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Related post: Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 03:40:35 EDT From: Subject: Chptr 13 (E) Justin's Story---------Justin's StoryPart II My Time AwayChapter 134/09/00Written By: Justin Case---------Disclaimer: This story is a story kids preteens models of love between gay teenagers. It also contains graphic sexually oriented material. If it is illegal for preteen natural you to be here, you really ought to leave. WARNING: This chapter also contains the use of illicit drugs, and it is described in a realistic manner. The author has determined if you are in rehabilitation from drugs, this story could make you use again. Use of drugs other than prescription is illegal in most places; if you use them you may be confined.---------Words from the author: Hey guys, 'sup? It's me again. Here is Chapter 13, the unlucky time of my life. I have been to hell and back. This is the beginning of real underground preteen my travels to hell. I hope you like it. I hope you read between the lines. A reader asked me if I had a plot in my story. I assured him my life was not like some cheap murder mystery you pick up at Barnes and Noble. Plot? What? I don't think the story of my life preteen fuck photo was a plot. Hehe.To the great many of you preteens photos nacked that toplist preteen thong ask if I am OK. YES today, and just for today, I am great. I have been through many experiences in my life. I am giving you a snapshot so to speak. It is my desire to leave you with a message of hope. There is love in this world. To receive it, I had to learn preteen tgp pthc how to give it. Oh, and to the one reader who asked if I was in a twelve-step program, and then lectured me about his need to belong to one: I do not go to any twelve-step program, and never have. Yet.I believe in God, preteen kis bbs I have turned my life over to Him. forbiden preteens It's what was right for me.Thank you, there are so many who have written me e-mails and im'ed me, with words of encouragement. preteens models angel I have received over four hundred letters in boy preteen bbs the few short weeks this story has been running. I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude. I have been bombarded preteen nudity illegal with IM's and love every one of you. Thank you all for letting me share my story with you!To Ed, my editor, without whom this wouldn't be so well punctuated, and wouldn't flow. Thank you for volunteering wild preteen nude your services to me. God bless you.----------------------------------------------------------------Chuck and I decided to call his friend Tony Chigro, an older gentleman that Chuck sweet preteens stories had met about a year earlier. Chuck had told me Tony was a friend of sorts. Whatever that meant. I had called Grams, and asked her to wire me some money. She had pleaded with me to come home. I couldn't. I didn't know why really, fear perhaps. I asked for a couple hundred dollars with nnude pre teens the promise to pay it back. Gramps came on the phone."Justin, where are you? Let me come and get you. Grams is worried sick about you. You know how she gets, she won't let me chase her around the table," he said into the preteenincest daddy phone.I could see his toothless smile. I could see his gray eyes looking through his glasses. I could almost smell him; he videos free preteens had that musky Grandfather smell. I guess he rarely showered, or he didn't believe in deodorant. Older people don't seem to have to bathe as much as young ones."Gramps, I have a great opportunity in St. Louis. Chuck knows this guy. We're going there for work. Kind of like when you worked preteen gallery forums on the banana boats, Gramps. I need to find what's out here. Please, can I borrow two hundred? I promise to pay it back as preteen foto soon as I get situated.""Yes, Justin, of course you can," he said into the hot horny preteen phone, and to my Grandmother, "Red, get a paper and pencil.""Gramps, I really appreciate it," I said. innocent preteen top My heart was racing."No problem. Where do we send it? We'll go to Western Union as soon as we hang up," Gramps said; he was in charge.I made the arrangements with him. Chuck and I packed our things. undress preteen We ventured out to pedo site preteen the Western Union. Chuck's Dad had given him a hundred, so between the two of us we had nonnude nymphet preteen three hundred dollars. We hailed filipino preteen girls a cab tight asian preteens and went to the bus station.The bus trip was just like the one from Springfield. Stop and go, people on, people off. Cramped and long. We had called Tony several preteen models forum times and never seemed to connect with him. Someone else always seemed to pick up, and said Tony couldn't come to the phone. I felt preteen tit unease. I would have preferred we had definite plans. Chuck kept insisting we had nothing to worry about.It took us a day and a half to reach our final destination. Chuck had finally talked to Tony, and everything was settled. One less thing for me to worry about. I couldn't believe it, another stranger taking in two young boys. According illgal preteen sex to Chuck that's what Tony did, he worked with teenage boys. Something about photography, and modeling. Chuck either didn't really know himself, or wasn't saying.It was a gorgeous day preteen pussy fresh when we arrived in St. Louis. I'll never forget the great silver Arch to imageboard bbs preteen the West, on the sight line into the city. preteen free download It was pretty; the sun reflected off it and made a rainbow.We saw a young hunk with a cardboard sign that read simply "Chuck and Justin". We walked up to the youth; he looked to be about fifteen. He had blonde hair and was real slim. His face was real smooth, and his blonde hair was in perfect order. He wore a pair of JNCO's and a real nice shirt. The shirt was a button-up shirt and was a little large as well. He had long slender fingers and on his right index finger he wore a silver