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Related post: Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:39:03 -0400 From: cgard 43 Subject: The Buddy Party-15See the beginning of part one for the history of this story. Comments welcome to russian lolita thumbnail pics Tony woke up when Coach got up to go to the bathroom daddy loves loli girl about 5 a.m. Tony squeezed his ass and found that yes, there was some residual soreness there, but as he natural lolitas angels studio smiled to himself, he felt sure it was worth it. He'd child tgp cp lolita meant what he'd told Coach. lolas 100 top tgp It was just about the hottest fuck he'd ever had and he knew he'd want girl porn xxx lolita to repeat it. When Coach got back into bed, he put his arm around Tony and felt his stiff cock. Coach made a little chuckling noise then cuddled up to Tony's back again. Tony waited until Coach baerchen loli bbs board had fallen asleep again. He hadn't wanted to let the man know that his state of arousal was his usual morning hard...he'd rather Coach thought he was still excited from the night before. When Tony woke up the next time, he felt a very thick cock against his butt hole. He remembered that cock very well and decided he needed more of it. So he pushed back...against Coach's cock just to see what would happen. "Oh God, man," Coach said, "Don't tempt me like that." angel lolitas nude censored "What do you mean?" Tony said, "You don't want my ass again, man? From now on, anytime you want my ass, you just say the word." "Hmmm," mumbled Coach, "But let's free lola nude pic wait. It will give us something to look forward to." "I mean what I say, Coach," Tony hot young lolita virgins whispered, "My ass is yours nude lolita model sites whenever you want to fill it." "I've got another idea," Coach said. "How about we spend some time together today and then decide later on if we want to go again. You can fuck my ass and then I'll fuck yours. Deal?" That surprised Tony, but he quickly grinned broadly. "Of course, Coach," he said, "I mean if you say so. God, it's hot to think about best of lollita paysites that." That's when Coach laughed.- - - - - Frank woke up to find Jim between his legs sucking his cock. He groaned in pleasure and lifted his head from the tiny teen lol pics pillow. "You're little lolita little nudist insatiable, man," he said. "No," Jim answered quietly, now holding Frank's stiff meat in his hand, "I just wanted to check out the cock that fucked me the first time." Frank laughed and pulled his lolita showing pussy pics bedmate back up to lie atop him. "First and second times, dude. Now, come up here and kiss me, you slut," Frank said, and the slut did.- - - - - After relieving himself loli little girls in the early morning lolitas castle preteen stars hours, Mickey came back to lollita indian preteen nude Al's bed. Al was sleeping so peacefully, Mickey didn't want to wake him, so he lay there recalling the weekend's activities. lolli popped bbw xxx "That Todd's a preteen lola models xxx really hot number," Mickey thought, "And of course, sex with Tony, Frank, Jim, Joey and Al was great as well." He smiled to himself; it had been a hot weekend. He was very glad Mitch had gotten over whatever 'funk' he'd been in since even before they arrived. He knew Mitch underage nude russian lolitas felt secure in their love, and he also knew that being wanted by the lolita sex pic imageshack other guys this weekend had probably put an end to the 'funk.' The two had never shared their respective uncensored free lolita pics exploits on these Buddy Party weekends because that's the way it worked best. Each kept his secrets and his own memories of pleasure. But Mickey also made up his mind that he wouldn't have sex with Al again that morning. He was going to save what energy he had left for soon as Mitch was in the mood for it. Of course, if Mitch 14 16 years lolitas had had a really good time this weekend, that might mean a bit of a wait. But Mickey was okay with that; it was worth it to make sure the next time with Mitch was extra special. Besides, Mickey had had a busy weekend himself. So, with that in mind, Mickey got out of bed, pulled on a lolita girl clip nude pair nude lolita models gallery of baggy shorts and left the bedroom.- - - - - Mitch and Joey woke up entangled in each other's arms. When they finally got untangled, they free russian lolita toplist cuddled lolly preteen torrent download together again and Mitch whispered in Joey's ear. "You okay, this morning?" he asked. "No pain?" "I'm fine," Joey answered, "Look, I wasn't a sexy lolita preview photos virgin, but you sure made me feel good." "Me too," Mitch said, "You made me feel like a kid again. A preteen young lolita models kid with a new playmate." american lolitas nude photos "So be it," Joey said, "And at nude lolita boy pics the next Buddy Party we'll do it again...both ways." "Now you're talking," Mitch answered.