Blossom Forest has always had a place where all official battles take place. Once it was at Quarrel’s Clearing, a place at the far edge of Blossom Forest. The only thing beyond it had been Sacred Stones, and the only pack close to it had been the pack once called Saw Tooth. Otherwise, it had been protected by the tall misty mountain and the hunting plateau and had been relatively difficult to get to. Now, however, all fights will take place here - within the jeweled stones that lay just outside the entrance of Drylic Cofa. When the opponents enter the circle the jewels take from the competitors all magical traits. They revert back to whatever they were before their transformation, but the change is temporary. Once they leave the circle, the nullification of their magical traits is reversed. Within the jeweled towers, the ground is devoid of plants and rock, providing good footing. It is stained darker than the surrounding land, and whether that is from the sweat of the competitors or their payment in blood, no one knows, perhaps it is both. Outside of the jeweled stones, a thick fog hangs in the air, masking the view of any observers from seeing the fight. Now welcome, competitors, to Blican Orlege.

Before you fight or challenge someone, read these rules:

[Fighting and Challenging Procedures]

One edit to above rules is that the judge of the fight must be one of the current Admins: xathira or Azura. If none of them are available or if they are the ones fighting, you may choose another player to judge your battle.


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