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Related post: Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 12:22:08 -0700 (PDT) From: Sebastian Fforde Subject: Kai and the Ghost Boy Chapter 5Kai preteen boys webcams and the Ghost BoyCopyright 2009 bd company preteen Sebastian Fforde(BB, fantasy, romance)DISCLAIMER: Nothing is true; everything is permitted.Are preteen pedo forum you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.***Chapter 5Kai looked at Erik in terror. He was now alone with the boy in the servant's quarters of Hoppenstand Mansion. They were changing into the dry clothes that the butler had given them beach preteen photos after Kai had frightened Erik so badly that he had fallen into the fountain outside. Now Kai was the one who was frightened."What would you like to do now, tiger?" Erik repeated.Kai's heart started to beat faster and faster. What was preteen pantie sites Erik trying to tell him? That he wanted to be preteen latino porn kissed?Erik waited impatiently for Kai to say something, but the poor boy preteens dressed sexy was tongue-tied and speechless.Erik, looking rather irritated, reached for the dress shirt that was part of the footman's uniform and put it on."Forget it, then!" he grumbled. "I'm sorry I asked!"Kai didn't know what to say. He turned away and slowly put on his own footman's uniform, unable to look at the other preteen porn fucking boy. Kai wanted to cry. So far preteenie butt pic he had really botched up his `date' with Erik pretty badly. Erik probably hated him by now. Kai couldn't wait underage home preteen to go home and yell at Bryan for giving him such bad dating advice!In the awkward silence, Kai could hear the sound preteen photo ped of grandfather clocks gonging in distant preteen little vaginas parts of the mansion.The two boys silently put on preteens models nymphets their footman uniforms and entered the drawing room, where the tour guide, an actor in the role of a butler, had a small tour group waiting."Aha!" the tour guide exclaimed, smiling at Kai and Erik. "Our last preteen angels naked guests have arrived! Please forgive their footman uniforms. They had a little accident in the fountain earlier!"Some of the members of the tour group giggled. Kai felt himself blushing."Now as I was saying," the tour guide continued, "since this is your first visit to Master Hoppenstand's estate for most of you, perhaps I should, ah, warn you of some of Master Hoppenstand's little, uh, eccentricities. Perhaps some preteen nude filipina of you have noticed the unusually large number of clocks in Hoppenstand mansion."Indeed, Kai had noticed the unusually large number of clocks preteen small tits in what he had seen of young teenies preteens the mansion so far. When he stopped and listened, he could always faintly hear at least one or two clocks chiming in a distant room."It's a curious superstition Master Hoppenstand has about clocks, you see," the tour guide explained. "There are seven hundred and eighty four clocks in Hoppenstand Mansion, and preteens from filipinas NONE of preteen ls pictures them are set to the correct time. Many of the clocks have been fixed to run counter-clockwise. It seems that Master Hoppenstand has this curious belief that he can cheat death if the Grim Reaper doesn't youngest preteens models know exactly what time it is when Master Hoppenstand's time eventually does come!" The tour guide grinned devilishly for effect. "Ask not young preteen forced for no nude modelspreteen whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."Kai looked at Erik nervously. horny little preteens Now that he was listening carefully, he could hear the faint sounds of bells tolling in far off corners of the mansion. "Let's begin our tour," the tour guide said, waving them all to follow him out the door of the drawing room. "Would you all like to see the grand staircase? It is entirely made of fine Italian marble."So the tour began, with actors playing beautiful models preteen various servants taking the `guests' through various parts of the mansion. Near the end of the preteen sexy toplist tour, they went to the kitchen and the actress playing a scullery maid described the dreary lives of Mr. Hoppenstand's servants. Quietly, Erik began preteens oral sex to guide Kai along the back wall until he got to a small, nondescript door. Since everyone in the tour group was intently listening to the scullery maid tell her preteen models 12 tale of woe, nobody noticed preteen russian ukrainian the two preteen spread boys as they slipped quietly behind the door and closed it shut.Kai followed Erik down preteens naked images rickety stairs that led to a dusty wine cellar."What are we doing? We're going to get lost down preteen beauty pics here!" Kai hissed."No candid pictures preteens we won't," Erik whispered. "Don't worry. I've been through this place dozens of times! I'm an amateur ghost hunter and hottest model preteen this mansion is the preteen sex foto most haunted building in the area! juicy preteen pussy Of course I've been here! And I know exactly how to get out of here!""Dammit, Erik, why didn't you tell me you've russian preteen illeagle been here before?" Kai moaned. "If I'd have known you've been here dozens of times I wouldn't have suggested coming here on our first date!"Erik grinned. "So this IS a date, isn't it? I thought you said it wasn't a date!""W-w-well, it is but it isn't," Kai stammered, turning beet red.Erik took a few steps closer, backing Kai up against a wall of the wine cellar. He put his hand on Kai's shoulder and grinned wickedly."So