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Related post: Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 09:27:12 -0700 (PDT) From: Jack Santoro Subject: My Cousin Joe, Incest, 1/1My Cousin Joe By Backpack explorer young Jackinnmyahoo.comJoe and I were the same age, and though we were fairly close, we never even saw each other naked until we were 30. He had come youngest nude art over to my house for dinner that evening, because he greatly enjoys my cooking, and after the meal we were sitting on the couch when he turned big young titt and asked me; young black pussy "What do you young nuidist girls Foreign young brides do when you get horny and can't stand it any more?" "Hell, I jerk off. What young boys tgp else is there to do in an emergency like that?" I replied. My answer didn't surprise him. He knew I'd never been married and obviously had to take care of myself. "I feel like doing it paula young wigs right now," so young nudes he said, and I noticed the bulge running down the left young cherry cheerleader leg of his pants. I youngest 15 tgp could easily understand that, as I knew he'd been recently divorced. "I just wonder how you do it," he continued. This didn't surprise me, as youngest nubile tgp I knew he had good reason to wonder. Joe was circumcised, and I wasn't. Almost no boys were circumcised at birth young girl pix when we'd been born, but Joe had been cut at age 12 just when he young ass fucking was beginning to discover the joys of playing with a foreskin. I'd heard he'd been taken to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy, as I had been a couple of years earlier. However, Joe's doctor spoke with his parents before the surgery because he'd young porn forums had very young pictures something else in mind as well. He'd convinced them that Joe would be better off without his foreskin, and that as he'd be under young pantie toplist general anesthesia for the appendectomy, this would be an opportune time kiddy young porn to attend to that little detail. The doctor pointed out that newborns were free young japaese then undergoing the surgery without any pain relief, and persuaded his parents to sign the additional consent form to cover the circumcision. They didn't bother to inform Joe of this before youngest porn sluts the nurse placed the young group amateur ether mask over his face to send him into the chemical coma for his surgery. When he tight young bodies woke up, he found that he hurt in two places instead of one, and that his penis was wrapped in gauze. Joe missed six weeks of school because his penis was sore and tender Brenton young long after his appendix scar had healed. He grieved over the sudden loss of his foreskin, and never forgave the doctor or his parents. It was many weeks before he stopped tight and young crying himself to sleep every night. Curious as I was regarding the results of his surgery, we were so modest in those days that we never "showed" to each other. Joe and I hadn't even discussed it, and all information came to me second-hand, through the family Handjob young rumor mill. I knew that Joe had eventually made some sort of recovery, and that the circumcision had not young naturist ftp kept him from "performing" with women. However, when he was 28 he began "performing" with the wrong woman, totally unsuited for him. This was clear to me and all who knew them, but love is blind and Joe married her. Within two years they were divorced, for reasons unrelated to Joe's circumcision. extrem young nudes I had never married, preferring my hand to the feel of a woman, and this let me escape a lot of problems, as well. "I'll be glad to show you how I do it," I replied. "Come on, let's get naked." youngest lesbian Joe just stared at me. "Well, if I'm going to take my clothes off, why can't you?" I said. "Anyway, young russian mpg you top youngest teens said you felt like doing it too, so let's go." I stood and led the way to the bedroom, where I began stripping without looking to see if he was doing the same. When I was completely naked, I turned to see Joe sitting on the edge of illegal young jerk the bed taking off his socks. That's all he had on, and I waited nude young celebs for him to stand and face me. Joe was about 5' 11", an inch shorter than I, with sandy instead of brown hair, old fucking young but with the same thin build. His eyes were glued to my cock, which very young xxx arced down over my balls, a big bulge near the end where the helmet shaped secret young tgp head and its flaring ridge stretched the foreskin. The long young teen blonde hood ended in a thick nipple in front of the head. Joe's cock had a medium sized pink mushroom at the end, and a brown ring of scar tissue on the shaft just behind the ridge. We sat next to each other and Joe asked; "Can I touch it?" I nodded, knowing that he probably had not had his hands on a foreskin for 18 years, since his had been removed. "Was your skin like mine?" I asked nude photography young him. "Yes, it had the same long fucked young pregnant nipple, and I used to play with it this way." He rolled my nipple between open young hymen thumb and forefinger, twisting the skin sideways over the front of young girl blogs the head, and I felt my cock begin to swell. I reached over and young actress pinched his cock-head lightly, knowing this would prompt a response. His cock began inflating, and we continued the mutual young tiny nudes play nude teen young until we were hard. Then we had the opportunity to really inspect each other. My cock was almost seven inches long, because 30 years ago I didn't have the fat pad in front young tight pussy of my pubic bone that today engulfs the base of my shaft, making it appear only six inches long. Joe's young gallery chld cock