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Related post: Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 23:49:58 EDT From: Subject: Cousins (1) - Joey & MikeyDisclaimer:The author of this work of fiction does not assume any responsibility for your viewing of this document. By reading below these lines, you consent that you are: a.) Above the age of 18 or of legal lol model tgp age to view nudist models years adult content in your state/country/province b.) You agree that any consequences that may result from this fiction are not the author's responsibility, c.) That you will not reproduce, copy, sell or distribute this fiction without author's expressed permission and d.) That these characters are original and in no way portray real people that the author is aware of, and that any similar black model tgp situation(s) in real life is/are completely circumstantial. This story is based on the events that had happened to me. The names in this story have been changed to protect the guilty. Adults: Protect your children from such content and make this world a young ten models better place. If you do not have anything nice to say about this or any other stories I might print, cgiworld young models please private cute models keep them to yourself. If you do not like this kind of material, then do not read this. Only nice comments and suggestions please. Cousins (1) - Joey & Mikey His name is Joseph but his close friends call him Joe or Joey. Well actually, his cousin Mikey was the one who gave longhair nude models him the nickname Joe and his close friends cute models porno gave him the nickname Joey. Now the story I cha model am about to tell you in reality did not happen after Joey had met Robbie and his brothers, but rather before.Well I would have model bikini foto to say that it all happened a week or two after Joey had moved into his grandparents and his cousin Mikey 30 model tower had came down to visit for the summer. While their grandparents were working, the great-grandmother kept watch over them at her house, which was just child cp models a couple of feet from the house Joey lived in. Playing as lola girls models boys 13 yo. teenmodel do Mikey and Joey gathered up dead animals and bugs make believing female model redhead that they were going to a funeral or an operating room, whichever fantasy was engulfed sexy porn models in their little brains. Most of the girls that lived youngest models xxx near the boy never liked playing with him when his cousin visited, because pre teem models the two with the dead creatures my virtual model they collected during the day would chase them. The house, well the trailer, which Joey lived in, placed on a medium size mound so that part of the underside, exposed enough for storage. While digging for worms and other ground dwelling bugs under the trailer, Joey heard a small grunt from behind him. Turning around he could not see anyone teen models sample not to mention his cousin. Looking in every crevice of the undercarriage, Joey finally spotted Mikey under an old blanket pulled from youngvideo models a box that was part of Joey's stuff. Moving around as if he had a bad itch that he did not want anyone to nude model gallery see him 14yo underwear models scratching. girls supermodels "'What are you doing?" Joey asked as he neared teen model natashia the other. "Playing." Was the reply heaven model por from under small breast model the cover. "Playing what?" Without answering, Mikey pulled the cover back to show his small hard penis in his free hand underneath. Staring down, Joey noticed that Mikey was stroking it up and down slowly. Patting at the ground beside him, Mikey motioned his cousin to join him. Plopping down he took his now hard peter and started mimicking what he saw Mikey doing. monna nude model "Want to taste it?" Mikey asked with a bright smile. "Not really." Joey said with an upturned young vidio models nose. "Well I models bbw agencies want to taste you."With that Joey bent down and placed his tongue on the head of his cousin's member. 'Not bad' he thought as Mikey shoved his whole staff in Joey's mouth. Gasping for air, non nude modeling Joey thought for a second he was going to puke. Letting his mouth get use to the flavor, he suddenly felt wetness on his own prick. Soon the two was pumping up and down eachothers pud for all they could take. About ten minutes had gone by when Joey dismounted his cousin and stood up. Leg model teen "What?" Mikey asked confused. "I am bored with that." Joey conceded 15yo models limks as he went back to the worms that been temporally forgotten. Looking distraught for a second, Mikey quickly recovered his confusion, pulled his own pants back up, and proceeded to help Joey. Hours went by while the two continued to play in the moistened dirt with the creatures they obtained from it. Hearing a horn blow outside the boys ran to see who it was. Scurrying to their grandma's car, the boys delightedly helped her gather her things to go inside the trailer. As they explained what they had done with their day, the grandma wrinkled her nose as they got to the bugs and dead animals that were buried not just glenda models a foot from where they stood. Slowly walking to the gay pedo model front stairs, she gazed hispanic teen model at the spot they indicated that was their small graveyard. Shaking her head, the three went coolwater card model inside for a snack. teeny girl model Grabbing the kool-aide from the fridge, Mikey joined his cousin next to the kitchen table, where some brownies that the great bikini model photoshop grandmother had dark model lollitas teen modelas baked earlier that day. Pouring him a glass of panteis models the sandrateenmodel child purple liquid and taking a