are you gonna try being assertive again," Erik asked, "or should I take the lead?"Kai preteens porn russian didn't answer. He just looked at Erik, trembling slightly.Erik looked at Kai, took the boy in his arms and gazed intently into his eyes. Gently, he touched the boy's chin, lifting his face upwards. Kai closed his eyes and parted his lips, shivering slightly. Their lips met. It was delicious.Kai emitted a tiny gasp as he felt Erik's tongue slowly and sensuously exploring the inside of his mouth, then retreating as he sucked on hentai preteen gallery the boy's lower lip a little. Erik slipped his tongue back inside for another taste, this time caressing Kai's upper teeth with his preteen incest movie tongue before moving to explore the roof of the boy's mouth. Kai gasped again, then swallowed the accumulated saliva that had begun filling his mouth. He could feel Erik's erection pressing against his stomach."Not here."Erik broke the kiss. He looked at Kai, irritated."Not here?" he asked. "Not here? Well, what the hell do you want from me, Kai? You want it then you don't want it. You're great at giving off mixed signals!""I didn't say that, Erik!" Kai exclaimed."You did!" Erik insisted. "You said `not small breasted preteens here' and you pushed me away!""How could I say anything when you had your tongue in my mouth?"Erik looked puzzled. "I guess preteen girl supermodels you're right, Kai. Your mouth was preteen naughty sites a bit busy, wasn't preteen gallery source it?""Well then," Kai replied nervously, "If I didn't say preteens photos fucking it, and you didn't say it, model preteen nastia then who said it?""Maybe it was old Heber Hoppenstand," Erik smiled, looking about preteen childmodel girl the wine cellar. "This IS the most haunted room in Hoppenstand Mansion. I wouldn't be surprised if the ghost of nasty nude preteen artwork old Heber Hoppenstand is scowling at us right now for being such naughty boys!""I'm scared!" Kai whined. "I'm afraid of ghosts! Get me out of errotic pic preteen here now!""Tell me, Kai," Erik asked pointedly, "have preteen preteen boys you nudi preteen models ever seen a ghost?""Never!" preteen model gal Kai exclaimed."What would you do if you ever saw one, Kai?" Erik asked."I'd scream my fucking head off and run as far away as I could!""But preteen boy imageboard you didn't run away when that dog kept mysteriously appearing in your bedroom," Erik pointed out."Well, that was really freaky," Kai admitted, "but wasn't really scared because I had my friend nn bondage preteen Bryan with me most of the time.""Hmmm," Erik said thoughtfully. "I'd like to see this Bryan character sometime.""Can we get out of here, please?" Kai whined. preteen boy gay "I'm really scared photography nude preteen now!""What about our clothes?" Erik asked. "Don't you want to go upstairs and get our clothes back?""I don't care 3d porn preteens about my clothes!" Kai exclaimed. "Just get me out of here!""Ok, Kai," Erik said, taking the frightened boy by the preteen footjob pics hand. "We'll run off in the footman uniforms. I know a secret exit. We can skip the preteen anal models rest of the tour. There's a place I want to take you."***It was getting dark. Kai followed Erik as preteens at imagefap he led the boy into the hilly fields just past the preteen clips link new housing development."We're going to the pre teen girlies top of that hill," Erik said.In the gloaming, Kai could make model preteen sensuales out an old stone wall and a few preteenz model top trees rotic tatoos preteen on top of the hill."What's up there?" he asked."An old free preteens boys graveyard," Erik replied. "Nobody ever goes up there, so it we'll finally have some privacy. It's really nice up there. Wait till you see the view!""A graveyard?" Kai asked, hesitantly."What's wrong with a graveyard?" Erik asked innocently. "It's a really cool graveyard it dates from colonial times but there are some top preteen sites newer graves there, too.""After all we've been through today, and you want me to go into a GRAVEYARD with you? Are you nuts?""There's nothing to be afraid of," Erik reassured him. "If you were a ghost, would you hang out in a graveyard? No, you'd haunt the places where you lived and worked!""I guess that make sense," Kai admitted."Ever make out with a boy in a graveyard?" Erik asked with a sly smile."No.""Well, you will tonight!"Erik held Kai's hand as they approached the cemetery on the hill. preteen model sisters The gate was locked, so they jumped over the low stone wall.The sun was setting, and the long shadows from the gravestones stretched out over the hilly ground. Kai noticed that the older graves were in the back and the newer graves were up closer to the front gate. Erick led Kai to the soft, spongy grass in the front section. Erik sat fresh preteen angel down and looked up at Kai, waiting for the boy to join him."You're sitting on someone's grave!" Kai hissed. "Isn't that disrespectful?""I preteen supermodel laurie don't care," Erik shrugged. He patted the ground next to him. "Sit down, Kai. I want to kiss you again."Kai nervously sat down on the soft preteens girls nudes grass next to his friend. Erik put his arm around Kai's preteen nudist nipple shoulders and looked into his eyes. Kai shivered a little.Kai's heart was beating wildly. He sandra preteen set took a preteen picture index deep breath and leaned forward for Erik's kiss. Erik embraced Kai, grabbing the boy's face and ruthlessly shoving his hot, wet tongue in Kai's mouth. Kai preteen flash webcam top
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