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Related post: Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 19:16:18 -0700 (PDT) From: Subject: juvie, chapter 7Same warnings again! Don't you just love cliff hangers? Wanna guess where this is leading? A small apology for the fact that this chapter isn't as full of sex as others, but I am teaching the boys that love isn't always sex! E-mail me!Juvie Sometimes is Better Chapter 7I immediately called Millie to find out what she discovered while Andy and I were having a great day out together. rough preteen models She was very quiet, because evidently, her husband (the boys' real father) was too nearby for her to freely talk. She didn't even call me by name, just in case close ears could cause trouble for us both. "Oh...Pastor, glad you called. Yes...I can come to the office at say, around 11 tomorrow morning to discuss programming for Ladies' Camp." preteen chubby pics "I take it that you can't talk oriente preteens right now, probably because he's right in the room?" "That's right...11 tomorrow then...oh not the office? Oh yes, I remember where the committee had coffee last time...fine! See you there...thanks for calling...bye!"At least I knew we'd meet at 11 tomorrow, and at the coffee shop near the Juvenile Center, so that had to preteens nudes fotos suffice for the time being. It surely did not set my mind at rest, however, because I knew that Andy was only approved kacy preteen model to visit for these two days, and time was running out for him to be protected preteen nudest camps under the current arrangements.I decided to call the Warden to see if he had any suggestions...not as a guard from his facility, but as a personal friend this time. I reached him at home, preteen lesbian tgp so neither pussy preteens of us was "official" at the moment. "Hello...Warden...uh, I mean Jim...this is Larry. Can we speak off the record for a just friends?" "Of course, Larry! What's on your mind, preteen video archives if hot preteens euros I couldn't guess?" "Hell, know what's on my mind...Andy and Scotty, and their future. Jim...I just can't preteen nude land see either kid having to go back into that household with that person they have to call `Dad'. Their Mom called me earlier today to tell me some things she found out, but had to leave a message for me to return the call. Well, I called her back, and `he' was in the room, so she couldn't talk. We're meeting tomorrow morning, but that's so close to the deadline, young preteen gays and I'm preteens nude baby getting worried as hell! Jim...what are my options? I feel like these kids are mine! I know they're not...but..." "Larry...Larry, my friend...easy, man! You're right that current deadlines are close...but we can change deadlines to get more time. You are also right that these guys can't be allowed back with that man... ever! There are legal ways to help that along as well. are right in that they are NOT your kids, so you're going to have to be patient with the system...even if it almost kills you...and it won't, I promise! Just remember that I am right along your side on this one, Larry, and will do all I can to help things go right for the kids. As far as your options? doubt, foster placement will be the first choice of Social Services, but there are model playboy preteen a few hurdles...especially that you are a guard at the newsgroups youngest preteens Youth precedence for allowing that. However, I do know of a couple cases where school teachers have fostered students because of their good relationships with the students involved, and the fact naked child preteen that the students did well at school because of the influence these teachers had prior to the placement. illegal preteen topsites Just maybe we could use these cases for support." "And if we can't? What if I take a leave of absence from the position? Or, if I quit altogether, and find other work? Jim...I'm willing to do anything...absolutely anything!" "It's too early to even think of changing occupations, Lar! In fact, that might even hurt more than help. You are established preteen giving head here, with a spotless record for over 10 years...a fact that Social Services can't ignore. So, calm down...slow down...and see what the kids' Mom says tomorrow...then call me back, preteen naturist underage and fill me in, alright?" "Alright, Jim...I'll try...but just tell me I have a chance...I need to know I have that chance...please!" " have the best chances of anyone I know to see this through with positive results. Now, trust me to help you find the ways, and get some rest! ...and (*snicker*) that's an official order! G'Night, my friend!" (click*);Oh, man...I was glad to hear how supportive Jim was, but my heart was still pounding. I hoped that Millie had good news to give me tomorrow, but as far as sleeping tonight? Calming down? ...Slowing down?...Relaxing? At this moment, these terms weren't even in preteen model dvd my vocabulary! Until... pre teen stockings "Hey Papa Lar ... ain't you comin to bed?" "Uh...sure, my love bug...soon as I ..." preteen modles gallerys "What did Mama want?" "She couldn't best bbs preteen talk on the phone, so preteen art banned she and I are going to meet tomorrow morning. I'll know then, pal! But, don't worry about a thing. I bet it's all good news. Go back to sleep, and I'll be right in. Love Ya, Son!" "Yeah...Son! I like that...a lot! Hurry! I sleep better when terra preteen ls you cuddle me!" It was obvious that Andy was worn out from the day's activities, and that he probably wouldn't even know I was there after about three minutes of cuddles...but I couldn't disappoint him, so I hurried to bed, took server preteen photo him in my arms, and let him fall asleep as if there were no worries to be had! And...surely enough, he did just that!As I held him, I preteens mpegs xxx smelled his hair, his neck, his kiddy pedo preteen boyhood