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Related post: Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 19:00:25 -0500 From: Kathy Subject: TG kathytv's fantasies #1Kathy's Fantasies 1st of Many ( TV, F/m, )Hi! nn mode preteenl My femme name is kathy, although You may have met me preteens masturbation pics as dripNsmile or vakathytv or some variation on ICQ, older preteen porn IRC, tender preteen galleries or other chat boards. im a 24/7 rt slave to a wonderful Madam named Maria and i have a webpage at i am NOT a 24/7 woman, im only one at Her command or if i ask really nicely ; ) These 15 years preteens are a few of my fantasies, and im sure that i will be writing more as time goes on. This bbs portal preteen is my preteen hard pics first story so PLEASE dont be too judgemental. If you oriental preteen model have any comments, requests, preteen art nudists or questions feel free to e-mail me via my homepage. my e-mail addy has a tendency to hop around, but the one child rape preteens there will always be current. So without preteen angels panty further chat preteen ado...IF YOU ARE UNDER preteen toplist lol 18, GO READ A GOOD BOOK. OTHERWISE ENJOY..."Babybitch, get your ass over here!" yells Madam as She walks through the door. Hearing Her call me (thats a pet name She has for me), i scamper to discover what She needs."What Madam?" i ask as i turn the corner of O/our house to see her removing her coat and throwing it on the couch."Take my shoes off bitch, ive had a hard day", She says blowjob preteen girls as she plops into Her chair in preteen jeans models front of the television. Kneeling before Her, i gently untie and remove Her shoes and socks. Rubbing Her feet, toes, preteen dreams and ankles indonesian preteens i ask Her about Her day. I continue to massage Her as She tells me of Her day, Her worthless employees, and the hellish super preteen lola traffic She encountered. After She has been relaxed and made a bit more comfortable, i stand up and offer Her little preteen blog a drink.Nodding Her assent, i return to the kitchen, fix Her a cup of herbal tea and return to the living room to find Her engrossed in some new music videos. Picking up Her coat from the couch, i illegal little preteen hang it back up into the closet and continue making Her dinner. After cooking, serving, and cleaning the dishes from the chicken and rice Madam calls me over again."Are you done bitch? Yes? Good boy, now for dessert..." She says as She spreads Her legs and children preteen pics returns to watching Her videos. Kneeling before Her i give one last look up before i timidly lick at Her clit. As She begins to warm, i lap with longer, deeper, and tastier strokes. Teasing fresh preteen licking Her clit occasionally as i lap, She begins to writhe and move against my face and tongue."Good babybitch...mmmm...yesss" Madam moans softly as She watches Will Smith dance upon the screen. Encouraged, i continue lapping and licking Her dripping pussy as She watches television long into the preteen 13yo evening. After a final shudder of pleasure i felt Her hands pulling on my hair. "Enough, take me to bed." She commanded as i stood and walked her to bed. After fluffing Her pillows, She laid down and fell into a deep sleep. Laying down preteen 12 rape on the foot collection preteen videos of the bed, i too was soon asleep.The next morning came quickly, and i was awakened by the sounds of the shower. preteen undergound pics Hurrying to remove my collar and dash into the toy preteen models shower, She stood there luxurtiating under the hot n ude preteen water. "About time you woke up kathy. You need to get dressed up, preteen model drawing I need you to work out in the field today, and you know how my customers feel about men.", She snorts and adds, "well...males. Now preteen movie download hurry up, I've been holding all morning."With that i clamp my mouth around Her pussy sexy preteen underwear and wait. i dont preteen x tgp preteen fucked boys have long to wait as shortly afterwards i am gifted by a long stream of strong tasting and very acrid piss coursing down my throat. Gulping and swallowing as best i can, a bit still gets past me and dribbles down preteen latex my chin. Just as i begin to gag and cough, She finishes her morning piss and preteens models nudism tells me to fix Her breakfast. Scrambling out of the shower, i hear Her lathering up and washing Her asian girl preteen body preteen kds thumbs as i dry off my body. 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Working it preteens boys naked in and out preteens list elegal as She begins to moan to is preteen net my servicing, i begin sucking it clean. Moments later She continues to dry off, brush Her teeth, and get dressed.With jessika preteen Her breakfast completed and waiting on the table, i begin to dress and prepare myself for the day ahead.THE DAY AT WORKHaving dressed in a short black skirt, white blouse, hose, heels, and a little make-up Madam takes me to work. She runs a maid service operation that cleans lots of houses and condos in our area. ukraine preteen model i usually preteen incest fuck dont go into the field, but today She needed me so out i go. Her last free petite preteens instruction to me was to follow the instructions of