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Don't ask me why

I took the bait this afternoon and listened to that podcast. Then, as an exercise in XTreme masochism, decided to - brace yourself - transcribe this idiot's drivel.

Seriously, he puts the IGNORE in ignoramus.

Apparently knowing nothing whatsoever about a topic is no reason at all not to blabber on about it for 10 minutes or so.

I tried out 'otranscribe' (free), which doesn't transcribe anything, it just make it easier to keep backing up and replaying as you type it yourself.

Here it is.

What's that dummy shit sport where they have that big curvy fuckin catcher?

And you fuckin grab the ball with the curvy catcher and then throw it at a wall?

Hey man, get rid of that big curvy fuckin catcher. What is that fuckin stupid game called... jai-alai?

It... hey, it's not around anymore, right? Is it? Jai-alai?

Dude... the fuck outta here. First of all, call it something ball. Ok? Don't just make up some shit... "jai-alai". Also, spelled with a J? Catch you later. Spell it with an H.

Dude. look how DUMB jai-alai is. JAI-ALAI. And then they have... just Google image jai-alai. Spell it however the fuck you want, it'll come up. Google will probably... it's spelled so fucked up, Google will be like , "Did you mean high buy?" "Did you..."

And then they have helmets on. Go fuck yourself. And then long white pants. Go fuck yourself.

What is that? Jai-alai India Pale? What the fuck? It's a... they have a drink? Jai-alai India Pale Ale. Ehhh? The worst drink of all time. Hey... drink Jai-alai India Pale Ale. Tastes like curry and sports. Tastes like curry and balls.

Dude, jai-alai is so dumb. If you have to fuckin work... look at that dumb fuckin wicker catcher. Dude, that looks like you sit in it and they take a school photo.

Wow. Whoa, dude. Fuck that. Imagine putting that big ass thing on your arm, and trying to catch some shit, and then throw it at a wall. And then, and then, and that became big. That sport became big. And people would not only play it, but WATCH people play it... AND... not laugh. And go like this... "OHHH".

Un...believable. Jai-alai. Jai and bye. That's what it should be called. Look at these bitches. Video it. Video these bitches playing it. And look at these... BITCHES. They swing it from below. Oh, fuck.

Oh, wow. Orlando jai-alai. These guys are fuckin id, you know, they are gonna hurt themselves so bad. You know? So many shoulder problems.

By the way, this one guy has a fuckin jersey on, on the back he's number 40, on the front, it's 6. Hey man, what NUMBER are ya? The fuck? Yo, what are ya, number 6 or number 40? Are you team 6? It's a confusing. The whole thing is so confusing. Why do ya have a helmet on? Is it in case the wicker basket hits ya in the fuckin head? Nah. You're gonna be fine.


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