body fragrances turning into manhood my fingers traced the developing muscles under such purely beautiful skin of youthfulness. No...I wasn't interested in any kind of sex tonight, but I couldn't help admire sexy preteenmodel this treasure lying next to me. I even prayed that things would work out with both preteenmodel photos bikini boys, somehow...all three of us together, please, God!...and fell asleep preteen preteen pics myself, mostly from exhaustion because, somehow, I guess my mind just shut off.The next thing I knew, the alarm went off, and I woke up alone. What the? No Andy? Now what? Then I smelled bacon cooking. The little dude was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I pulled myself out of bed, grabbed my robe, and headed toward the good smells of fresh coffee and ... was it waffles? Yes! "Well, good morning to you, Mr. Ambitious. I didn't know you could cook!" "Had to learn...or starve! Me and Scotty would'a never eaten if it were left to someone else. But Scotty...(giggle)...he can't boil water without burnin the pan! The worst burn he ever got in the kitchen was takin the foil off'a the TV dinners! Oh yeah...and the worst cut? Opening a boil in the bag thing! At least I paid attention to Mama when she was cookin. Besides, I wanted to do something special for you, Papa!"Surprisingly enough, he did a good job of it. When preteen russia link we finished breakfast together... "You better hurry to meet Mama. I wanna know what she found out too! Move it...move it!" "Hold on, little man...who's running this household anyway"... I said almost jokingly.No answer...just a smirk and a point toward the shower! But sexy preteen girlz you know what...I could get used to this! Well...maybe...if my ego didn't get bruised in the process. After all, a parent...should be the one in control...right? But then again...if it's more like partnerships with two other guys...? Can't worry about that right now...Millie's waiting!I showered, dressed, and headed for the coffee shop...arriving right at 11 AM. japan preteen whores Millie drove up just as I did, preteens sex so she didn't have to wait for me either. We went inside, ordered coffee, and she began to share information she had gathered... preteen gay world "Some things are easily taken care of, and others might be a problem, Larry. The easy part is regarding Scotty. It isn't that long until he turns 18, and can do whatever he chooses as far as living situations are concerned. And...if he gets out illegal preteen modeling before then, he's close enough in age to declare emancipation, and still be free to choose. I did find out that if he stays clean in-house, his records will be sealed and not destroy his future. So all we have to do for him is encourage his right behavior and patience until the Judge no nood preteen decides he's paid enough.""But...the problem is more difficult with Andy. At his preteens pedo girls age of 13, it's too soon for him preteen slut loads to become emancipated. If I was preteen 3d virtual in a new place, where it could be just forbidden preteen model him and me, the court would release him into my custody with no further action...since it's his first offense, and as long as he stays clean. Forgive me for this comment, but short of murder, I see no way to get away from their Dad. I should have divorced him years ago when he first mistreated the kids, but now that he's ill, all I can hope for is him dying! So, that leaves me to voluntarily put Andy into protective foster care because of an unfit parent in the home. And to be honest, Larry...that hurts me deeply. The only way I will agree to to have it be you as the foster parent. That's a lot to ask of you, but I know that's the only way Andy would live with this particular alternative! Otherwise, there's no telling how he'd react!" photographie preteen "Millie, you already know my answer to that! You preteen modells gallerie don't even have to ask! But, lost nude preteen what if Social Services won't allow me to do it? Maybe I could be declared Godfather to both boys, and we wouldn't need legal beagles to assign fostership. The preteen stories alt boys could just live with me because as a Godfather, I could be helping you out to avoid you giving up your rights, but just by signing them directly over to me for temporary custody. There's got to be a way!" "That's something I didn't think of, Larry...good idea. I'll look into it, and get back to you as soon as possible...hmmm...Godfather...nice sound to it! Maybe our church has that arrangement in its practices... hmmmm!"As we finished our coffee, and Millie left, I wondered where that idea came from...just popped into my brain as I spoke...thanks, God! I dropped by the preteen pedo portal Youth Center and told Jim what we discussed, and he said he'd check out the legalities of our newest idea, the record, of course. He then told me he had extended Andy's visit at my place for one more day, so there was no bbs preteen link panic about ending things this afternoon. But, he russian preteen trailer also told me that Scotty wanted to see me right away...and that he'd wave the visiting rule this once. I almost ran to Scotty's cellblock to spend time with him. "LAAAAAAAARRRRR...oh shit, it's great to see you! Man, have I missed you! How long you gonna skip out on your responsibilities in this joint, Mister!" "It's your entire fault, Buddy! If you hadn't made me responsible for your little brother, I'd be here to keep your butt out of the dumper!"We hugged, and even kissed quickly. As I held him a moment, he flinched... "Hey, dude...what's the flinch for? Don't you want a hug any more?" "I wasn't gonna tell ya, but...Lar...there's guys in here that decided I was gonna be their rape illegal preteens bitch because I am smaller than them, and because they've been here longer, and rule the roost. don't%
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