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Related post: Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 20:16:43 -0700 From: Richard Barber Subject: Border PickupBORDER PICKUP Story by Richard Barber11/7/2008 I'm Lance, a 21 year old college student at bald pussy lolita models the University of Arizona and I have three months off before returning preteen loli pussy 12yr to college. I've taken an interesting job of delivering Winnebago Motor homes from one destination to another. They paid me a fee for delivery and a gas sweet young lolita portal card for sven bbs lol gateway fuel and some food supplies. This week I was to pick up a previously rented Winnebago Aspect from Tucson, Arizona and to deliver it to a company in Los Angeles. It was a smaller unit measuring 30 feet long and 8 feet wide. It had a compact, but adequate kitchen and bath with a small shower, a couch that made into a small bed, and a large full size bed in the rear. I can use the facilities but had to make sure it's clean when it's delivered.I'd decided to take the back roads and see the deserts and go through thai lolitas hard pics Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, up 85 high ways to Yuma and on to L.A. I had four days to get there so I had plenty of photos of sweet lolitas time to leisurely explore this part of the South Western desert on my time in a nice comfortable motor home. I'd gotten up early and left Phoenix early that morning. I went to the Winnebago dealer in North Tucson about 8 am to pick up the unit, sign all the papers, pick up my credit cards and was soon on my way. It was about 600 miles and should take me 18 hours if I drove straight through, but I would stop along the way to eat, fill up with fuel and sleep.The desert is beautiful preteen shy nude lolita this time of the year. We'd an unusual amount of rain this past month, and all the cactus and wild flowers were in full bloom. I had pretty lolita pussy pics a new camera and planned to stop along the way to take a few pictures.I was only about 75 miles from Tucson when I saw an old pick up little lolita girls net truck parked along side the road. Looking under the hood of the truck was a couple of Latino men trying to fix the motor, and a young man flagging me down to get lolitas sex nudity photos help. Being a kind hearted and trusting fellow, I stopped to see if I could be of assistance. I assumed they were illegal's but saw no harm in helping them out. The hot desert was no place for them to be stranded.I introduced myself as Lance and explained lolita preteen girl pussy to them that I spoke no Spanish, and discovered they spoke very little English. During the conversation they indicated they needed a ride to California. I told them I was heading to L.A. and would be glad to give them a lift. I had a good feeling about the men and it would be nice to have some company and extra drivers.The 3 men lolita hunny pot nude were of different ages. The free xxx lolitas picture oldest man was Jose about 35, medium build, with a stern face and a thick dark mustache. The other man, Pedro looked to be about 25 and claimed they were all brothers working in California. Pedro was a clean cut looking guy, spoke lolita models toplist underground a little more English, and seemed to be the spokesman russian lolita nude thumbs for the brothers. They had gone home to visit there family and picked up Pepe, their younger bother to go with them. lolitas free top model He looked to about 19 years forum real loli teen old and the best looking of the three.We 100 lolita top links drove north towards Ajo, Arizona on 85 where we sher khan lolita generator stopped for gas, soda, and beer, and then turn free lolita preview pic on 84 to Yuma, California. The oldest man, Jose took a seat in the passenger side next to me while the other two brothers sat quietly at the dinning area watching a DVD on TV, drinking Soda and munching on chips preteen prelolita nude models I legal nude lolita phtography had purchased earlier.I'd gotten up quite early this morning and was beginning to nod. Jose flashed a driver's license at me and offered to drive. I took him up on his offer and was soon resting on the double bed in the back of the unit.I gold loli nude clips took off my clothes and fell asleep naked on the bed. In my Frat house at college I always slept on my stomach. I had a reputation of serving my fellow Frat Brothers when they needed a sexual release hard loli school girl and if I'd have a night visitor I was always ready and willing to be fucked.When I woke, it was dark and our Aspect had stopped. Jose had pulled lolita castle top tgp off the road to a rest area. I felt a person lying on the bed next to me. He was pressing his naked body against mine and rubbing my bare ass. His finger was exploring my ass crack feeling for my fuck hole. My dick immediately became hard and I spread my legs to encourage his entrance. It was Pedro, and quietly he spoke to me in English."I like you. I like you ass. I gonna fuck you." Then Pedro spit on his hand and inserted a finger into my asshole. I flinch because of the sudden free skanks pics lolitas entry, but didn't protest. I handed him a tube of lubricant from underneath my pillow. He crawled in between my legs and started lubricating his hard 100 best loli sites cock. topless lolita nude pictures I best top lolita sites couldn't see or know how large his cock was, but it had been a few days since I'd been fucked and I needed the lube. I spread my cheeks as he guided his cock to my fuck lolita bbs top too hole. He slowly moved into my ls nude lolita models ass crack and pushed past the ring of my ass. Then he moved closer and it slid all the way in to his balls. It definitely was thick because it stung for a few minutes. He grunted with an attitude of pleasure. He lay on young gilrs loli bbs my body and moved his hips up and down while his cock went in and out. He kissed my neck, nibbled on my ears, and whispered Spanish words of love to me as he fucked me. He was a hot fucker."Si gringo. lolitas pedo cp underage You feel nice to my dick. I gonna fuck you and cum in you, white boy! You nice preteen russian lolita pics pussy man. I like you make me stories erotic kids lolita feel good." Then