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Related post: Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 14:51:28 -0400 (EDT) From: Drew Subject: Brad Chapter 14 The little legal lolita models next morning, Tuesday was a holiday of some sort, nude teenie lolita girls I don't remember which- all I know is that it meant I could sleep in on a weekday. Who innocent preteen lolita angels or lolita nymphet young girl what historical event it commemorated was beside the point. Actually, I think it was a teacher in-service day. I was lying in bed, my mind blank. I just laid on my side looking out the window. The limbs of the elm tree beyond the pool waved lazily in the early morning light. Even though I could sleep in, my body was already dark collection and loli awake out of habit. While I had the day preteen lolita cartoon art off, my parents did not, so I knew they had already real pthc bbs lolita left for work. My sister was always gone. I think she disliked living here. I didn't mind. young free lolita models My parents drove me crazy sometimes, but I was used to it. The doorbell rang. I rolled over and looked at the clock. 9:15. Who the hell could that be? I rolled out of bed, slid on a pair of running shorts and padded down the stairs in my sock feet, wearing that, and a threadbare T-shirt that said, "I got my crabs at A.W. Shucks." I opened the door without even lolita young exotic stories looking to see who it was. I looked around and didn't see anything or anyone. Then I looked down and saw a small clay pot with flowers in it. White roses...real ones. I looked around and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. No one hiding in the bushes or out of place cars parked on the street. I bent down. There was no note, but I knew who they were from and why they were there. Matt was sorry. He wanted to apologize for being a stupid jerk- a role he could play so well. Well, I wasn't biting. I turned around and went into the house. I put the flowers on the kitchen table and went back to bed. I laid there brooding, an activity I had recently mastered. The phone rang. The hell if I was answering it. The machine downstairs came on. The underage lolita upskirt lolita volume was turned way up so loli flat boobs galleries I could hear everything. "Andrew...this is Jared. Man, I haven't seen you in weeks. Where have you been hiding?" I picked up my extension. "Jared! Holy shit! Where've you been?" "'s just that all of a sudden you disappeared. I thought you might have dropped off the face of the earth or something." I sat back on the bed. "No, I'm still here. Just been busy, that's all." "Are you busy today?" "Nope. You?" "Nope. Do you want to go do something?" "Like what?" "I don't care...something to get me out of the house for a few hours." "That sounds like a plan." Jared was one of my best friends, and he was definitely one of my oldest. We'd grown apart a couple of years ago, but before then, we'd been like brothers since daycare. I couldn't remember when I met Jared. My mother said that we had been friends since before we could walk. I nude lolita girls com was relieved to hear his voice. He was one of the people that I could count on to help me out in a tight spot. I suddenly felt guilty for basically ignoring my other friends over Matt and Brad. It was good to know they hadn't forgotten me. "You know where I live. Come over." I said. "Be preteen nn models lolita there in a few." This day may be salvageable after all. We made sandwiches for lunch, the camped out in front of the TV and watched a movie. "Can I ask you a question?" Jared asked as the credits were going off at the end. "Sure, why not?" "You've been acting weird lately." "Really?" "Yeah." "How so?" "Well, Casey told me about what happened with Brad during chem lab. Him getting all pissy at you." "Casey's not in Chem lab." "No, but Marshall is." "So?" "You don't know?" "Know what?" "Casey and Marshall are dating." "Holy shit, dude. If preteen lolitas c p Marshall can get a girlfriend, there's hope for us all." "Seriously." "What'd Casey say happened?" "Not much, little lolita schoolgirl photos just that lolita kid nude pic Brad was pissed as hell with you about something. Man, what'd you do?" "Nothing." "Yeah little lolitas giving blowjobs right. " "What?" "Drewsyboy, I know you. Now come on, what'd you do to get Brad that fired up?" "Nothing, I swear." "Liar." "Do you really want to know?" "You know I do." "Can you keep a secret?" "If I don't, you can tell my Mom about me and Lyndsay Hanahan in the back of our minivan." "I fucked him." "Cool, how'd you do that?" "What do you hairy pussy lolitas nude mean?" "How'd you fuck him over?" "I mean I fucked him. I pulled down his pants, took super lolitas vibradores es out my cock and shoved it up his ass." Jared looked startled. Then a slight smile started creeping across his face. He got a twinkle in his eye. Then he busted out laughing. "Quit screwing around, seriously, what'd you do?" I just returned his look, only I was less amused. Jared's eyes widened as the realization that I was serious sank in. "Geez, Drewsyboy. I guess you really fucked up" and he went back to cackling like a madman. I just sat there. Jared still didn't believe me. "I'm serious." I said. After a moment, he calmed down enough to look me in the eye. "Oh dude, you had anal sex with Brad?" His face screwed up in mock disgust. "Brad? But his so skinny and gangly." "So?" "Well, your Mom always said that there was no accounting for taste." "She was referring to you." I el portal de lolitas said playfully. He grinned. "Brad?" "Who would lolita bbs models nn you rather me be with?" "I don't know...Orlando Bloom..." "What's underage bbs nude lolitas wrong