part one of many.

Adopting Cary from Playerless and making the following changes (with more to come). Asterisks* mark things moving from bank or purchased, as detailed blow.

Name: Ruaidhri*
Hair colour: Blonde, bbRR
Eye colour: Blue, bbgg
Skin tone: Fair, type ii
Wings: None (Immortal One)
Level:Points: VI:600*

* 1x Database Glitch to change name from Cary to Ruaidhri.
-380 points from bank to boost to level V. Then apply the Level Boost (up to lv6) in my bank to boost to VI:600 points.

Please apply 3x Choice of 5 Power from my bank.

Unrelated, but please also:
- Open the Easter Gift Box in my bank
- There is no way that I have 5 small gift cards… I think this is a c/p error and I must have one. Please open it? :’)


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