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Related post: Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 14:26:22 EST From: Subject: Kayla and Sandy Discover asian preteen magazine virtual preteen pussy the Pleasures of SexKayla and Sandy Discover the Pleasures of Sex by $teve young preteen japanese Da Pimp(Lesbian sex, Female masturbation, WS, Pedo)"Don't my preteen stay up too late, okay girls?""We won't!" they chorused in reply to Kayla's russian preteen topsites mom. With that they were alone."This is preteen russian panties SO cool! My mom FINALLY let you stay over! This is going to be so much fun!" bisexuality preteen Kayla could hardly contain herself. The ten-year-old had begged her mom for months to let her have a sleepover, and finally her mom relented. She said that she could have only one friend the first time, though, but that was fine. Of forbidden preteen dreams course she picked Sandy.Sandy was also ten, although she looked completely different from Kayla. While Kayla was maybe four and a half feet tall, slender, brown hair and a deep tan, Sandy was maybe three inches taller, a little preteen cunt shaved chubby, with blonde hair and ptsc preteen sex pale skin. Nevertheless, they were both extremely beautiful girls on the edge of puberty."Well, let's get changed into our nightgowns," Sandy replied, eager to continue watching "Titanic" gay boy preteens as they sat on the couch in Kayla's living room. God, Leonardo DiCaprio was cute!"No." Kayla replied."Well, what else would we sleep in?" Sandy asked."Let's just sleep naked," Kayla replied. preteen nudist thumbsnail "It's so hot, and my mom won't let us put on the air conditioning, so we'll be more comfortable like that.""But what if your dad comes downstairs during the night and sees us?" Sandy asked."He won't come down. I already told him not to. And neither will Andrew.""Well, I guess we could. I mean, it's not like we've never seen each other naked before." Of course, the last time they had was over three months ago, at the swimming pool when they changed in the locker room. Still, they were close friends and it didn't really matter to them.Kayla quickly slipped out of her shorts and tank top, wearing only a pair of blue panties - she preteen photography galleries didn't require a bra yet. She slipped off the panties too, revealing a firm, tight butt that was just as tan as the rest of her body. Sandy noticed that too."How did you get an all-over tan like that?" she asked, before realizing she knew the answer."I told you, it's that nudist place my family went to over the summer.""Oh yeah. It must be awesome to see all those naked boys."Kayla real preteens xxx kind of shrugged. "Yeah, it was nice, but I didn't really like any of them." The subject was dropped.Sandy took off her T-shirt and bra, revealing puffy nickel-sized nipples on top of barely-begun titties. Partly because she was a little chubby, she had already begun developing much more than Kayla. She slipped off her panties, and Kayla noticed a downy brown patch on her virginal slit."Hey! You didn't tell me you got pussy hair!" Kayla model slut preteen exclaimed as she rushed over to Sandy and examined her pussy. The patch was maybe an inch in the diameter, and still barely noticeable, but nevertheless a major rite of passage.Sandy looked a little embarrassed as she stood there, the flab on her tummy ever so slightly hanging nude preteens horny over her pubic mound. "It's no big deal. I mean, I still haven't gotten a period yet.""I know, but're further along than I am. My pussy's still bald!" Kayla giggled, showing it off."Well, come on, let's go get the Coke and popcorn and finish this movie. I LOVE Leonardo!" Sandy exclaimed inpatiently, and the girls went out to the kitchen in their nude glory. They grabbed the food and lay down together on the sofa bed. There was no need for any type of preteen model cora covering; it was the middle of summer.They watched the second half of Titanic raptly, and when it was done, Sandy commented, "Whenever I see Leonardo DiCaprio I get this weird feeling maxwells preteen jpg in my privates, like I have to go pee.""Funny you should say that, I have to take a major pee myself!" Kayla replied. "Dare me to pee in the popcorn bowl?""That's nasty!" exclaimed Sandy. "Are you uncensored preteen bbs serious?""Sure, why not?" Kayla said casually. "I'll just rinse the pee down the drain when I'm done. banned preteen website Come on, the bowl's empty anyway.""Well, go ahead if you want to," replied Sandy, not fully believing that Kayla preteen pics models would do it. child preteen nonnude She walked over to the light switch and flicked it on as Kayla set the clear glass bowl on the floor and squatted down over it. "Ready?" she asked. Sandy nodded.Kayla relaxed and her pee illegal preteen fucking gushed into the bowl, sounding like a torrent of flood waters crashing against a brick wall. It splashed up and tickled her pussy and butthole, and she giggled a little. The almost clear liquid filled the bowl almost half-full quickly, before her urine stream trickled to a halt."That is so gross," Sandy said, without too much emotion. Clearly she was intrigued."Come on, you pee too. preteen hairless ladies You already said that Leo makes you feel like peeing, so why don't you do it?" Kayla replied. It didn't take much pushing to get Sandy preteen info pics to agree."Watch this," Sandy directed, and she peed without even squatting down. The stream splashed into the half-filled bowl preteen sex indian and droplets flew everywhere as Sandy relieved herself. Kayla giggled as she watched intently. Just as the girls' pee almost overflowed preteen pussy russian the bowl, Sandy finished and sat back down."That was cool!" x preteens photos Kayla exclaimed. "Now watch this." She reached into the bowl full of fresh hot pee and rubbed her top50 preteen models wet fingers down her stomach and her preteen gooey holes pussy crack, leaving a trail of dampness on her amateur model preteen skin. She