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Related post: Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 22:55:13 -0800 (PST) From: Steam Train Subject: Juvenile Deterrence Chapters 18Juvenile Deterrence. By Steam Train ( 18: Eric. Owen Green upon his return from Piney Hills was sitting in his study thinking deeply. Tom's suggestion that he take Eric to court on a parental disposition to issue a NEWDD was too extreme he had decided. But what was he to do about his sons blatant disregard of his long standing instructions that no one from the family was to go the Eastbrook Discipline Centre unless on preteen pregnancy official business.Mr Green was annoyed again today at his son. Eric had left the house that morning without seeing him. He had distinctly told his son to see him this morning about his behaviour yesterday!Mr Greens eyes Idled over his desk looking at nothing in particular as he thought through what to do with Eric. His eyes stopped on the local `Community Watch' newsletter. He had yet to read it, there was little crime in his local community as was the free preteen lesbian case almost everywhere thanks to the reforms of Ex-President Shelley, so it never interested him normally but this time a banner advertisement at the bottom of the front page caught his attention. `Take Back Control' it stated.He read the advertisement, though about its contents for a few minutes then picked up the phone and rang the contact number sweet angels preteen given.A long conversation followed with Dr Milos Learner a retired Psychologist who was also the local Community Watch Honorary Operations Secretary. By the end of the conversation when he hung up the phone, Mr Green was sitting up straight in his chair full of attention and thought.Tom's suggestion and Daniels NEWDD humiliation and embarrassment plus the radical voluntary programme `Take Back Control' supported by the Community Watch had preteen topless model resolved his problem.Could he really do that to Eric, would he dare do it, what would his wife preteens photos bikiny think of his idea?He got up from his desk and decided to find out what his wife thought of this most novel punishment idea!Within twenty minutes Owen and preteens angel nude Vicki Green were driving down the street for a face to face meeting with Dr Learner!Some hours later in the early afternoon Eric returned accompanied by Rick, Josh, Brady, Teddy, Marco, Justin, Charlie and Joey. The same group of friends that had been with Eric yesterday at the Eastbrook Discipline Centre"Man am I glad were home, I got to go and piss as soon as I tokyo young preteen get inside, I'm busting!" Eric informed his friends.Eric invited his friends inside. Most were older than him and preteen pictres in fact were his brother's former friends, but with his brothers demise Eric was big noting himself and attempting to take over his older brother's position as the leader of the gang.The fact that five of the group with him, Rick, Josh, Brady, Charlie and Joey had Juvenile court appearances on Tuesday and could end up NEWDD's themselves did not worry him at that moment. In fact it gave Eric more chance of taking over the leadership of the gang.As soon as Eric stepped inside after allowing his friends into the house, he was met by his dad."Where have you been?" A very annoyed Mr Green demanded of Eric."Out with my friends, why?""You didn't ask to leave the house," Mr Green asserted."Since when do I have too, especially on a weekend?" the defiant Eric answered."Since last porn galleries preteen night and mind your mouth son! Mr Green rebuked. "I told you I would consider your blatant disregard for my wishes and let you know this morning after I had cooled down and then select an appropriate punishment," Mr Green said."You never said I was grounded" Eric replied indignantly."No I said I would see you in the morning, meaning just that! This morning! You took it on yourself to sneak out before I had the chance to talk with you" replied Mr Green."I didn't sneak out! I arranged with preteen stars models the guys to meet at nine, no one was around when I got up, I couldn't even find Tom so I got myself a bite to eat and left. If you had been up you picturs preteen would have found me!" Eric stated.Eric's friends stood around fascinated by the unfolding family drama, but not daring to inurl preteen pics move or make a sound.The raised voices also bought Melissa and her friends Kathy, Kim and Marcie downstairs from Mel's room to see what was going on.In his mind Owen Green was taken aback by the comment that he wasn't up. He was of course up, but locked away downstairs in the basement!Vicki Green was giving preteen xxs pics him vintage preteen photos one of those looks that only wives can sweet nn preteen give husbands as she knew only too well that he in fact adolescent model preteen was out sexy preteen schoolgirl of bed early that morning as he often was. He choose little preteen links not to go there!"Wether I was up or not, is not the issue, I told you to see me in the morning, preteen nude movie you should have waited" said Mr Green."No you didn't' retorted Eric, "You said nude blonde preteen you would see me in the morning not that I had to see you!""Don't play semantics with me son, you knew what I meant and choose to twist my words to suit your requirements. Your doing too much of this lately Eric. I had decided on your punishment and your absence all morning indonesia preteen girl has only helped to confirm my decision"."And so what's that decision to be preteen pic board then Dad?" Eric asked sarcastically deciding to bring the discussion to a head and show off his boldness in front of his friends.Neither Owen Green, Vicki Green or Tom missed the sarcasm, but it was Mr preteen kds schoolgirls Green, who responded, "Second warning son, mind the way your talking or I'll reconsider my original plan of making a disposition to the juvenile court based upon your misbehaviour and disrespect preteens nude angels of my rules and apply to have you made a NEWDD".Eric's friends gasped, Melissa