Welcome to the Mythical Exchange! With the increase in actual life spans of different species, we are giving you some choices.

-You may exchange 3 mythicals you own in order to extend the life of 1 different mythical you own.
-Or you can keep mythicals at the old lifespan. Note, any mythicals that have the old lifespan CANNOT breed again if they have bred already. If the have not, they an breed once more. This is to prevent a massive influx of longer lived mythicals.
-If you do not wish to extend any lives, you do not need to post.
-You may also wish to do both (extend some lives, keep the rest the same). This is possible. Just only post those being traded in/extended.

**Exceptions may be made if a player owns less than 4 mythicals.**

The Form:

Name of Mythical to Extend Lifespan:
Name of Mythicals to remove for extension:

**Please note: If a mythical is within 2 months of its death date, it cannot be used to exchange and extend another mythical's life, but it's life can be extended.**
**Also note, mythicals being traded in are being REMOVED (no spirits)! So choose carefully.**
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