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+1 point from Point Bundle (sorry D:)
+266$ from Medium Gift Card
+8 points from Point Bundle (omg)
+ Mind Reading (rabbits) from Easter Gift Box

Choice of 5 Power:
1. Forcefield Generation
2. Plant Manipulation
3. Siren's Song
4. Fire Breath
5. Mathematician [b]

You generate a Bronze Locket and a Red Jasper Gem.

Your Bronze Locket and Red Jasper Gem flash an angry red as they are fused together. The light pulses flickers like fire before sinking into the ground. It erupts moments later and a water-slick paw bursts from the earth, scrabbling to pull itself up. The beast extracts itself from the ground, its eyes gleaming.

An Underwater Panther has been added to your inventory in addition to your fused locket. It looks like thatís all the magic this locket had in it, but it still makes a pretty piece of jewellery! You can choose the shape/design and assign to a character if you prefer.

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