Pedro began fucking me like it was his first piece lolita pic bbs porn of ass since he left home. He plowed me for about girls i love lolicon 15 minutes, moaned a few times, and dumped a nice hot load in my ass. He lay on me for a few minutes then pulled his cock out and rested next to me before falling asleep. I infantile preteen virgin lolita was still curious about the size of his cock that had just fucked me, besides it was only a courteous thing to clean his cock and milk down his remaining juices.It was still dark in the Winnebago but I could see his sweaty body next to mine and his wet cock. I took it into my mouth and gave it a tender sucking. His cock began to grow and soon it grew to a hard 7 inches long and very thick around. He put his hand to the back of my head and soon I was presented with another load of sweet Latino cum.Early the following morning we were on the road again with Jose still at the wheel. I fixed some hot coffee and toast and we continued driving. When we arrived at Yuma, Pedro gave me a quick pat on my butt and said his good byes to me and his brothers. I was curious and didn't understand why he left us but now he was gone and I was left with Jose and Pepe.Later that day we pulled into another rest area to use the bathroom. When we returned to the unit, Jose pointed to the bed and started taking off his clothes and said to me. "I fuck you now. I need your ass. Get undressed. I fuck you now."He was blunt, but I quickly understood his demands. I had admired his firm body and eyed his big bulge as soon as I'd picked them up nn lolita model sites on the highway. Now he was finally gonna use my ass and fuck me like his brother had done the night before. Being such a slut as I was, I was more than willing.He said something to Pepe in Spanish while he was undressing, and Pepe went to the driver's seat and started the motor, backed up and started to drive. He was going to drive while Jose and I fucked in the back. I was undressed before Jose and was getting ready to take my `fuck me' position on my stomach. He stood by the bed and pulled on his semi-hard uncut cock then motioned for me to suck him. I took his big 9 inch uncut cock into my hands and cgi zeps lolita ranchi licked his drooling piss slot. I stuck my tongue under his foreskin and licked the sweet smegma that remained there.He forcibly pulled my head down on his cock causing me to gag. I inhaled his musky manly preten lolita boys links scent and licked his balls. He had a firm, well developed muscular body hidden under his clothes. He must have been a hard worker to get in this condition. I ran my hands up his abs to his nipples as little pantyhose lolita pic I went down on his cock again and again."Make me cum, but I still fuck you later." He said as I continued to suck him until he shot a highschool lolita nude galleries big load in my sunny lolitas nude girls mouth and over my lips. He let me clean his cock for a few minutes then said something to Pepe again. Jose went to the refrigerator to get a soda while Pepe pulled over to the side of the road again. Pepe turned young lolita nude lesbians off the motor while Jose took over the driving. He was still naked and looked so hot in the driver's seat. Meanwhile Pepe started removing his clothes. He set down to take off his booths turned his head towards me and grinned.He was the younger of the 3 men and a handsome boy of about 19. When he stood his dick was already hard and his foreskin had already pulled back to expose a big cock head. His firm youthful body was hairless except for his arm pits and the pubic area around his 8 inch cock. Man, these Latino men were hot looking and really hung well.I set on the edge of the bed to suck his cock to get him wet before fucking me. He stuck his cock directly in my mouth and guided my head back and forth. He was hot and I thought tiny bbs lol preteen he was going to cum very soon, but he pulled his cock away from me and gave me more orders."Lay on your back. I fuck you pussy like I fuck my girls. You my pussy man. I cum up your cunt. Do it for me." He said as I got on the bed and lifted my legs.He jacked on his cock as he guided my legs to his shoulder. He felt my ass hole like it was a pussy for him to fuck. Once he was satisfied with our position, he guided his big cock to my childs little loli models man pussy and shoved it all the way with one big push. This young 19 year old was a rough son of a bitch'en stud, but I liked it and almost came when he naked preteen sex lolita shoved it in the first time.Once he was all the way in, he looked down at my face and grinned again."You have nice warm cunt. I like fucken you. We be good friends. young lolita erotica links Make my dick feel good."Then he braced himself on the bed and started fucking me rough and hard. He held my legs apart while he fucked, and would watch his cock fucking in and out of my hole. He kissed my ankles and legs but never missed a stroke. He caressed my nipples then leaned over me and chewed on first one nipple then the other, and cupped them like a woman's breast.He continued to fuck me in a steady rhythmic movement. He leaned over me again and kissed lolita cp preteen sex my lips softly the first time, and preteen lolita galitsin news then he became more passionate. I knew he was about to cum as his breathing became shorter and his movements became faster. He grabbed my shoulders and used my body to ram his cock into me. My cock started cumming with out me touching it. I was lolita virgin picture archive going wild. My inside fuck track tightened around his proud battering ram and he started to cum."I fuck your man cunt. I come in your pussy now. Take my dick. Take my dick now, cunt. Ohhhh shit. I cumming. I cumming. Ahhhh Puta, puta. Is good."Then he collapsed on my sticky come drenched body and we relaxed. I could feel my ass hole overflowing with his warm load. nymphets lolitas preteens dorki It ran down my ass crack and onto the towel beneath us. He gave me another kiss and let his cock soften and ease out of my wet man cunt. That was a damn good fuck for a 19 year old guy. He reminded me of some of the young studs in my Frat House.We rested a short while, an
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