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Related post: Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 00:57:54 +1000 From: katie slutwhore Subject: 'katie in luurrrve' (bisexuual, urination)(Note: there are perhaps two people in the world that can get away with calling me some of the names I'm referred to by in this story, particularly `kate'. You might wanna make sure you're one of them if you want to avoid a stabbing. Just preteen breasts pics saying).`Kate, you awake baby?'`Mmpphhffsghh'`Katie...'`Mmmmppfggshhh?'`You awake baby?'`Whu?'`Are you awake?'`Huh? No. Go away'`What if I do this...'Shit. She knows my one weakness. Apart from drugs, big dicks, alcohol, kittens, hot girls, girls who play cum eating preteens guitar and so on, my OTHER weakness, the underboob. You know the underboob? It's that sort of crease in the skin and chubby roll of boob where the underside of the breast joins to the chest area. It's possibly the most sensitive part of my body and a guaranteed turn on for me. Touch or kiss me there and you will be getting raped. Holly, being my girlfriend of some nine or ten months and prior to that fuck partner of a couple of years, of course knows this. So at this point her hand was snaking across my bare ribs, rustling against the sheets to my underboob.`Mmmmmmmmmm' yeah I was awake now, preteen model genitals and rolling over towards her, grinning, sleep-disheveled, bed-headed and gorgeous.`Come here kate'.Our lips met and like usual it was fireworks. Tongues dancing in the cavern made by our joined mouths, our hips instinctively meeting, thighs dividing, finding space and aligning for our bare crotches to meet, mine with a landing strip, hers with a decent amount of bush, grinding together, her soft hairs against my stubbly skin.Our kisses now traveled up and down each other, taking in anywhere a craned head could reach without breaking our embrace. My eyes were closed and so were hers, our bodies writhing, twisting under the blankets that were being slowly thrown off and forgotten by our movements. I felt my pussy lips opening, god, I could smell it. I'd never really got romance novels talking about `heat' and `arousal' until moments like this.Holly's lips worked their way down to my boobs, preteen girl flashing kissing all around the nipples, already so hard it's a wonder she didn't take her eye out. Licking the underboob, teasing the hell out of me. Her hands were already creeping down to my ass. This sort of downward course was sort of the given sign for `me first': whoever starts sliding down the other's body gets to eat pussy first. But it's not as submissive as preteen with dog it sounds, there's a preteens real sex hell of a lot of pleasure to be gotten in teasing the fuck out of her even as you announce yr intentions. It's like saying `yes, eventually you will be cumming on my tongue, but first...' and then going to make a sandwich, leaving yr partner there bound and helpless or something. That was a naturalism preteens shit analogy. But my russian preteen picture point is if she hadn't even taken my nipples into her mouth yet, then the sweet release of orgasm was going to be a while away.Not that I mind though. The denial's almost as enjoyable as the moment itself. And well nipple-sucking is kinda over-rated anyway. But at that moment when Holly finally grabbed one of mine between her teeth, then the other, and pulled tight and hard, I wasn't going to object.But knowing my tastes she kept her way down, kissing across my stomach, young preteen breast her hair dragging across my skin. With gentle pushes and tugs she arranged me on my back with my legs spread. Throwing the blankets off altogether she was then in between my legs, kissing my thighs, the crease where my legs joined my body, gentle licks up my labia...oh shit, and eating my pussy.How do you describe eating pussy anyway? preteen teen nude Her tongue was inside me, other times it was on my clit, she even rolled my ass up a little and licked the taint. Eventually her fingers found their way inside me and her tongue took up preteen year galery residence on my clit. She knew my rhythms and concentrated on fingering me with two fingers in a sawing motion, hitting my bumpy bits inside, while her tongue kept up a steady pressure on my clit, flicking the piercing in my hood back and forth.My eyes were rolling back now. I think I was grabbing my tits and tugging on them but world war three could've broken out right then and I wouldn't've remembered. My hips were lifting off the bed. Holly kept the pressure up, she wasn't going to deny me any longer, she was going to push me through an orgasm.To this point I'd been mostly morning-fuck sighs and preteen nymphet nudes whispers but suddenly I was wailing. This was a whole night's worth of wet dreams building up like surging water against a weak dam wall. Holly was humming and moaning along into my pussy, the sympathetic vibrations adding another harmonic to the orgasmic sensations shooting up and down inside of me. This was it, this was the dam-buster."FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I screamed so loud my voice broke in the middle. My legs shot up in the air, knees preteen pr nonude locked and rigid. The muscles of my lower back tensed and lifted my ass in the air, I was basically rocking on my spine. I came. Oh boy did I came. It was like pissing after four beers, straight into Holly's mouth.She valiantly kept her young preteen nudist mouth on me and somehow didn't choke. In fact she used the opportunity of my ass in the air to ram a finger up my butt hole. Her fingers inside my vag kept stroking my G spot. I came again. And again. I was screaming, my whole body trembling, the bed slamming against the walls of my little bungalow. We don't have insulation, my preteen schoolgirl rape neighbours could probably hear.When she finally let up and withdrew her face and hands from my crotch it was like someone poured a bucket of water on the bed, all the girl-cum caught between Holly's mouth and my pussy splattering down, quickly followed by my ass and the rest of my body, seemingly now boneless. I was whimpering and drawing in quick breaths, nude child preteens in no way whatsoever connected to reality at this point. Holly just lay her face against my trembling tummy and took several deep breaths.We must've lain like that for a few minutes. Eventually I reached my hands down into her hair and started tousling it. She looked up at me with sleepy eyes.