2011 IFH Men's World Championships: Germany v Tunisia
April 28: Handball Belarus: 1986/87 European IHF Cup Final: Atletico Madrid v Granitas Kaunas

Ball and Pelota (Hand)

Valencian Pelota

Escalia i Corda

April 25: 2010: January 22, 2010: 2nd Phase Match of XIX Baincaixa Trophu: Victor-Sarasol II-Raul (red) v Soro III-Solaz-Hector II (blue)
April 29: 2010: March 3, 2010: 2010 EiC XIX Baincaixa Trophu Final
Genoves II-Salva-Nacho (red) v Pedro-Javi-Onate II (blue)



April 29: World Pro Handball Playlists: 11 Tournaments, over 100 matches from 2019 back to 2014


Winter Sports:

Speed Skating

April 26: Speed Skating: Day 1, Day 2 2019 ISU World Spring Speed Skating Championships; Day 1 World All Round Speed Skating Championships
April 27: Speed Skating: Day 2 2019 ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships
April 28: Speed Skating: Day 1 2019 ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championship
April 29: Speed Skating: Day 2 2019 ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championship
April 30: World Synchronized Skating: 2019 ISU World Championships
May 2: Speed Skating: Day 1 2019 ISU World Single Distances Championship (500m, 1,000m, 1,500m, 5,000, 10,000m for men, 500, 1,000,1,500, 3,000, and 5,000 for Women (1m=1.09 yards, 1,760 yards to 1 mile)
May 3: Speed Skating: Day 2 2019 ISU World Single Distances Championship
May 4: Speed Skating: Day 3 2019 ISU World Single Distances Championship
May 5: Speed Skating: Day 4 2019 ISU World Single Distances Speed Skating Championship


Athletics (Track and Field)

April 26: World Athletics 2019 Women's Long Jump Final; Mens 400 meter hurdle final; Women's Triple Jump Final
April 27: World Athletics 2019 Men's Javelin Final
April 28: World Athletics 2019 Women's Heptathlon Day 1
April 29: World Athletics 2019 Women's Heptathlon Day 2
April 30: World Athletics 2019 Men's Decathlon Day 1
May 1: World Athletics 2019 Men's Decathlon Day 2
May 2: World Athletics 2019 Women's Javelin Final
May 3: World Athletics 2019 Men's Hammer Throw Final
May 9: World Athletics 2019 Men's 4x400 Relay Final


April 26: 2019 World Championship Rhythmic Gymnastics 5 Ball Final
April 29: 2019 World Championship Rhythmic Gymnastics 3 Hoops + 2 Pairs of Clubs Final
May 2: 2019 World Championship Rhythmic Gymnastics WHC Ribbon Final

Water Sports:

May 2: 2013 FINA World Championships Water Polo Final: Hungary v Montenegro


April 25: 2014 Ice Dancing Free Dance;
April 26: 2016 Water Polo Final (Women's): US v Italy
April 27: Athens 2004 Full Opening Ceremony
April 28: 2016 Table Tennis Final (Women's)
April 29: 2016 Men's Synchonized Diving--10m--Full Competition
April 30: 2018 Skeleton (Women's) Heat 4
May 1: 2016 Men's 62 Kg Weight Lifting
May 2: 2016 Gymnastics: Women's Trampoline Competition
May 3: 1992 Association Football (Soccer) Final: Poland v Spain
May 4: 1992: Barcelona Full Opening Ceremony

Sports and Culture blog links update for 4/24--5/1/2020


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