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Re(4): One day only: FREE POSTING (anyone)!

Guess who's back, back again!

Since Tiger has been gracious enough to let us post on a trial basis I feel inclined to share my thoughts. Those of you who bash MC and what they are doing are clearly not "jai alai fans" you are gamblers plain and simple. You cry when you lose and boast when you win, anyone who knows me knows I "let it ride" just as much or more than the next guy so don't immediately go down a train of thought that I am not a gambler. lol I grew up watching Tampa jai alai live and my father was a part of the sport so I have the upmost respect for the way the game used to be played on a big court.

But, in life things evolve and things change usually for the better. I personally strongly disagree with all of you that say MC is a disgrace and horrible for the sport. You all do realize that we are all of like one of 500 people in North America that actually give a damn about jai alai if you visit this forum on a regular basis. It is absolutely phenomenal that any life what so ever has been pumped into the corpse that once was Jai Alai. And yet instead of embracing change and ingenuity you just bash, mind you not because any of you had better ideas but just because it is not "traditional" pelota. Well guess what you can all look up the land line phone numbers in the yellow pages and call from your house phones or even send a formal faxed complaint or a US Mailed letter to Dania Jai Alai to ask why they have never tried to bring more new fans into the sport and put together an actual broadcast with BIO's and interviews. I really hope the satire of my previous statement sets in, change is good always has been always will be.

The NFL, MLB, and NBA do not play under the same rules and formats that they played under 40 years ago but do any of you stop watching? I will always be a fan of real pelota on a big court it is what I grew up playing, but they tore down Tampa Jai Alai so I have no where to play pelota. So, I play short court Jai Alai two days a week in St. Petersburg with the synthetic ball they use in Connecticut. If you love the game you adapt, I didn't simply say "this isn't real Jai Alai" and hang up my cesta never to play again I adapted and so should you. Stu and the gang at Magic City should be given the Highest Cesta ever for their efforts and you should all be appreciative that Jai Alai still exists in one form or another in North America Period. Because like the "one that got away" you all will surely miss her when she's gone....

In closing I would like to say I love Benny Bueno's passion for the game and I think his hands are tied on what he can do, Benny is a friend and he went out of his way to make my 40th birthday special at Dania Jai with an announcement on the scoreboard and PA system accompanied by a jersey and a signed pelota by the entire Dania Roster. This will always go down in my memories as such a special thing that he did for me as a surprise so back off a little on the bitching ladies and gents. Sometimes people are really doing there best and only playing the cards that they are dealt.

Long live the Merry Festival!!!!!


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