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+23 points from Point Bundle
+ Pastel Colour Manipulation from Easter Gift Box

You acquire a Gold Locket and an Aventurine Gem!

Your Gold Locket and Aventurine Gem shine grey-green as they are fused together. The locket spins rapidly with the power of the aventurine, whistling. It slows to a gentle stop, the colour of the gem flickering occasionally.

Aventurine is a comforting and protective gem, always seeking to take care of its owner. Now that it has fused with the locket, it has created an object of untold power. The aventurine in the gem acts as a tiny container for the creature which lives within. When the stone is tapped or squeezed, a beautiful golden horse emerges, ready to carry the locket's owner to safety. The horse can be returned to its container the same way. Be warned, though aventurine has a reputation for... coddling, shall we say. Sometimes the horse may burst free and try to whisk its owner to safety if it detects a threat, even if it isn't called upon. It may also refuse to return to the locket if it feels the danger has not passed.

You can choose the shape/design of the locket and reassign to another character if you prefer!

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