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Related post: Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 22:04:58 -0500 From: Subject: Mouse and TJIf you are under 18 then you shouldn't read this or you might get a stiffy. No really, 14 15 years porn if you are under 18 or 21 or whatever your country says then don't read it ok. There I said it. Now, if you like my story you could write me to tell me at daved1986hotmail.comMouse and TJIt was not uncommon for Mouse and TJ to be babysat by the kids fuck 12 years neighbour Mr Quickman. It was uncommon however, for 10 year teen nude the boy's 14 yearsold porno movie mother to ask Mr Quickman to look after the boys overnight. In fact it was never done. So Mr Quickman knew that it had to be an emergency.The boy's father 12 years nude teens worked on fishing boats teen 14 years porn and was often away for days at a time, as the boat that he was on went in search of that illusive big catch.Mr Quickman under 12 years fucking was painting the den when Suzie, that's the boy's mum, came rushing in petite 9 years nudes asking if he could mind the boys. Suzie's dad had just been rushed to hospital pregnant 16 year foto with chest pains and Suzie 19 year old pussy really needed to be with her dad during this time of concern. 17 years old pussy She didn't want to lose him as she had lost her mum, without saying goodbye.Mouse and TJ entered the room gingerly. sex pictures girls12 years They were not sure what was going on. They liked Mr Quickman, and were 16 year teen cum often found, when not home, at their neighbour's house, in front of the TV with a glass of milk and heaps of cookies. It's just that, well, mum had to go awfully fast and the boys didn't know what 12 years xxx girls to do."Don't just years 14 girl porn stand there, grab a brush". 15 years oldporno Mr Quickman had broken the silence. With that they both grabbed a brush and dipped it in the paint. My Quickman hurriedly showed TJ how to wipe the brush on the side of 12 year olds sex the can, so as not to drip paint everywhere. At 9 years old, Mouse knew how to do teens 14 years xxx this; he had helped his dad in the garage before. But TJ at 6 hadn't had that opportunity yet.They all painted in the den for quite a while until Mr Quickman young years porno suggested it was time to knock off and get cleaned up for dinner. He then turned around to look at the boys to discover that there was more paint on the boys than on the wall, or seemingly so."Well', he said, "looks like you two need a bath before we go out for pizza". And with that, he left the room to fuck teens 16 year go start the bath. "Who is going to be first"? He said returning."Mum usually lets us have a 14 year teen sex bath together". TJ said. 14-year-old boys free porno "Yeah, she says it saves water and she only has to clean up 15 years old naked the mess after one bath" Mouse squeaked in."Ok, boys, you win". Laughed Mr Quickman. The boys turned to one another and grinned.In the bathroom both boys slipped their clothes off while waiting 14 year old sexy for Mr Quickman to finish mixing the water to a temperature not too hot and not too cold. 14year old boys pictures First undoing the laces of their fucking 14 years girls joggers and kicking them into a heap in one corner of the room. Then off with the socks of smelly 16year teen pics little boy's feet. Next it was the t-shirts 14 year slut webcam up over the heads to expose the lovely chest of Mouse and the erotic porn 16 years singlet of TJ. "Can you help me with this Mouse?" asked TJ. "Sure", Mouse said as he helped russia 18 years porno his brother take it off.Without hesitation, both sex porno in 16-year-old boys hooked their fingers into the 15 years xxx girl bands of their shorts and whipped both them and their briefs down tgp 13 years in one go.The boys got into the bath and faced each other and Mr Quickman gathered up their clothes and went to throw them in the wash. " Can we play with each others willies in here Mouse" 17years old porno asked TJ eagerly. "Ok"' said Mouse, "But let's be careful that Mr Q doesn't see us".With that, TJ reached out to his brother's penis and wrapped fuck 14year-old his hand around the stiff little pole. He started to pull it hard. bikini sex girl year "Ouch", Mouse said. "Remember I told you to be gentle". "Like this". He said. And he gently slid his hand 16years old girls naked up to his brother's dick and started to rub softly until his brother too was very stiff.Mouse then grabbed the soap and moved 13 year old sex his hand under TJ's ballsac. He rubbed around the balls for a while and then moved the soap to TJ's ass crack where he continued to rub softly. "Got to make sure you are nice and clean sex schoolgirls 16 years all over" Mouse said. He then slipped a well- soaped finger inside the hole that 14-16 yearspussy had dutch 16-year teen porn been waiting for it. porn-14 year olds TJ Moaned and started to work harder on his brothers dick.Mouse wanted to do more with his brother so badly but knew 14 year old porno he would have to wait till later when they were alone in the bed and TJ was nearly asleep before he would get his wish.You could do anything 17 years fuck porn to TJ when he was nearly asleep. Once he kissed him right on the mouth and even 15 year porno pedofilia put his tongue in like he saw them do on the movies. He didn't like it that much but maybe he would like it more with TJ if he was 16 year pussy girl more girls 14 years nudes awake and would push his tongue into Mouses mouth too."Hurry up you boys, or we will miss the pizza place. I got to have a shower before we go you know". Yelled Mr Q."Why don't you come have a shower with us in here too", said mouse" We won't look, I promise". He 