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Your Gold Locket and Dalmatian Stone project polka dots outwards as they are fused together. The locket rolls around in circles, making strange chattering noises. It slows to a gentle stop, the colour of the gem flickering occasionally.

Dalmatian Stone is a calm and supportive gem, known for its loyalty to its owner. Now that it has fused with the locket, it has created a unique object with a helpful power. The dalmatian stone in the gem acts as a tiny container for the life which can be stored protectively within it. If the locket is pressed against the forehead of a person or animal, that person or animal will be sucked into the locket's stone. They can be released by the locket wearer when their name is spoken, or they can choose to exit the locket any time by themselves (so it cannot be used as a prison). Be warned, though - the locket can become unstable if it holds too much life. It may shake, light up or make strange noises, and it could even eject some of its occupants if it has too many!

You can choose the shape/design of the locket and reassign to another character if you prefer!


Your Silver Locket and Red Jasper Gem flash an angry red as they are fused together. The light pulses flickers like fire before sinking into the ground. It erupts moments later and the hilt of a strange weapon emerges from the ground, glinting at you.

A Dark Ice Weapon has been added to Poppy's inventory in addition to your fused locket. A Dark Ice Weapon is a dual-elemental weapon, composed of ice and darkness. It looks like thatís all the magic this locket had in it, but it still makes a pretty piece of jewellery! You can choose the shape/design and re-assign to another character if you prefer.

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