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The 1968 "It was not and strike"

-The 1968 strike was not a strike, not one fronton closed, no contracts were signed for the 1968-69 season, for not agreement with its contents, (the money was the big problem, and social improvements to).

-There were no breaking of contracts in Daytona, as it was said in the Basque newspapers, (Aitona a journalist for a newspaper from that time, lied, and was a big mistake by this journalist, who seems not to be a supporter of this movement). It was published on the front page.

-The Montepio delegate in Daytona Jai-Alai, Jose Ramon Eizaguirre, and other Jai-Alai players, had a meeting in Miami with the Daytona company, at the Dupont Hotel, but no agreement was reached.

-The Jai-Alai companies that joined for resolve that problem were Miami-Dania-Tampa and Orlando.

-The Jai-Alai fronton of W.P.B. was left alone, and reached an agreement with the Jai-Alai players for the 1968-69 season.

-The requests of the Jai-Alai players from Miami and Dania they were exorbitant, and the requests from Tampa-Daytona-Orlando it was more moderate, but these companies join Miami and Dania.

-There were companies that the contracts had options, so you could not ask for salary improvements in the options. (Two years options)

-The representative of W.P.B. fronton (Tom Willians), travels to Spain (Markina), and meets with the board of the (Montepio Español of Pelotaris de Cesta Punta), Jose Maria Arriola, “Ondarres” President, Jose Laca, Secretary, and Jose Ramon Eizaguirre, Delegate (MEPCP) in W.P.B., and players from that fronton, and agreement was made, and signed by these three persons few days later, and the W.P.B. players can play in Florida without problems.

-Mr.Berenson moved to Madrid, and wanted the Spanish Ball Federation (F.E.P.)to legalize the Miami contracts, of the new players he hired, (the new ones), but he did not convince that organization , to doing that.

-Several Miami Jai-Alai players meet in Bilbao, with Spanish Ball Federation (F.E.P.), and they have telephone conversations with Mr. Berenson in Miami, but after many hours on the phone, and several days of these meetings, they do not reach an agreement.

-The Orlando Jai-Alai players, have several meetings in "Urberuga" a mini-town very closed to Markina, with a representative from the Orlando fronton, but they do not reach an agreement.

-A meeting is held in Markina, with the representatives of Dania's company, but they did not offer anything that can be mentioned.

-Enrique Sarasola, it help the M.E.P.C.P. in the calculations and requests that the players made to the Jai Alai companies, in 1968. The representans of the players of Miami and Dania, play a trick on him, in the requests they make, they were asking for more than 500% salary increased.

-In Madrid between August and September, 1968 in a lunch-meeting, held between three Dania Jai-Alai players,(representing the rest of the players), with Enrique Sarasola, and Jose Ramon Eizaguirre delegate of the (MEPCP), while talking, one of the Dania players "says, that a lawyer told him, that there is a possibility of reaching an agreement ”, to which Enrique Sarasola responds, (There is no lawyer in the world that solves this problem, because the owners are Jewish, and in the Jewish business mentality, it is customary to negotiate between 15% and 20% increased salarys, and in the requests of Miami and Dania, it was more than 500% salary increased that has been requested. “Question”, ¿Are they are going to closed the Jai-Alais?, ¿Or are they going to contract new jai alai players? Then latter it happen the second one, those players from Miami and Dania ignored (Enrique Sarasola) advised, and did not play more in Miami or Dania, or ether fronton in U.S.A. (until 1976 in Bridegeport). Instead W.P.B. players following his instructions of (Enrique Sarasola), that played in the 1967-68 season, played the next season of 1968-69.

-Only some players who played in the 1967-68 seasons, (the youngest), played later years on the frontons of the W.J.A. and others frontons.

-There were some few players who did not support this "plant" and continued playing in the 1968-69 season. The companies have time to contracted new players around the world, during the five month’s that they have.


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