brownie, Mikey motioned to go to Joey's room. Seizing his own brownie and drink, Joey walked to the end of the hall just off from the kitchen that was his room. Opening romania model teen the door to his room Joey went straight to the set of drums that kiddie-cornered the room to the left and started to pound away for a bit. Minutes later he alimodelo torrent let Mikey take a beating at them and soon they were bored with that. After coloring youn fun models in all of his coloring books, drawing on a bit of the wall, jumping on the bed, playing swords with two broken broom handles, and playing a few of the board games that was scattered among the room, the foto modell erotik two boys decided that they would have more fun outside. In the back of the yard, there was an old abandoned washer and euro nude model dryer along with some old wood and scattered junk that was there to collect dust. "Hey want to play spaceman?" toplist model teen Joey asked as he korean naked models walked up to the dryer and opened the door. "Sure." Mikey said getting the idea that ran across his cousin's mind.As both boys entered the yr model dryer, Mikey tried to make the noise of a spaceship getting ready for lift off. Backing him up, Joey became the announcer counting down. When he finally had reached zero, both boys bounced from side to side to get the effect of lifting off. Following some laughter and horse playing for a while the two settled down a bit laying on one another resting like lovers that had russianchildmodel just finished an all night sex fat teen model crazed weekend. Without asking, Mikey started rubbing Joey's crotch and getting the response he wanted. Looking at his cousin's face, Joey just russion child model ethnic teen models smiled and rubbed Mikey's crotch feeling the small pecker stirring under svetlanna supermodel the shorts he wore. Quickly pulling their tiny dicks out so the other could get a better feel, the two attached themselves to eachother, finishing what had started under the house. Realizing that the space that was chosen to do this had bambie model pics been just a little to small for this kind of activity, martine model rapidshare the two determined that doing this elsewhere would be a better solution. Walking back through the backdoor, they high tailed zeps child models it model galleries to asian model 2008 Joey's room where models nude mature they locked the door and immediately planted their mouths marie model to their respective places. model babe gallery Humping his hips unconsciously, Mikey started to feel the tingle below his balls and dismounted Joey in preteen ecstasy. teenage internet models "Don't stop Joe." Was all Mikey could spill out as he humped his little ass off in Joey's mouth. Soon Mikey's first boy orgasm rippled its way through his body when the great feelings quit a small pain entered the head of his teen modeling swimsuits dick. Pushing Joey away, Mikey breakneck put his mouth back on Joey. Pumping with all his might, he couldn't get the small member to get hard again for it just shriveled young nude girlmodels up and it was all he ls models pedofilia could do to suck on it. Giving up teen tiny model he put his pants back on and went to the drums sandra model ru while busty indian models Joey grabbed his coloring books. "Boy Joe was that great." Mikey said as he jabbed a drumstick in a small hole on the set. "Yea, I guess classy nude models so." Joey said not looking form his picture. "You didn't feel it?" Mikey inquired as he joined the other. "All youngsexy models I felt was pussy models born your willy going in and out of my mouth very fast. I didn't even have to move." Joey said with a queer look on his face. "Not that. Your willy didn't get to tickling after lingerie model ru I tasted it for a long teen nmodel girls time?" Mikey asked looking at his cousin. "No. Why, did yours?" "Yes it did. It luana model torrent felt really good at first then it started to hurt a little." Mikey explained, coloring his own picture. "Well if it hurts, then I don't want it." Joey said shaking his head. "It doesn't hurt all that much." Roughing up his cousin's hair, Mikey started wrestling with him that led them all over the room's floor. Rolling under his bed away from Mikey, Joey saw his bag of marbles that he had misplaced months ago. alexandria model "Hey Mikey look!" He exclaimed as he held his bag in front of himself as he scooted from under the bed. With that, the two started eleven yo model a game of marbles on the small round carpet in the center of the room. Flicking his thumbnail against a large marble, Mikey's smaller one rolled off the rug, under one of Joey's dressers in a dark cadillac sports models corner that was unreachable to even young models canadian a tiny six year olds fingers. myuse net model "Hey you cheated! It didn't even hit the right one." Joey asserted as a smile crossed his face. Arguing about that for a teen model magazines time, their grandma finally called them in to dinner. Clambering through the hall, both boys made way to the kitchen table where both dinners were sitting. After their plates were almost empty, it was bath time for the both, which the teen models naturist grandmother got many basis about how the two thought that they haven't gotten dirty enough to take one. With a little help from the gramps, the two reluctantly agreed to get in model nn yo the bath. "Now you two may play pghoto model toplist for a bit, but I will be in here later to wash your hair." Grandma told them as she closed the door behind swimsuit nympho models her. "Hey want to play again?" Mikey asked sext teens model crudely as he splashed some water on Joey. boy underwear models With
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