some generatey things

opening the 2x point bundles in my bank to bank
using the randomise trait in my bank on one of my unnatural skins in my bank
opening the easter gift box in my bank
also opening the small gift card in my bank... i DEFINITELY don't have 5 of those, that is a typo, it should only be 1. so after you open 1 please delete the rest :')

apply the forever baby scimitar horned oryx in my bank to mordecai, make it male and call it "ben" please. entry would be:
Tame Prey: forever baby male Scimitar-horned Oryx, "Ben"

can i use 90 points from my bank to boost akande to level 4
then apply one of the two level boosts in my bank to him, to push him to level 5 (400 points)

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