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Related post: Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 19:27:26 -0700 (PDT) From: Rule Hater Subject: Dangerously in Love (Ch 8: Temptation) Ok, here it is, after a small delay caused by spring break. So after a week of partying, debauchery, getting high, and playing video games, I'm back with our delectable heroines in "Dangerously in Love".My thanks to everyone who has been reading so far and has been gracious enough to send feedback. My inbox at is always open, willing and ready. If you are below the age of 18, go away. You know you won't enjoy the story anyways, as foto bbs japan you'll keep looking over your shoulder to see if Mom is coming. Come back in a few years, and young little bbs it'll be worth the wait. To the rest of us who are legal, even those of us between the ages of 18 and 20, who can go to war, vote, smoke, and watch porn, but cannot so much as drink a can of beer, enjoy. Also, since you are over 18, you don't need anybody to tell you about the fallacious nature of these stories. free sex 12 bbs They are not real. If these people do act like this, it's their business. Where we last left, Beyonce was still reeling after suffering bbs incest biz a bombshell discovery. Refer to previous chapters in order to avoid confusion. Thank you Chapter 8: TemptationI know you see me watching you and I see you watching me but your body's callin' and temptation is killin' me Temptations is callin I be wantin' you so bad I could cry relationships callin me to do what's wrong but I gotta do right Friday nights were always fun for Janet Jackson, and as she prepared to crash after an eventful night, she was surprised to hear a horn blaring outside. She wondered whom it could be at this hour of night, but knew that of all the things that could happen to you in Hollywood, a stranger at your house at 4 a.m. is not one of them. She silently cursed, and wondered who it was that was denying her some well-deserved sleep. She had been out clubbing with a few of her girlfriends, and had come back to her mansion with two of the male strippers in tow, who had taken turns servicing them in different ways, and now that everybody was gone, there was nothing she wanted more than zoo sex cp bbs to fall onto her bed and become oblivious to the whole word for a few hours. It was a rare occurrence for her to be alone in the entire house, but such was the case this weekend as she gave all her housekeepers the entire weekend off, as she had just gotten back from France and wanted to spend a weekend at home alone and invite people to get buck wild. She opened the door, and was surprised to see that the girl staggering from the Jeep on the driveway was none other than Beyonce. She tried to hold her shock, as she knew that there must be something serious going on for Beyonce to show up unannounced at a time like this. Even of greater concern to Janet was the state of Beyonce's appearance. From the way bbs galls she was walking, it was obvious that she was intoxicated, and in addition to being drunk, she was obviously troubled, as was evident from the ruffled expression on her face."Hey baby, are you OK?" asked Janet as she took the shaken Beyonce in her arms"Oh Janet", was all Beyonce said as she embraced her long time friend and began to sob. She had obviously been restraining her tears, and she took this opportunity of a comforting shoulder to let them all out. Her body vibrated as she bawled, muttering incoherent faces into Janet's ears. Janet was obviously puzzled as to what had upset Beyonce, but she knew it was not time to ask questions. Beyonce would talk in due time, and until then, all she had to do was wait, and in the meantime be of as much support as possible."Why don't you come in?" offered Janet with a smile, "I'll fix you a drink and we can talk""No, Janet" whispered Beyonce, "if you don't mind, bbs teen site I just want to crash here for a while, I'll tell you everything really soon""No problem honey", said Janet, "you know you're welcome here anytime" Janet led the way inside, and decided to lead Beyonce into one of the many guest sun bbs kds bedrooms in her mansion. She figured that sex must be the farthest thing from Beyonce's mind at present, so she figured she would leave her alone. She led Beyonce into the spacious room, which would pass as a master bedroom in most American households. The room was dainty, with a color code of tiny teenies bbs peach."Here" said Janet, "why don't you get some sleep? I hope you're comfortable here, I'll come and check on you first thing in the morning".She began to leave as Beyonce made her way to the giant bed in the middle of the room"Um, Janet", Beyonce said softly, causing the older woman teen collection bbs to turn around, "do you think you could sleep with me tonight?Noticing the widening of Janet's eyes, she quickly added, "No, I'm not asking you to sleep with me in that way, I illegal kids fucking bbs just really need your company now. I need you to hold me. Could you do that for me?""Of course I can, pedo world cp bbs sweetie", said Janet, who was not as convinced as she sounded, "Of course I'll be there if you need me to". She walked over to the bed and put her arms round Beyonce, giving her a peck on the cheek. Beyonce smiled"Thanks a lot Janet, and sorry for disturbing you so late at night, I just couldn't think of anyone else""It's OK" replied Janet, "you're just lucky I had returned from Paris a few days earlier, or you might have met an empty home" Beyonce slipped under the covers with all her clothes intact, not even bothering to take off her shoes. Janet joined her, facing the young girl's back, and assumed a spooning position. She put her arms round Beyonce's stomach, her palms just slightly touching Beyonce's breasts. She instantly moved them downwards, as she knew it would not be a smart move to get turned on by the vulnerable girl, but to her surprise, Beyonce grabbed her hand and moved it up, placing it firmly on her right breast. Janet began to get turned on by the depressed vixen whom she was spooning, but promised herself to show some restraint. Janet and Beyonce actually went a long way back, Janet being the first person with whom Beyonce shared a lesbian experience, except from Kelly, of