Like all the things

1) Claiming a Fireworks crate and opening it.

2) For the Spa Day challenge, I'm claiming 500$ and the Point Bundle cause I got all 5 done! ^_^
1. Dim the lights and light a scented candle.
10. Give yourself a hand massage:
16. Paint your nails. (I don't have nail polish right now but I'm gonna do a pedicure session)
18. Drink a calming hot drink, such as herbal tea or hot milk.
20. Read for pleasure for 20 minutes.

3) For April claims:

Joel to Thoth
Joel to Croe

Jack to Electra

Kane to Tovah

+10 to Joel
+10 to Jack
+10 to Kane

4) Can I sell the Kneazle and Tame Prey (lincoln sheep, reverse shapeshifting: lincoln sheep) from my bank?

5) I'd like to buy 4 point bundles and use them all on Joel please.

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