You and your mate trot toward the this quiet land, feelings of love in your hearts and the thought of pups on your mind. Together you tread on a path that has been walked on by many couples before you, and before long a series of large hills swell up in front of you. The surface of the hills is pockmarked with cavern entries. When first Blossom Forest was inhabited, wolves had to dig their own dens, but now, there are many to choose from that have been dug out in the past and now are empty, ready to provide privacy for couples to mate and to give birth to their pups, all of them. You and your loved one look at each other and you pause long enough to smile at each other and share a brief moment nuzzling each other before you continue to move on toward the dens, choosing one that feels right.

There are three steps involved when you want to breed.
1) Both you and your mate must post here to say that you would like to breed, only during the winter season.
2) An administrator will roll to see if you are successful. If not, you have one more chance during the season to breed. If successful, the admins will tell you how many pups are going to be born and their stats. If healthy, you may edit their stats, but if unhealthy, their stats may not be altered. Once these stats are decided, the pups must be claimed and joined on the Joining Board.
3) You must post during the spring season the birthing thread. Any pups born outside of the spring season or not claimed will be stillborn.


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