Welcome to Sawyer Creek! Consider this message board no different than a personal invitation into our home for coffee and friendly conversation with other horse enthusiasts. This message board is a place where you can gather information, inspire ideas, meet and converse in a positive and informative manner. However, since it is a publicly visible format, we have found it necessary to establish a few simple ground rules for our protection as well as your own. First and foremost, please keep in mind that this board is not a place to critique or criticize others, whether members of this board or not. Using specific names of horses, trainers, breeders, or products without our approval is not allowed. It is also not a place to advertise horses, services or products for sale. Copyright details are posted at the bottom of this page. If you did not create it do not post it due to concerns about copyright violations. If you do post an unauthorized link or photo, solicit, critique others, post a negative comment, or in general behave in a manner not conducive to friendly conversation, your post will be deleted from the board and you may be banned without explanation. This message board is privately run and not a public forum. It's primary purpose is to represent the best interests of Sawyer Creek. Anything not conducive to that interest will be disallowed. Posters on this board shall be restricted to those 18 years of age or older unless prior approval is given by Sawyer Creek and parental permission is on file. Please post and register honestly with either your own name or farm name. Since we reveal the intimate details of our lives and farm, we feel it's only fair for us to know who we are talking to. We do not sell or give out any of your information. One final request....please DO NOT hit the refresh button in an attempt to make the cam picture reload faster. Not only will it not change faster but it will clog up the board for all using it. Thank you for your consideration. Now let the fun begin!

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