I'm seeing better when I'm in the dark

Doe studied the man she'd just happened to grab, an innocent passerby she'd subjected to her annoyance. How long had it been since she'd seen a handsome man? How long had it been since she'd seen anyone, other than infirmary staff? And before that, back in captivity... No, she hadn't time to think about that. She was on a curfew after all. Her golden eyes flicked towards a nearby window as if to mark the sun's location at the thought. Her attention returned to the man as his hands closed over hers, easing her grip. Her clenched fists relaxed to flat palms against his chest, then slipped out from under his.

"Well that's a relief, I thought I was doomed to be half-naked for the rest of my days. Can't you make these things more legible?" she gestured to the nearby sign, flicking a brow at him almost as if he was the one to blame for them. Of course, there was nothing wrong with the signs, and she knew it, but it was better than the alternative. Than the realization that the curse had taken even that small refuge from her; as a young Immortal she'd loved to read, devoured anything and everything she could find,

As if to mock her attempt at normalcy, the shadows in her skin twisted, pooled for a moment at her cheek. She felt it, one hand lifting as if to shield it from his gaze, her golden eyes flicking down and away from him for the first time.

"Just fine, thanks," Doe said, though it was rather clear now that it was a lie. "I've got..." She glanced out the window. "Three hours, give or take, til I die again, so let's get on with it, shall we? Lead the way?"

She gestured at him with one hand, the other gone back to making sure the gown hadn't split at the back.

picture by daniel jensen@unsplash.com

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