{EWAN} picked a fight with the gods

Single motherhood had never been in the cards for Creature - she didn't even really like kids, let alone want to pop a couple out. Her life had never been the sort that would someday wind peacefully to a close in a tidy house with a white picket fence and a bunch of children and grandchildren weeping at her bedside; no, she was far more likely to die in a spectacularly gruesome fashion, no doubt in an assassination-gone-wrong. It was a risk she took so often on her homeworld that she hardly thought about it anymore, easily putting those fears to the side as she focused on whatever task was at hand. Now, as so many people had told her it would, Shaman had begun to change her. She had a job - one that was decidedly on the right side of the law (usually) - and she'd taken in not one, but two, orphans with four sets of sticky little baby fingers in total. Her tiny apartment would never be the same again, poor thing.

Crea still wasn't really sure how she felt about all of that, about the changes to herself and her world and her plans. She wasn't sure how she felt about the ice cream stain on her pants, or the crazy state of her hair, either, but those were easier to address at least. The kids successfully delivered to daycare - with enough ice cream to ensure Blue had one helluva fun day - she had nine hours of relative freedom; she was technically on the clock, but no major assignments had come up which meant she was free to roam as the mood suited.

Creature stopped at a nearby stream, running slim white hands through her wild blonde hair before scrubbing at the blotchy stain on her pants. The sense she wasn't alone tingled down her spine, but she continued what she was doing - no need to alert whatever it was that she knew they were watching. A man stepped into the area not long after, but from the wrong direction. And it didn't feel like a fairy anyways. No, the malevolence radiating from her left had to be some sort of creature. Some movement in that direction made her curious; whatever it was, it was big. Big enough that even two fairies wasn't going to dissuade it from its hunt. The man hadn't been the thing stalking her, but chances were he was about to be involved any way.

"Oi," she said casually, her Aussie-like accent pronounced despite her low tone. "You any good in a fight?"
pic by Eric Ward

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