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"Some Jai 5 Scoop"

I think 3-5 people or syndicates scored a high percentage of them. When I assessed my simulation runs output on how difficult it would be to hit a Jai-5 for the early part of the season (before they had the Jai-5, coming up with mythical Jai-5 wagers assuming there was a Jai-5 on those games), I was astonished on what I was calculating. My brother thought I was crazy, scoffed at the idea, and said he was out.

Over time Magic City made the Jai-5 harder and harder to hit, and it worked, it did get far more challenging to hit.

Now, I can tell you that some of the people/partnerships hitting frequently did NOT play tickets what I refer to as "one ticket wonders" but used a multi-ticket methodology. Sure, it's easy to put all your picks on 1-ticket, but the flaw with that methodology is that on harder legs where you use multiple selections, you are weighing your best player equal to your lowest ranked player, and that is simply put "a flawed method." The smart bettors are hoping everyone plays their Pick-X tickets all on 1-ticket. Many times you will be dead on leg-1 with no chance to hit all legs correctly. Personally, I NEVER omit any player from leg 1, and don't like to eliminate any player from any leg....Plus, putting all your picks on 1-ticket can get expensive real quickly.

I had cancer surgery back last fall and had to leave for hospital around 9;30 am that day (was in hospital for 3-nights recovering). My biggest Jai-5 accomplishment I remember is that morning before surgery, logging into ADW and advance wagering on the Mat and Eve Jai-5 (wagers I had prepped the night before, assuming no scratches). After surgery and crazy long wait to be moved to a hospital room and dear wife could finally see me, she said one of my partners texted my phone and said we hit BOTH of the Jai-5 bets. I can tell you one thing, it sure helps lift spirits for recovery. Turns out on the early Jai-5, we were only live with one post for final leg, it was Douglas (he had 3 post, got 2-points on first round, ran out next time up). On the second Jai-5 that night, we were live with posts 2,3,8 and Douglas was the 8-post. Douglas ran a perfect game. I only recently went back and watched those games for the first time on YouTube. What a hoot to watch the will-pays going into game 7 and watching those final games, knowing you are going to hit 5/5.

It wasn't long after that where Douglas was mostly placed in the 5,6,7 post like the post assignment method of many years ago where strong players were put mostly in those posts.

My partnership did have 5/5 every time there were multiple 5/5 winners, that happened 6-times. We did hit the pool a few times where I couldn't believe nobody else had a winning ticket too. Our strategy had to involve also playing the easiest of tickets for 2-reasons. If you didn't cover them, someone else could pool and you lose all your investment, plus, those easy tickets could come in any you could pool it. Just imagine if you left out your easy tickets and nobody wins, and you had played harder tickets and left those out. You would be kicking yourself in the azz for a long time....

Bets like this are high risk, and I recommend anyone considering playing them form a partnership with a few others to pool your funds so then when you go on some dry spells, it spreads out the loss, that's what we did. Then it makes it more entertaining too. Some smart bet, not us, took down the biggest pot of the meet, around $12,200. Kudos to them, have my suspicions it was BRNE....but we will probably never know, he is pretty tight-lipped.

I actually found the Jai-5 was harder to hit when it got to the weekend with more doubles games in the Jai-5 (last year) as there was less disparity between the teams. That was the intention of the doubles teams pairing for tournaments; to try to equally balance the teams to make the games more competitive.

I love Pick-X wagers, consider them a challenge, and they give you more bang for the buck as they involve multiple games (was always glad to take on partners many times for varying percentages). I've considered myself a Pick-bet Specialist for many years and have had computer software to generate optimized Pick-bets since the late 1980's. By the year 2000, I had hit Pick 5 and Pick 6 bets at all racing venues (thoroughbred horses, greyhounds, and Jai-alai), and ALL were $2 base wager bets on those. I believe I'm the only person to ever accomplish that feat to this day (for $2 base wagers).

Kudos to Magic City for coming up with this idea and sticking to it. It's a great promotion, bigger jackpots generate excitement, and draws money into other games and pools on cover-bet action where one may wish they had another team in their Pick-bet that's a strong contender.


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