band. litlle preteens boys He also wore his watch on his right wrist. His brown preteen porn gratis eyes were set perfectly on either side of his pointy nose. He had the slightest red lips I had seen. He introduced himself as Kyle.Kyle led us out of the bus terminal and took us to a brand asians nudes preteens new Lincoln Town Car. The car was powder blue and had a royal blue plush streampreteen sex interior. Before we pulled away, Kyle looked at me. I had gotten into the front passenger seat, while Chuck had gotten in the back."Hey, dude, grab me that little mirror out of the glove box, would ya?" Kyle said.I opened the glove compartment and retrieved a small mirror; it was about three inches preteen leg model by six inches. I handed the mirror to Kyle. vicky preteen torrent He had taken a little brown bottle out of his shirt pocket. It was real small, and it had a white cap. He set the mirror on his right leg, and opened the bottle. He poured some white powder onto the mirror. I models petite preteen knew in an instant what he was doing. Cocaine, I had never done it. I had heard about it enough to know what he hard preteen angels was doing. He then took a small glass tube out of his shirt pocket. He reached into the front of his shirt and removed a necklace he had. The ornament was a gold razor blade. He chopped the white powder on the mirror. Tap, tap, tap, tap, furiously he chopped at the powder, and divided it into three separate piles that were shaped like lines on model preteen top this mirror. cartoons sex preteen He bent his head down, and placed the glass tube to his nostril, and sniffed up a line. He handed the mirror to Chuck. I could see model pictures preteen uncertainty in Chuck's eyes. Kyle then handed him the rest of the paraphernalia. Chuck sniffed up a line, and then handed preteen cute girls everything off to me.I didn't want to look stupid. I had never done this. What was I going to do? I had to be accepted. I didn't have anywhere else to go. I sniffed the third line. Man, the burning sensation, my eyes watered. Within seconds I could feel it going down preteen boys cumshots the back of my throat, and the taste is indescribable. I handed everything back to Kyle. He licked the mirror, started the preteen bbs post car, and we were off.It took a few minutes; I was hungry when we got in the car. The hunger pains disappeared. I felt great. I had never had such a feeling. I wanted to run, I wanted to drive, I wanted to fuck, and I wanted to do everything at once. Instead I talked a mile a minute. My mouth had gone a little numb. We had to stop the car three times in the forty-minute ride to do more. I had never felt so alive. I had heard cocaine makes you feel euphoric, it made nonude preteen female me feel so very, very alive.I had smoked pot up until this point. I had always made a preteen hot nymphets promise to myself; I would preteen galleries fruit never go any further with drugs than pot. Somehow I could justify using marijuana. I had always told myself that pot and cigars were natural, and meant preteen free tpg to be smoked. I preteen dirty pic liked my blunts. Now though, I had found a new high, I had opened the door. I goddess preteens saw that we had entered a gated community. The streets were lined with large elm trees. The homes were all mansions, and yards fenced with steel or stone walls. Every driveway had security gates. The lawns that could be portal preteen observed were all well manicured and professionally landscaped. Some of the homes had fountains; others had large abstract pieces 13 preteen of art. It was like something you see on television.We had come to the end of a cul-de-sac; the home in front of us couldn't be seen. I saw a brick wall, two brick pillars, and the gate. As we approached, Kyle used a remote control unit kept on the visor, and the gate preteen 13 opened. The Lincoln proceeded up a long winding yellow-bricked drive. We came upon the house; it was the biggest house I had ever seen in my sixteen years.The house was also yellow brick and trimmed with huge white pillars, six to be exact. The home was three stories, and on each side of the front were one-story wings. The drive wrapped around so as to pass the main entrance. The eight-car garage was across from the West wing. The garage was bigger than my little Harry Starr house back in downloadable preteen pussy Enfield, Connecticut. That seemed so long ago.We got out of the car and Kyle led us into pre teenie nudism the home. We entered this huge room, the foyer, the main entrance used for welcoming guests. This room had pink granite floors and was adorned with windows, and window preteen cp kd seats upholstered with red velvet cushions. There was a winding rusian preteens naturist staircase, directly across from the front doors, and it led to a balcony, and the second floor. This huge Waterford crystal chandelier hung, centered over the room and stairs.A very distinguished gentleman came down the stairs. He was wearing a pair of swimming trunks, blue and green, with yellow flowers. I had never seen such an ugly bathing suit. Kyle shouted, "Tony." This man was our host.Tony was a slender fellow. He had brown nudist preteens preview hair, and the sides were gray. He had a smooth chest and nice pecs. His legs were long and slender, and very hairy. nude naked preteen He had a nice tan, and no evidence of tan lines showed. He looked to be about forty."Chuck, it's good to see you," Tony said, as he came across the room and eyed me while reaching to hug Chuck. "I never expected to see you again. preteens pics preview You are a sight for sore eyes.""Thanks, Tony. This is my friend Justin, the one I told you about on the phone. You sure you have room for us?" Chuck looked at Tony; both men had dark brown eyes. They were both good looking, and so was Kyle.I was in heaven, and hoped there was more coke.Tony let go of preteens cz Chuck and stood back to take a look at me. "You guys want to party?" h
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