and her friends gasped, Eric gasped."Your fortunate son that I decided not to go down that course of action" Mr Green continued.There was a noticeable easing of tension in Eric's body."Instead son I have decided to take back control and issue a domestic NEWDD" Mr Green said then paused, looked at his preteen model link wife then waited for the inevitable reaction from his son."What the fuck's a domestic NEWDD" Eric blurted out!"Eric for that out burst I'm adding another illegal preteen picture two days to your original punishment of five days. I have warned japanese hairy preteen you about your language and attitude too much already danish preteens topless today!""Sorry dad but what's a domestic NEWDD the now very worried Eric asked politely."Your mother and I have decided to adopt the Government sponsored initiative called `Taking Back Control' which is sponsored by the Community Watch. The moment you enter this house from sveta preteens models this moment on, till seven days time you boy preteen erected must instantly remove all your clothing, till such time as porn illegal preteen you leave the house again. Further you must ask preteen toys nymphets permission of your Mum, Tom or me before you can leave the house. The same punishment rules that apply for preteen models biz a thirteen year old NEWDD juvenile apply to you whilst you are in this house" Mr Green explained.On hearing Eric's new naked orders Melissa and her friends Kathy, Kim and Marcie began to giggle at the thought of seeing Eric naked.The girls had been hanging around hoping to grab a chance to see preteen toon art Daniel naked, preteens japan photos now it seemed they might be going to get an added bonus.There were preteen pedo photo even snickers from Eric's friends who couldn't believe what they had just heard.`You can't make me go preteen nude illegal ukraine preteens gallery around the house naked, no way can you" Eric asserted defiantly. "It is against the law!"`It's not against the law son unless you step outside our house then you need a juvenile court issued, Notice preteennude panty tgp of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress. Within this house your mum and I decide the rules and if we choose to have you naked as a punishment then naked you shall be," preteen model under said Mr Green.Again there were snickers and giggles.Melissa was standing there thinking `this is just so awesome, both my brat brothers naked in the house. Maybe both my slaves'! Her father disrupted her reverie."Ok Eric, strip off your clothes and hang them on the coat rack next to the door, you're inside and your punishment time has started" instructed Mr Green."What, me get naked here in front of everyone? No way!" shouted Eric at his father."Oh, yes you will son," said Mr Green, "right this instant, now start undressing!"No!" a defiant Eric shouted back at his dad."I said NOW!" shouted back Mr Green. "You have two minutes, starting now!""No, you can't make me," Eric continued to protest."Yes I can," the now very natural preteen breasts angry Mr Green informed his son. And you have just earned yourselves a spanking, for defying my orders. Any further delay will only make it worst."I preteen anal porn am not doing this, I am not a little boy, and I won't be treated like one, you can't make me" Eric protested again."Do it, or I will personally remove all your clothes in front of your friends defloration pre teen and the girls!" shouted Mr Green, moving towards his son"Yeah you and who else" Eric retorted."Me and the Community Guardians, that's who. Your mum and I went over to the local Community Watch and registered you for their `Taking Back Control' program earlier today. So if you try to defy me, Eric, preteen nude slut I petite preteen asian shall phone the preteenz in heels Community Guardians and they will help me deal with you"The mention of the Community Guardians bought gasps and drawn breaths from the assembled boys and girls. The explicit preteen Guardians were a group of semi-official volunteers whose job was to assist the police locally within the community in monitoring and correcting bad behavior.Eric could guess how eagerly this group of local vigilantes would volunteer to help strip him. He was now getting the clear message from his illegal preteens pic fathers words and actions that he was soon about to suffer a similar fate as his older brother.Kathy, Kim Marcie and Melissa all had huge smiles on their faces as they waited in anticipation of what was soon to be revealed.Melissa was getting very moist between her legs preteen models board as her arousal heightened. Her friends hymen preteen were no different. All the boys had begun to tent their shorts and jeans, much to their discomfort because they were stuck the in the entrance hall with nowhere to go as Eric's punishment unfolded.Eric was now blushing and becoming flustered. He was quickly loosing face in front of his friends, so he made a quick decision to attempt to get out of the situation confronting him before the Guardians could be called.The time ticked on relentlessly but Eric remained still looking for the right moment to act. His friends took his hesitance as a sign of defiance but it wasn't.Then without warning Eric made a cute little preteen dash for the front door.Mr Green grabbed at him and shouted `Tom, grab him"With the large crowd of friends around him, Eric was hampered in his getaway and before he had taken more than a few steps Tom had grabbed him followed closely by Mr Greens grasping hands.The Guardians were not needed. No amount of struggling, pleading, or begging made any difference; Eric couldn't break loose from Tom and his dad. Mr Green with assistance from Tom, began stripping the clothes off him, his tee shirt, his joggers horney preteen girlsnude and socks, his jeans, he was rapidly heading to be as naked as his brother.Soon the red-faced Eric was down to his white briefs. At that moment he was regretting not choosing a pair of his boxers when he got dressed this toplisten
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