15 year girls nudes said." I don't know that I should 12 years sex fotos boys, don't know if it would be right". Said Mr Q."Its alright with us", yelled TJ. Secretly they wanted to see what Mr Q looked like nude. Did he have a big one like dad? Is he really hairy like their uncle? The boys always 12 years girls pussy like to compare the men's bodies that they saw and wonder what they will look like when they grow up too.Mr Q finally relented and said, "Well ok, just so we don't miss the pizza place". And then he came into the bathroom and stripped down to his underwear. Mr Q looked ok. Not too much flab around the stomach and not a lot of hair, which was really good because the boys didn't like hair much. He pulled down his briefs to expose a dick that was softly nestled amongst a bush 12 years anal pics of really dark hair. Funny that, 14 years old xxx since Mr Q has got light brown hair on his 13 year girl head but dark stuff down below.Mouse was secretly wondering what Mr Q's dick would feel like and if Mr Q liked to play with his penis as much as Mouse did? He was also wondering what it young porn 12 years was like to kiss the man and whether 14 years girl jpg the whiskers hurt or were soft like the hair that cushioned Mr Q's dick. The boys 13 year nudest tinys hurriedly washed themselves and then each other's backs while Mr Q had a steamy shower in the other 16 years olds porno corner of the bathroom. When they thought they were finished, Mr Q was just emerging from the nudism 12-year pics fog of steam that the shower had produced. He had a towel and was drying the front of his body, fucking 14 years hiding his dick behind the towel, much to Mouses disappointment."You xxxpics 16 year pussy boys need to wash your hair too, get all the paint out", "Do you need help with that'?"I can do mine", said Mouse, wanting to prove that he was big enough, "But TJ whines when I try to do his, so mum usually does it"."I will do TJ's then", said Mr Q, "you just take care of your own". And with that, Mr Q's towel dropped to the floor and he walked to the bath to wash TJ's hair. Mouse got a great look at Mr Q's dick then, just before he got shampoo in his eyes and had to close them to get it out.The boys then got out of the bath and dressed in the other clothes that mum had left for them. They bundled up warm and went to the pizza place where they had the 12 years old upskirt nicest supreme pizza that they ever tasted.When they got back to Mr Q's house, they checked the answer machine to find a message from their mum. She had to stay there and would probably be home late the next day. Her dad was ok, but needed to stay in hospital for a few days.Mum hadn't thought to leave any Pyjamas with Mr Q and they didn't have a key to the house to get girls preeteen 12 years some more. No matter said Mr Q, you can sleep in your briefs tonight.Both the boys were tired and were going to sleep on the lounge during the evening movie so Mr Q decided to put fucking movies 17years them to bed. He had a double bed in the spare room for nude 14 year any visiting couples, and he quietly picked up a sleeping TJ, stripped him down to his briefs and placed him gently inside. Mouse had followed him into the room and started to strip down 15 years schoolgirls sex too but obviously needed a little help since he 16 year nudist was so tired.When Mr Q pedo year 13 had placed both boys in the bed, he gently kissed each boy on the forehead, turned the light off and walked back to the sex teen 16 years lounge room to watch the end of the movie."Hey TJ are you really asleep"? 17 year old nude Asked Mouse. "No, but I am a virgin pussy child 5year bit tired, but I 15 years teen peeing just miss mum and wanted to be alone with you so you can tell me it's ok. I didn't want to cry in front of Mr Q because he would think I am a baby".Mouse wrapped his arms around his little brother and gave him a nice warm hug. He kissed him on the lips and TJ kissed back."Wanna try something different"? Mouse said. "What"? TJ asked "Wanna kiss like they do in the movies, you know with our tongues and everything"? "Ok". Said TJ and with that he kissed his brother again and moved his head around a lot."Not like that, dopey" said Mouse when he had come up for air. "Like this". He grabbed TJ's head gently in his nude 10years girls hands and kissed him 16 years virgin nude softly on the lips. Once twice and then the third time he pushed his tongue into 12 year-old naked his brother's mouth. TJ naturally opened his mouth to accept his brother's tongue and to make contact with his own tongue. After a little while, Mouse's tongue retracted into his own mouth quickly pursued by TJ's who wanted to make an exploration of his 15 year olds nude own.They broke breathlessly and both at the same time went "WOW" TJ told Mouse that he was hard now even without Mouse playing with it. Mouse then grabbed TJ's hand and put it on his own brief clad member to show TJ that he too had enjoyed the kiss.They both removed their briefs and rubbed their dicks together in a close embrace. Mouse again initiated a kiss and TJ pushed his tongue further into Mouse's 10 years old nudest mouth that teen sex 16years old they thought possible. It wasn't long before both boys porn 14 years girls were humping 12 years sex photo their dicks against the other boy's body in great excitement."Wanna suck me"? Asked Mouse. TJ responded eagerly as he loved the taste and feel of his brother's member inside his mouth. This is heaven, thought Mouse.Pretty fuck 13 years teen soon, tiredness overtook them both and they were sound asleep. 15 years old porno TJ fell asleep with Mouse still 12 year naked teen in his mouth, but foto teen 12 years
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