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Re(6): One day only: FREE POSTING (anyone)!

To the contrary I think you are very wrong in your assessment, but I do not disagree with your opinion. You cannot possibly legitimately compare traditional pelota to MC, it is a ludicrous notion due to the size of the court and the real pelota versus a rubber ball alone. It would be no different that comparing the NBA to the And One league, totally not even the same. MC early games and MC late games have a huge disparity in talent and I stress huge. If you are wasting your time watching and betting the earlies then I would def suggest a better use of your time. lol

That being said, where did you thing that MC was going to pull together a whole roster of "jai alai players" from? Did you see the last roster that was put together at Calder Jai Alai? All of them were over 50 or had guts bigger than mine with the exception of about 5% of the roster. It was a total joke, and most of those guys are my friends and two of them play in our 8 man group every week. Do you think there is some magical training facility in the U.S. for young pelatori's to prosper? North Miami is for old guys to sweat with no actual lessons or training taking place same as our court. This is where I would say your assessment of the level of talent is WAY off, i have played against Kubala, Jeden and El Barba. They all with the exception of Kubala have been playing for less than two years and could hold thier own no problem with us who have been playing for over twenty years and trust me we are no slouches. ("ah don't be hard on yourself judge you are a tremendous slouch) Their skill set is way higher than it might appear against Douglas or Ron-Ron who are both fine players on a traditional court. Arra has done a phenomenal job of taking lemons and making lemonade, the hustle and play in the lates at MC is more exciting than Dania by a mile unfortunately.

As for your statements on how does this make "real jai alai players feel", well whenever i talk to them they all say they would love to go play at MC for more money and play less games on a smaller court that they have to do less running on. I personally do not feel that MC has ever said once that they were trying to be the "best" jai alai like Miami once was I even think they specifically say over and over again it is not for everyone.

My point is, be happy you have something to watch those guys play hard and give it their all and that is a lot more than I see out of most "traditional" jai alai players on a day and day out basis. If you don't like you are not forced to bet or watch it you can always simply change the channel.


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