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+12 points from Point Bundle
+ Forever Baby Tortoise, + Ecological Empathy, + Otter (made of spring flowers) from Easter Gift Box

You gain a Bronze Locket and a Hematite Gem!

Your Bronze Locket and Hematite Gem gleam a shining black as they are fused together. The sheen seems to glimmer independently of any light source. After a moment, the shine separates itself from the locket and transforms into a gleaming black ball the size of a fingernail. If any character chews on the ball, their skin will change colour.

An Unnatural Skin has been added to your inventory in addition to your fused locket. It looks like thatís all the magic this locket had in it, but it still makes a pretty piece of jewellery! You can choose the shape/design and assign to a character if you prefer.

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