- - - - - Todd woke up and found Tom sitting up in bed, his eyes on Todd. Todd looked into those dark eyes, but couldn't quite read what Tom was thinking. "You okay?" Tom asked, running his hand up loli preteen video chat Todd's leg. "Never better," Todd answered with a dark lolita cp pics broad smile. "Look," Tom went on, "I know you said you're pretty new to this, but I'd like to get to know lolita underage lolita rape you a lot better. I don't mean just in bed, but all of you. And since we don't live that far from each other, we don't have to wait for a party." "I'd like that too," Todd stammered. Even in so short a time, he had very special feelings about the handsome, sexy Tom. "Maybe I need some new carpeting," Tom said with a big grin. Todd laughed. pedo lola top 100 "No, no," Todd answered, "I want to be with you without carpeting." "And now," Tom said, "I'm gonna get you caught lolitas teens gym nudes up." Todd looked puzzled but didn't remain so as Tom slid down and started sucking on his cock. "You want to get off this way or you want to fuck me?" Tom asked, looking up into Todd's eyes. "No, no...this way's fine as long as you give me your cock to suck on too," Todd said. "But then you'll never catch up," Tom said with a grin. "I know," Todd answered with a laugh, hot 11 y.o.nude lolitas "So you'll have to keep coming back for more." Tom laughed but turned around to make his stiff cock available to Todd, and the two got busy pleasing the other to a mutual climax. "But, I promise...I do want to get into your ass," Todd said suddenly, surprising even himself. Then suddenly Tom stopped sucking, and pulled Todd up to a sitting position. "That's my man," he whispered, kissing him again while his hand was wrapped around Todd's very stiff cock. Todd looked into Tom's dark eyes and saw an intensity he'd never really seen before. Tom squeezed Todd's cock. "I'm really looking forward to getting this in me." Smiling now at the promise, Tom slid Todd's cock nude beautiful lolitas bodies all the way down his throat and moaned 16 yo naked loli softly in pleasure. Todd was happy to reciprocate in kind, as they languorously led each other to bursting orgasms.- - - - - Al finally got up and joined Mickey who had made a large pot of coffee. "Wow," Al said with a grin, "I sure slept well. Must have been that night cap we had." free teen lolicon hentai "Sure was," Mickey answered. "You know what I was just thinking?" Mickey asked. Not waiting for a response he went on. 15yo lolita lingerie models "These Buddy Party things loli foto nude top are great. Catching up on old times with friends, meeting new people and there's always just a bit of variety to spice things up. Of course, maybe I enjoy them more than the other guys, but I've had a wonderful time forced lolita preteen nymphet free lolita kiddie porn this weekend." "Actually, so have I," Al said, and he sat recalling his own pleasurable experiences, "It's been good fun." The group assembled and several of lolita young girls links the guys caught themselves eying Tony who seemed to be sitting a bit gingerly. "Did he?" Mickey wondered. "Could he have?" Joey wondered. Of course, no one asked and no information was offered. Jim couldn't quite keep his secret, but he thought he'd shared it only with Todd. Jim cornered him as he came out of the bedroom and pulled him into the room Frank and he had shared. "I did it, I did it," Jim said excitedly. Todd waited for an explanation. He'd watched Jim leave the lolita free top list group with Frank the night before but didn't want to speculate. "I got fucked...not once but twice," Jim said, "And I loved tiny lolita posing nude it. russian lolita illigal porn It felt great." Now it was Todd's turn to grin. "Good man," he said, good lolita model sites patting Jim on the ass. "Quite a weekend, huh?" Jim was all smiles. "Now, are you going to share that talent with someone special?" Todd asked. Jim was surprised but affirmed it. Todd hugged him as they headed to the kitchen. "It was just a guess," lolita russian cute pussy Todd whispered and Jim grinned. Tom approached Tony as they were finishing breakfast. pre teen model lolitas "I've got to ask you," he whispered, "Are you and Todd working on a relationship or something?" "Nope," Tony admitted, "He's just a pal. Are you interested in him?" "Very much so," Tom said, "And it's not just because he's so good in bed." very tiny young lolitas young naked russian lolis "But he is, isn't he?" Tony joked. "He sure is," Tom laughed and rolled his eyes. "Just about the best I've free galleries nubile lolitas ever met. But I'm thinking it could maybe be a whole lot more than that with the blue teen angels lolitas two of azar nafisi reading lolita us." lolitas teen nudes bbs Tony didn't take exception; he just shifted gingerly in his chair and smiled. As they gathered their things in preparing to leave after breakfast, Mickey cornered Mitch. "You doing okay?" he asked. Mitch gave him his best smile. "Yes," he said, "And I have to admit you were right. This week-end was just what I needed." "You're feeling better about yourself and us?" Mickey lolita gang rape galleries asked. Mitch smiled again. "Better than ever, man?" he answered, "How about you?" pre teens loli galeri "Better than ever," Mickey said with a grin. They kissed tenderly. Frank and Joey were also preparing to leave. "Joey, did you actually tell Jim I was a good lover?" Frank asked. "Yes I did," Joey answered, "Because you are." Frank kissed him hard. "Thanks, babe," Frank said, "And so are you." "Does that mean you...?" Joey started to ask then caught himself, realizing he already knew the answer. "Oh, never mind." young lolita top candid Mickey noticed Tom's anime bbs child lolicon constant looks at Todd and understood more than anyone could have guessed. At the right moment, he top lolitas of 8yo sidled up to free gay lolita porn Todd and whispered in his ear. "Trust illegal lolita incest bbs me on this, man," lolita too young pussy he whispered, "While you are a great bottom guy, you're also a very good
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