the assigned group leader, a hispanic woman named Marguerite. Marguerite is an older brunette with tanned skin who has had a rough life before coming to the U.S. While she can speak some english, she has a tendency to simply speak spanish unless she absolutely has no other young preteen masturbate choice.Normally we dont get along. I do as she says and clean what she wishes me to, but she sees me as the perfect victim. She was raised in a very traditional hispanic family, where the man is always right and free preteen picss can sluts preteens beat his woman or pthc preteen gallery do as he pleases. She has accumulated a lot of anger and resentment towards males, but to date has had very few sources to vent towards. Today however, she heard my Madam's final command."Ah, buenos dias putha. You are working UNDER me today I see." she says in greeting as i hop into the back seat of the station wagon. Nodding a simple agreement i feel my cheeks begining bbs ls preteens to blush from her words. preteen and hot As she drives away, i look back to see my Madam walking back into the office. The other girls around me begin to giggle and chat amongst themselves in various preteens gymnastics gallery languages preteen panty clips as we drive to the first house. Sitting back against the seat, i feel very isolated and lonely understanding only one word in five hundred. The first two houses go by quickly, with me vacuuming the first and on my knees in the bathroom for the second. As i cleaned i kept noticing the other maids looking at me and giggling, or Marguerite sizing me up.It wasnt till the third house that the problems began. As i was on my hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor, i felt something prodding my ass. preteen boy cunt Straightening up with a yelp, i whirled preteen russian fashion around on fresh photo preteen my knees to see Marguerite armed with the wrong end of a collapsable feather-duster. "Dont just sit there, go password preteen nude back to work...Kathy" she says to me. russian preteens photo After a moment hesitation i continue scrubbing the spot where i left off. A moment later i feel the duster again poking around inside my skirt. Striving to ignore it, i continue preteen sex incest cleaning over the giggles of japanese preteen cartoons a few other fellow maids as they reality preteen models pass by to superpreteen pics top see my predicament.As i finish with the floor i feel a hand on my back preteens pedofilia sex stopping me from standing. "Stay there putha" i sexy preteen sights hear Marguerite say as her hand nasty preteen young snakes under my skirt. cute litlle preteen She yanks down my black lacy panties over my repeated yelping protests. preteen kds "SHUT UP PUTHA! You heard your are MINE today!", she yells as she rips of my panties, "Now get back to work."Nodding morosely i nonude preteen angels walk upstairs with my red plastic bucket of chemicals sloshing around as i moved. My cock and balls bobbing and bouncing free under my skirt as i move about dusting the upstairs. The rest of the house was mostly uneventful except for dodging the pinches and pokes of my fellow maids. All of whom preteen lists tgp were enjoying cg galleries preteens my condition emmensely. Once we were out of the house, Marguerite handed the keys over to someone else preteen porno russian and climbed into the back seat with me. Spreading her legs with an evil smile, i knew what was expected of me. Stretching across the seat, i pulled my face closer to her obviously creamy pussy. The musty odor of pussy and urine hit me preteen kiddie cunt as i neared it, blinked a few times and underage preteen fuck pressed my face deep into her snatch. Licking up the creamy butt naked preteen juice, she held my head down as i licked, nibbled, and lapped at her entire cunt. Gasping for breath, i tried pulling away and she forced preteen sandra board me back down after only the quickest of gasps. "Not yet Putha, make me skinny preteen models nymphets preteen ranking air till I cum preteen pedophilia jpg on your tongue." She ground my face into her sopping cunt, wrapping her legs around on my back and raping my tongue with her cunt. The other maids just sat there staring at us while we travelled preteens japanese down the residential roads. I could hear them chattering in various languages as i fought for air and licked my captor desperately.As my breaths became less and less frequent, and darkness closed on me, i began to feel her buck wildly and moan deeply. With a final scream she came on my face, clutching me against her preteen sisters cunt cunt. Moments later she pulled me away and wonderful fresh tight jeans preteen air filled my lungs. Gasping and coughing i heard her say "Not bad...but you need work. Ok, everybody...we're at the next house. C'mon putha, lunch break is over...time for work." Crawling out of the car i grabbed a bucket and went inside. Needless to say, my quality sucked in the house and Marguerite kept yelling, berating, and humiliating preteen models illigal me the entire time.Finally finishing that house, i retreated back to tiny preteen tgp the station wagon and began loading up the chemicals, vacuums, and other tools. Soon we were
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