with Brad?" I asked. "It's like Emilio Estevez screwing Anthony Michael Hall on the set of The Breakfast Club." "Whatever." I rolled lolitas pics underage ru my eyes. "So are you little lolitas wearing panties gay? bi? what?" "I'm gay, I guess." "Whoa. I hadn't pegged you as being gay. Not exactly a straight arrow, but not a fairy." "I'm not a fairy." "I know. Sorry." "So are you and Brad a couple?" "No." "Ahhh, but there is someone and Brad's a jealous little shit." He said waving his finger in the air. I couldn't help but grin. Was I really that obvious? "Who's the offending party?" "Part of it is that my mom prefers the other guy." "Your MOM knows?" "Yeah. Dad and Mel too." "Geez. How long are you going to hide it from the rest lolita star models pics of the world?" "As long as physically possible." "You're dodging the question." "What?" "Who's 'the other guy'?" "Matt McConnelly." Jared's eyes almost popped out of his head. He was so bug eyed it was painful to look at him. He clasped his hand over his mouth to stifle a gasp of shock "Matt McConnelly. The Matt McConnelly, the baseball player?" "That'd be the one." "Shit... fuck... damn." Jared sputtered. "Are you and Matt a couple?" "Not anymore." "Why not?" "He dumped me." "Figures." "What do you mean?" "Matt's not known lolita nude for free for being the most nicest most wonderfullest person in the world." "How do you know?" "Hello...bat boy." Jared said waving to me. "You're the bat boy?" "Team manager," he corrected. "You and Matt. That's preteen lolita blow jobs better. Matt's more your style." "What do you mean?" "Stylish, athletic, hot as hell." "You notice stuff like that?" "I have eyes, don't I?" "Are you gay?" "No, but I still pay attention. After all, I've got to keep tabs on the competition." He grinned broadly. "What'd you mean about Matt not being all nicepix bbs loli board that wonderful?" "Nothing much, he's just a snotty prick. Pretends he's better than anyone. When it comes to our baseball team, he is the best we've got. After all, he was captain of the state all-star lolita nudity asian teenager team last year." "He was?" "Anyway, so he thinks he's the shit, but I know better. He's just an insecure bastard who thinks money will get him whatever or whoever he wants. Plus he's got the looks to back it up." "So, he's my style huh?" "I didn't mean it like that. It's just that the image of you two together preteen tiny lolita virgins doesn't make my lunch go all acidic." "Brad's not that bad." "He's a bit prissy, don't you think? Strutting around in all his neatness and little lolitas en pantis holier than thou attitude." Jared could always be counted on for a reality check and he was one of the few who could get away with it. I've have kicked the shit out of most anybody else for bad mouthing Matt or Brad like that. "So, have you and know... had sex?" "Yeah." "Really? Was he good?" "I guess so." "So, no. With sex, there's no 'guess so.'" "Are you kidding? He was great...fantastic...every time." "So, you've done young lolita hot pics this a lot?" "I wouldn't say 'a lot' but yeah." "Anybody else?" "No. Who've you been doing lately?" "Nobody. I've hit brazil beach bikini lolita a dry spell. But I'm glad to see your 17 year dry spell is at an end." "Not half as glad as I am." "I'll bet. I guess a washcloth is a lolita boys best sites poor bedmate." "Yeah, Matt's not 100% cotton and he's interactive." "So, Brad's not interactive?" I just shot him a look. "Guess what else, Drew." "What?" "I've been working out." "Really?" "Yeah. See?" He sat up on the floor and flexed his arm muscles. "Cool." He laid back down on the carpet and stared up at the ceiling. I could tell he was about to ask a serious question. But, for free rus loli tgp a few more moments he just laid there, he chest rising and falling rhythmically. "Jared?" "Yeah?" "You okay?" "Drew...can I ask you another question about Brad preteen rompl lolitas bbs and Matt?" "Sure. Ask me anything..." He laid there a few more minutes. The longer he sat there the more I worried about what he would finally ask. "Drew, why guys? What is it about guys and sex that turns you on that girls don't?" "What is it about girls for you?" He furrowed his brow. "Everything. I love the way they smell, loli nude free top the home lolitas nude top way they look, the exploited teen lolita asian way they care about me, when Ashley and I were going out, I looked forward to her coming more than I did for my other friends. There was just something about her that got to me. When I would think about her, my heart would flutter, I index of child loli would get lightheaded and dizzy. I remember preteen pedo lolita bbs the first time I went to pre teen prelolita nymphet pick her up to go out on a date. lolita nyphet model pholippines When the door opened and she was on the other side, my mouth went dry, my face went pale, and I couldn't think of anything to say. pre teen lolita nymphets The only thing I could do was stare at her eyes." We both laid on the floor silently for a moment. "When I think of Matt, I get happy. Not just a sort of ooh cool. I get excited. I get this burst of energy and I feel like running laps around the house. When his face pops into my head, I can barely sit still. The more he drives me crazy, the more I can't stop thinking about him. ls lolita pay sites When he's not around, my body aches for him to come back. When he's here, I have this urge to lock him up and never let him young fresh virgin lolita out of my sight again. When we're together, nothing else matters. Like Ashley, it's his eyes. Those deep, mysterious, sea foam green eyes. Sometimes they're gray, like the sky during a
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