When first wolves travelled to Blossom Forest's lands, they found first a small clearing, and in the center there grew a magnificant old oak tree. Its branches stretched to the sky and in all directions, providing a wonderful shelter from the sun. They decided that it represented their new start - the trunk was the original few who inhabited Blossom Forest, and the branches was each and every new comer. It was true that the life of one wolf may seem insignificant, but the tree reminded them that each of them matter. That in their hearts, they were all the same.

The originals decided that this place would become revered ground, and that not all wolves would be allowed come here though; this sacred area would be for alphas - and only alphas - to meet and discuss matters at hand. They would come to announce updates in their packs, spread information, or just speak to the other pack leaders. Betas of the pack may also come here occasionally, but only if they gain permission and come with their Alpha. For if their Alpha ever fell, it would be the responsibility of the Beta to take over running the pack, even if only temporarily until another leader was found.

If there is an occurance needing instant attention anywhere in Blossom Forest, wolves may come here to find help from other alphas who will be sure to look in to the problem. And, it is here that is considered neutral ground - no matter the conflicts going on between the packs, no fights may occur here.

Sometime when the Great Wars were occuring, the Oak was been destroyed by fire and hailstorm from the skies above, sent down by Tor and Fenris to show their displeasure. It was stripped of its scenery and color, leaving nothing left at the centre of the clearing. The flowers in the clearing were gone; in fact, even the grass was gone and all that was left was hard, barren dirt, uninhabitable for any type of vegetation. It looked almost as though a bomb had been dropped at the centre of the clearing and the explosion had burned and fouled everything in the surroundings. Nearby trees were destroyed, but fortunately the damage became fewer and fewer the farther away from the Oak.

It is only recently that the Oak had started to regrow. A young sapling has sprouted where once the old, large tree once stood. It is a symbol of a new day, a new start for Blossom Forest.

If Alphas would like to keep track of when their activity is due, they may travel to The Alpha Chronicles


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