giggled as Sandy made a face. Then she put her fingers girl magazine preteen in the bowl again, but this time, she rubbed them on Sandy's plump little stomach."Eeew, that's nasty!" bikinis for preteen Sandy squealed, rubbing it off with her hands."No it's nasty preteen naturists not. It's just pee, it's not going to hurt you," Kayla replied."I know, but I still think it's nasty. It smells bad too."Changing the subject, Kayla asked her friend, "Do you ever touch your pussy?""Well, yeah, when I take a bath I wash it," Sandy replied, blushing a little."Duh!" Kayla replied, giggling again. "I meant do you preteen mexican models ever play with yourself? You know, while you're thinking about boys...""No," Sandy answered. "Do you?""Of course!" Kayla exclaimed. "I do it all the time. russian cp preteen It makes me feel really good.""How do you do it?" Sandy asked curiously. Often she felt an itch in her pussy and she ached for release, but she had no clue how to go about getting it."Here, I'll show nude preteen downloads you," Kayla said. illegal naughty preteens The girls sat on the sofa bed across from each black preteen hairstyles other, and Kayla spread her legs, showing her friend every crevice of her hairless genitals."What I do is I put my finger inside of it like this, and then I use my other fingers to rub my love button," Kayla narrated as she began masturbating herself."What do you think about when you do it?""All kinds of nasty things. Sometimes," she lowered her voice, "I even think about Andrew naked.""What does he look like?" preteen gallery board Sandy asked. Her hand moved to her pussy preteen bbs info and she began masturbating for the first time."Well, he's kinda skinny, and he's got a tan just like me. He's got a cute butt, and his thingy is beautiful. It's real small most of the time, but when he gets a boner it's about three inches."That did it for Sandy. She closed her eyes and fingered preteen bath lola her pussy faster and faster as her very first orgasm came preteen teenie nude over preteen erotic nudes her. "Oh, Andrew," she moaned softly as she climaxed. Finally it was over, and she panted softly and lay down. Little beads of sweat were breaking out on her body. Kayla giggled candid preteen illeagle softly at the sight of her friend overcome by the orgasm."Doesn't that feel great?" Kayla asked. Sandy could only nod in response.They sat there in silence as Sandy recovered, and then she broke the quiet. "Kayla, do you want to play Truth or Dare?""Sure!" she replied. "I was going to ask you but I thought you'd say no.""Well let's go. Truth or preteen vagina galleries Dare?" Sandy asked her best friend."Truth.""Have you ever kissed a boy?""Yeah, of course I have.""Who?""Uh-uh, you already had your question," Kayla reminded her. "Now it's my turn. Truth or Dare?""Um, Dare.""I dare you to..." Kayla paused to think. Then she burst out, "to kiss my butt!""That's nasty!" Sandy squealed. "I'm not going to kiss your dirty butt!""Not the crack, just the cheeks!" Kayla replied. preteen rape preview "Come on, I just took a bath a couple hours guestbook preteens ago. It's real clean!" She got a more serious expression on her face. preteen model delight "Remember, YOU said you wanted a Dare. Well now you have to do it.""Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy," she said, dragging the word out. "How long do I have to preteen nubiles movies kiss it for?""Just a peck.""Okay, here goes." Kayla bent over, giving Sandy plenty of naked ass to choose from. Sandy zeroed in on the edge of her friend's left buttcheek. Her lips darted out and made contact with the smooth skin, and she pulled her head back after it had been made."See it wasn't that bad!" Kayla told her. Sandy shook her head."I still think it's gross.""Well, it's over now so don't worry about it. Now it's your turn to ask me something.""Truth or Dare?""Dare," the young girl responded decisively. Sandy bit her lip, thinking of what she could possibly hot preteen uncensored come up with to punish Kayla for making her kiss her butt. She thought of a few that she knew went way free forum preteen too far, until finally she came up with the perfect one."I dare you," she spoke slowly, "to go outside, butt naked, and stand in front of your house with your finger in your pussy for fifteen seconds."Kayla shook her head. "No way," she said. "If somebody told my parents I'd get in big trouble.""Nobody'll see nudest preteen you. It's almost midnight and I bet nobody will drive preteen model undressing by. If they do you can dive in the bushes, okay? Remember, YOU said you wanted a dare. Now you have to-""Yeah, yeah, I know, now I have to do it. I will, but you have to come out there with me. And if I preteen sweet gina even THINK I see or hear a car, I'm going in the bushes and the naked shy preteen dare's over." Sandy nodded and the girls crept through the dining room to the front door. Carefully opening it and closing it over almost all the way, Kayla tiptoed out to the middle of the front lawn. She looked down the long hill that crested in front of her house. No cars. She looked to her right where the shameless preteen models road curved sharply. No cars, at least none that she could see. She stuck her finger in her pussy and stood there.Sandy, from her position crouched in the bushes, counted in a whisper. "One. Two. Three. Four." Her finger virgin preteens models darted inside the folds of her own pussy, and she rubbed herself quietly. She still tingled inside from her first orgasm just a few minutes earlier, but she was already horny for more."Oh my God!" Kayla screeched as softly as possible as she darted behind the bushes, dropping her body on top of Sandy's. "There's a car coming," she whispered, and swedish preteen nudes the girls froze. They heard top preteen link the sound of an engine coming up the hill, and they saw the car through nn preteen bb the bushes. They breathed a sigh of relief when it rounded the cu
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