`Good morning honey'`Fuck young loita preteen Holly, preteen model de that was preteen sex child intense, even for me!'She was up on all fours and over me know, hair spilling preteen gorditas about my face, smiling. This was definitely a moment for more kissing and romance that I won't bore you with.Eventually the grinding of Holly's crotch against my thigh became more insistent. My turn now.I rolled us over so I was on top and sat up, straddling her. She lay there with her arms up underneath the pillow, looking at me smiling down on her.`What?'`Mmmm, nothing'`What are you smiling at Katie?!'`This...'Grinning, I spread my pussy lips and lifted myself slightly off free preteen bikini her hips, then let go: a whole morning's piss, right in her face and all over her chest. Pooling in the seductive pre teens gap at her throat, dripping down her cleavage, soaking the bedspread preteen bikini mogel around her.`Waaah! Fuck!' teens galleries preteens She spluttered as the first stream caught her in the mouth, shaking her head. But before long preteen hentai sluts she was trying to catch every drop in her mouth. When I was done I slowly moved myself forward, wiping myself off on her preteen model ass toned stomach, and kissed those wet lips, her soaked face, her fluttering eyelids, then raised myself off her and kneeled in the space between her lugs.`On yr tummy hun'.She complied and, drawing her legs up, rolled over to present her perfect, creamy freepics preteens white ass to me, stretching out again. She was lying face-down now in a damp patch of my piss, soaking into the preteen kids fuck mattress. This is why I use thick sheets.I slipped a finger up underneath her hips and drew it back and forth, gently, along her pussy lips, feeling them open to my touch. I dove in deeper but didn't quite penetrate her yet. Giving her ass braless preteens pics a gentle ranchi preteen pedo slap, I said `spread these honey'.She mumbled a response and reached back, spreading her ass cheeks. I got a delicious whiff of butt crack sweat as I lowered my face into her and began to tongue around her asshole. She was moaning into the pillow now, rocking gently from side to side. Once I was satisfied she'd paid for her earlier teasing I slid my finger deep inside her red star preteen pussy, sex preteen stories rotating my hand so I caught her bumpy bits and her clit in a pincer between my thumb and forefinger.And I ate her ass. Boy did I eat her ass. I am a rimjob preteen and panty ninja. Licking girls' asses, the crack, the hole, even biting the cheeks, gets me off SO hard. When it's the girl I'm experiencing the headlong rush of first-time-ever-completely-batshit-insanely-into-her love with, well, she gets every single special move, including a few I just invented.Holly's not multi-orgasmic like me. She just needed one big one, one big tense and release, and then I generally have to get my hands off her genitals or it starts to hurt. She's not a major squirter either but she still deposited a little delicious fluid into my palm. I licked this up as I picked the sheet up off the bed and arranged it over my shoulders, spreading it about us. I lay down next to Holly, half on my side, my body half over her and my leg crooked over her ass, one arm stretched over her back and the other brushing hair out of her face. She looked at me through those beautiful sleep eyes.`I love you'. `I love you too'.********************************We went out that night. We didn't get too blazed preteen fuck model or drunk. But we looked sexy. It preteen chill sex sounds cliché but there's something about, well finally owning up and saying the three words. Our friends noticed how couple-y we were. Constantly holding hands and slut tgp preteen giggling at each other. I got told we were both `glowing'. We were defs on makeout island.But the night was for celebrating and we were going to do it in style. We found ourselves a nice cute boy, younger preteen cum sex than us but not hegre preteen samples by much, tall, seemed like he was into cool bands. He danced with pre teen stripping me to a Talking Heads song, during which some not very subtle dance floor groping revealed a package worth unwrapping.At preteen half nude one point he was like `so, is she yr girlfriend?', nodding in the direction of Holly, at that point drinking from a glass of beer I'd previously stuck up my tiny dress and rubbed all over my pussy (no panties of course), so she'd get a whiff of me whenever she took a sip.`Yup' I replied. The music was loud so we were having to shout in each others' ears. I was using the opportunity to get close and double-check my previous groping.`And, she, you know, doesn''`We're're our celebration'He looked stunned for a second, then smiled. But he wasn't a cocky asshole about it. `So, uh, I am, am I have a choice?'I stepped back and placed my hands on his shoulders, staring him right in the eyes.`nope'.He was ready to go right then and there I'm sure! But we weren't done having fun yet and it was only a few hours later that we left. His friends had left earlier and he was alone with a preteen filipino girls bunch of slightly-boozed preteen hair nude and horny girls. We got the bus home, Holly and I snuggling all the way, but our boy -- Evan, if you give a shit about his name (I don't) -- was firmly told `look, don't touch'.Besides those nightrider busses are full of jockish assholes. Like I'd make out with my girl in front of those dicks.We made 14yo preteen nude it back to my bungalow about 3am. preteen panties galery By preteen heaven 13yo%
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