course. Janet smiled as she reminisced about all the times the two of them had spent together. She couldn't believe it was almost 4 years since the first time nn young models bbs they had hooked up. It seemed just like yesterday. Janet was on the second leg of her Velvet Rope Tour, and she was performing in Europe and Asia. She had asked Destiny's Child, who were at the time an up-and-coming female quartet, to open for them on some tour dates, and they had accepted. She had met the girls before they had set out bbs image forums on the road, and they had instantly clicked. She had been immediately drawn to the then 17 year old Beyonce. There was this sophistication and class about her that belied her age, and Janet knew that she was going to find fame as a superstar someday. She soon began having sexual thoughts about the young girl, but did not even dream of acting on them. Not only were Beyonce's parents present and flying with them throughout the duration of the tour, she just did not think to try and seduce the innocent young girl. At the time, Janet's clandestine 8-year marriage to producer Rene Elizondo was about to end, and as the finalization of the divorce drew nearer, Janet began to feel freer with each passing day. She had always been an uninhibited person sexually and in other ways of life. She had routinely slept with both men and women since the late 1980's, and marrying that creep was one of ls model girl bbs the dumbest moves she knew she ever could have made. She was young and vulnerable, and she had thought she was in love. Rene had been great in bed and also turned a blind eye to her extra-curricular activities, allowing her to indulge in all her sexual fantasies. Despite the fact that her entire family disapproved, she had gone ahead and secretly married him. As time went by, she became more and more trapped as Rene became overbearing, forcing her to become ostracized from her family and friends. Janet tried to cry out for help, but since nobody knew she was married to him anyway, there was nothing she could do. Michael and Jermaine, her two favorite brothers, kept advising her to leave him, but if only it were that easy. He refused to let her go, and even if he did, he would take half of what she owned. As the relationship became more and more abusive, she decided she could not take it anymore, and soon decided to come clean bbs sex lists with her family and ask for their help. They had been very supportive, and bbs angels teenager had helped her file for divorce. Rene, of course, had been as obstinate as she expected him to be, demanding a $150 million settlement, as well as possession of most of their joint assets. He was blackmailing her by threatening to publish a tell-all book, where he would not only reveal all the Jackson family secrets and idiosyncrasies, of which there were more than few, but also a lot of personal secrets about Janet, including her bisexuality. All this was going on while she was on tour, and she had to pretend as though all was right while performing to screaming crowds every other evening. On a particular night in Amsterdam, after a successful sold-out show, she just felt she could not take it anymore, and as soon as she got into her teen porn video bbs dressing room, she crashed onto the sofa and bbs twink forum began to cry, letting loose of all her frustration. She swore as she heard a knock on the door. She wondered who it was, probably one of her crew members with some irrelevant request. She quickly dried her tears and opened the door. To her surprise, it was the young Beyonce, looking as cute as ever. She had changed her outfit after the show was over, and was dressed in a T-shirt and a pair of track bottoms. Janet thought she had never seen anything so beautiful, and decided to invite the young hottie in."I hope I'm not disturbing you or anything," said Beyonce, as she took a seat"No, don't be silly" laughed Janet, taking a seat right next to the young girl. She hoped she would be able to restrain herself from making a move, as she knew it would be embarrassing if the young girl went crying to her parents"Are you OK?" Beyonce asked, looking concerned, "you look a bit troubled""I'm fine, thanks" said Janet, "just a little bit tired after the show""That was such a great show, your best performance yet", Beyonce said"Oh thank you" smiled Janet, "you girls weren't bad yourself""I just want to thank you again for giving us this opportunity", Beyonce said excitedly, "you don't know what an honor it is to be touring ls magazine bbs xxx with someone we've admired for so long""Thank you" responded a blushing Janet, "I really think you girls are talented and will be huge someday""That is such a compliment coming from you", said a grateful Beyonce"So Beyonce", smiled Janet, taking her hand, "I am sure you know you are a really pretty girl, do you have any boyfriends yet?""No, not really" said Beyonce, looking crestfallen"That is such a surprise, well I guess you don't have iligal bbs pics time for dating now, but I am sure all the boys are all over you, you don't have to look too sad," said Janet reassuringly"Yeah, that's the problem", said Beyonce, "It's not like I don't get kids bbs naked so many people who want to date me, it's just that...""What is it, honey?" inquired Janet, stroking Beyonce's beautiful face, which looked close to tears"I can't tell you this, I can't even tell anybody, it's too shameful" said Beyonce, who had now begun to silently cry, a tear coming down her flawless cheeks"You can tell me anything", Janet assured her, wiping away the lonely tear with her index finger, "I promise that your secret is safe with me""Well, the thing is that... I don't really like any of them. Not that I don't like them, it's just that there's someone I like more and I don't think I'm supposed to like the person""What are you talking about?" asked Janet, beginning to get an idea of Beyonce's dilemma"I think I like...girls", whispered Beyonce, looking away, "I like boys too, I dated a few guys, but I just can't help wanting girls, bbs info and I might be a lesbian""It's not that big a deal" smiled Janet"It's not?" said a surprised sex games bbs Beyonce, looking at Janet"No, it happens to all girls, it's natural fo
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