was shorter than mine, about five and a half inches, and his tip was definitely smaller, young girls erotic because the ridge of his mushroom had no flare at all, just a drop-off to the shaft behind it. His pink mushroom was more or less in proportion to his shaft, about an inch and a quarter overall, but my big purple cock-head measured two inches from front dome to ridge. I tactfully refrained from saying what I'd been thinking- that Joe's prick was small enough without the doctor trimming tissue he couldn't afford to hungarian young girls lose. Joe's shaft skin was tight as a drum because that was the style for circumcisions when he'd been cut. I tugged at it, but there wasn't enough slack to even bump his ridge, much less roll over the head. The idea was to make naked youngest boys it difficult to masturbate by removing as much skin as possible, and the doctor also young pregnant amateur cut away his gee-string. "I always have to use oil to jack gratis young girls my cock," Joe replied after I'd asked him how he did it without his hood. I got up and brought a bottle of cooking oil from the kitchen. Pouring some into my palm, I clasped Joe's stiff cock and began massaging the head. His wasn't the first cut cock I'd handled. His eyes widened as the sensations reached him, and when I twisted my fist over his hot hard cock-head he caught his breath. "Like that?" I asked. "Oh, yeah, it feels free youngest twinks litlle young porn nice," he replied quickly, adding; "Can I do yours?" His hand young man was already youngest girl fuck on my prick, and he began to stroke Boy stripping young my foreskin from base to tip in long, slow strokes that made the nerve endings come alive. "You're lucky hairless young cunt you don't need oil to jack that beautiful prick," he said as he skinned my hood all the way back to reveal the flaring purple ridge. "That's a nice ridge you've got," he said as he twisted his fist to massage my foreskin along the ridge. That made my cock-head tingle because of usa young pussy the combined friction and stretching of the nerve endings in both head and hood. young dreams His other hand tickled my sac, lightly touching the hairs and making my balls tingle.I did the same to his balls, and watched as his sac drew young free sex up tightly against his body. I twisted my fist on his cock again, catching his rim on the forward stroke before engulfing the entire head in my fingers and palm. A too young girls couple of sweet young tits twists on the mushroom made him blink, and I asked; "That reaching you?" He nodded, and gave my thick cock an extra squeeze. I was ahead of him, my balls tight against my body, and my tip beginning to get that peculiar tickling feeling that comes near the end young kids lesbian of the build-up. I felt an urge to pee begin deep in my cock-root, although I knew I could never pee with a hard-on. Joe sensed that I young naked teeny was close, and pulled me to my feet as he headed toward the bathroom, his russian young girls fist still pumping my foreskin. Leading me to the tiny young titties sink, he said; "Okay. You go first. I want to watch you come." His fist pumped my foreskin faster, young petite old and anal young amateur I heard the slapping sound of loose foreskin against cock-head that youngest naked kids signaled that my orgasm was near. As Joe pumped my cock over the sink, I leaned against the wall because I knew my knees would get weak once my orgasm began. I kept working his rebecca young oiled young nude child prick, sure that he was far behind me, as I spanking young boys felt my orgasm rushing at me like an express train. My insides tightened, and I felt myself standing on tip-toe young porn torrents as the sensations in my cock-head reached their peak. My cock-head was tingling as Joe pumped faster yet, slapping the tube of skin against the sensitive bbw young sites tip, and my cock got illagal young porn so stiff it felt as if it was going to burst. My nerves were straining as the explosion came, and the jolt traveled from my bulging cock-head young jap schoolgirl down my shaft where my cock-root convulsed to send its first load up my tube. The first jet felt like hot lava, burning it sway up my cock, and my eyes closed as I groaned involuntarily. A hard jolt told me that Joe had snapped my foreskin young nudr boys all the way back, letting him see young asian titties the dark throbbing purple head as it spit its next load. My cock disgorged load after load as Joe pumped the cream out of me. I heard him slapping my loose hood against the sensitive head again and again, as all younger 16yo cunt my insides pumped out through my straining cock. When my sensations had faded enough to let me open my eyes, I saw that my discharge youngest preeteen angles had coated the bottom of the sink. My cock was young cunt incest still throbbing when Joe urged me; "Come on, do young little kidsporn me, now, so I can drop my load right on top of yours." I'd let go of his prick when I'd started my youngest candid bikini orgasm, and now I regained my grip, pumping my fist young girl modles up and down over his head and shaft, giving him the rush of sensations he needed to come. Joe bucked his hips, his teeth drew back from his lips, and his eyes closed as the sensations swept him up to the peak. young asain schoolgirl My cock was drooping now, resting against the lip of the sink as I massaged Joe's head and shaft, working hard to make him shoot. young smoking tgp I felt the head throb as I swept my fist up over it again, and a second later the first jet erupted from his slit, slamming the lips open to shoot across the sink. Joe's small cock was definitely a shooter, vrey young porn and he shot an
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