Egg > >

Your egg hatches to reveal...a very special pet!

This female Mjolnier is smart and loyal. Suggested name: Tika

More about Mjolniers:

Coloration: Dark coat, almost black. Skin and underbelly are white, eyes are yellow and crown of horns are white as well with red at the tips.

Habitat: varied.

Personality: extremely intelligent creatures, cunning, and can plan ahead. They have memory, and will remember a master...or at least, the one that treats them the best or earns their submission. Logical, not usually a sadistic creature...

Abilities: They like to climb, and know the highest ground to be the best advantage. Their speed and accuracy is deadly, but their recovery rate is the same as any other animal. They use their large tails for balance, and their claws can grow to incredible sizes.

Proportions: They are large creatures, the average size is about the size of a small car. There are very few in existance, probably only a couple left in Shaman.

Lifespan: They live outrageously long, no one is certain of their exact lifespan, but it has been estimated that they can retain their strength for at least 100 years unless critically wounded or diseased.

Gender differences: Except for reproductive parts ( females have nipples for young ), no difference has been spotted.

Birth rate: Mating between two creatures is very rare, since most Mjolniers have lost their mating season drives over the course of the changes throughout Shaman.

Young: The younglings are born one or two at a time, twins being extremely rare. Mating and birth ceremonies are obscure and almost completely unknown since Mjolniers find absolute seclusion during both. They will mate for life, but likely only produce once or twice in the entirety of their lives.

Speech: They growl, shreik, coo, and make all kinds of different strange gutteral noises. Their roar is quite loud, similar to a lions

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