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Question for Tiger

Hi Tiger. Our weekly figures always come out the same despite the different methods we use. But not this week. So I'm checking to see what I might have missed. 12 performances X 8 games should be 96 wins, (places and shows too) no? I looked at the result sheets of each performance for the week (it is a way for me to cross check wins) and verified 8 games by 3 performances in each of the 4 days played (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). I came up with 96 wins. Your wins total to 80. Miami messed up the Sunday night, December 27 Evening stats sheet and only provided a text copy, not the usual .pdf. A Pain in the you know what for me, but I was able to find the 24 wins for Sunday.

See below.

The individual numbers are for wins for Wed., Sat., Sun., and Mon., each taken from the Evening Stat sheet which, I think, sums all the wins for each day. I do it by day instead of performance as a convenience. Every day yields 24 wins (8 per performance). Also 24 places and shows. It adds to 144 wins (places and shows) for normal weeks (3X8=24)X6=144. 24X4=96.

Daily Wins only. - = absent from all games that day (number of total games does not change from previous day).

Manuel 3,3,3,5(14)
Goiko 3,3,2,1(9)
Lopez 2,3,2,2(9)
Aritz 3,1,2,2(8)
Carlos 1,3,2,2(8)
Anndy 1,3,0,2(6)
Aratz 3,0,2,1(6)
Erik 1,1,2,2(6)
Ladutxe 1,2,2,1(6)
Sierra 1,2,0,1(4)
Julen 1,1,1,1(4)
Toto 1.0,1,1(3)
Vega 2,1,0,0(3)
Alejandro -,-,1,1(2)
Crizz 0,0,2,0(2)
Foronda 1,0,0,1(2)
Frank 0,0,1,0(1)
Alex 0,1,0,0(1)
Cisneros 0,0,1,0(1)
Amigorena 0,0,0,1(1)
Gallo 0,0,-,-(0)
Troy 0,0,-,0(0)

Adds to 96 wins.

Will have the whole report up sometime tomorrow (I am behind a couple of days. Finishing up the week ending December 28).

If I have missed something, my whole system may be screwed up. But our figures have agreed "to the penny" up until this week.

Thanks for looking into this.

Much appreciated.


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