Quarrels Clearing is at the far edge of Blossom Forest, though if one traveled even farther, they would hit Sacred Stones.
All Alphas who have been challenged meet here to fight against their challenger. Unless they live within Saw Tooth Pack
which is the closest to this clearing, the wolves must either travel up one side of Misty Mountain and down the other or traverse
across Prey Plateau to get to this clearing without passing through any other pack lands. The ground in the center is clear of
plants and rock, providing good footing. It is stained darker than the surrounding land, and whether that is from the sweat of the
competitors or their payment in blood, no one knows, perhaps it is both.

Before you fight or challenge someone, read these rules:

[Fighting and Challenging Procedures]

One edit to above rules is that the judge of the fight must be one of the current Admins: LSVK, Azura, Kiki, Casey. If none of them are available or if they are the ones fighting, you may choose another player to judge your battle.


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