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Related post: Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 00:12:25 +1000 (EST) From: Country Mouse Subject: Katya's Training Chapter TwoStandard Squib redux: Welcome to my first story published on Nifty. The themes and subject matter in this story are adult, including but not limited to both consensual and reluctant, including coerced sexual acts between persons of the same gender.This is a fantasy. In reality, I advocate the principles of Risk Awareness; Safe,Sane and Consensual BDSM and always observe safer sex guidelines. Safer Sex is a way of life.If reading about power dynamics and graphic smut between women is illegal in your jurisdiction or offends you, please leave now.One of the characters in this fantasy is sixteen, the age of consent in my jurisdiction. Again, I point out that this is a fantasy. In real life, my personal preference is for older women.In my fantasies, anything is possible.I am the feedback whore from hell. preteenage photos naked If you like my tale, please write to me and let me know. Don't bother lecturing me about my sins. I already know that I'm a pervert. I rather like that about me. Katya's Training: Chapter Two copyright 2006 by dr_country_mouse_top Story codes: F/g, F^g, teen2, BD, anal, reluc, spank, sm Nifty category: Lesbian/authoritarian The author grants the Nifty Archive a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display the work. preteens hxxp All other rights reserved Katya's Training Better living through biochemistryThoughts of it had been teasing me for weeks. Katya's training was coming along beautifully. She was reliably coming twenty-five times a day, every day. The muscular effort of such athleticism was producing changes in her body as well, along with the strict exercise regime.I woke her and gave my toy her usual spanking and filled her ass to start her day properly. We talked about it, and I even showed Katya footage of mares treated with the particular combination of hormones that I had in mind. Her mouth dropped open as she saw the mares stagger towards the breeding shed, hind legs feet preteen girls trembling, tails lifted, fluids gushing from their engorged sex organs.The thought of pairing the hormone therapy with electrical therapy and fucking machines made her tremble with anticipation. Of course, we both enjoyed teasing, so Katya knew to expect a long slow build up and a time of desperate, biochemically moderated need that I would deliberately leave unsatisfied.For weeks, her body had been tuned and trained to respond to both pleasure and pain. She was accustomed to coming at least twenty-five times a day, every single day. After laika model preteen a series of very thorough enemas and high colonics, I let her rest and then began a test run of her new treatment.I could have used injections, or an oral medication, but I chose to administer the treatment using a retention enema. I pumped up the double catheter nozzle to maximum, and filled Katya until she looked six months pregnant and then bound her securely to the leg spreader, her wrists cuffed to the center of the bar.By using an oil based formula, the retention enema was also making sure that Katya would be thoroughly lubricated asian preteen masterbation throughout preteen naturist foto the experiment. It was fascinating, watching the preteen ls angels hormones take effect. Her sex organs plumped and swelled right before my eyes, fluids beginning to ooze from her as she began to rock her hips and plead prettily.Rolling her on her back, I sliced open a piece of fresh ginger and carefully anointed her clitoris. Katya wailed, hips pumping, muscles in her legs straining as she tried to fuck the air and find release for asian young preteen her burning clit, her belly distended with the hormone laced oil.She made an entrancing centrepiece for my dinner party, sweating and squirming and pleading for release. Katya was less concerned about her swollen gut and expelling the four quarts of drugged oil than she was about orgasm. She was in heat, desperately needing and quite lovely.I used a riding crop on her ass as she expelled the oil, squirting the remnants of the hormone laced lubricant out of her ass as I paddled her thoroughly, telling her to be sure to empty it all out. She almost came, twice, and yes, she remembered to ask for permission but I denied her. I wanted her desperate and preteen boy lovers hungry.I stretched her out slowly, using my fingers and various toys and speculum to open her up. The challenge was to avoid giving her enough stimulation to orgasm. She was quite, quite desperate and just as out of control as the mares staggering to the breeding shed.Finally I was satisfied with her preparation. Katya moaned, deep in her throat, when I finally guided the dildo into her ass. It wasn't over large, but the machine would provide both vibration and rapid, repeated penetration, preteen panty pictures up to a speed of 200 strokes per minutes.There would be lube dribbling down from her small intestine for hours, but there was a steady dribble of hot lube dripping down on the shaft of the dildo, to make sure there was no unnecessary friction.The helmet blocked sight and sound, except for what was delivered through the earphones. It was the smallest taste of sensory deprivation and kept Katya's attention nicely focused on what was important -- her desperate sexual hunger and the dildo flying in her ass.I gave her the controls and settled back with a glass of wine to watch her preteen japanise writhe and struggle and strain as she came over and over and over again, the fucking machine moving at faster and faster speeds. And every time she came, she heard my voice in her ears. "Good boi."The combination of sensory deprivation and hormonally moderated sexual need gave me the idea for her next training regime. For the moment, I enjoyed watching Katya being serviced by the fucking machine. She was desperate for release, and I had been training her to respond to anal stimulation for weeks.She chose to set the machine for short thrusts of increasing rapidity. The dildo flew until she had it all the way up, 200 strokes per minute, far to fast for the eye to see. It vibrated her entire swollen, hormone charged sex, her labia and clitoris being powerfully vibrated by the fucking machine in her ass.She was strapped down far too tightly to move, except for the slightest, smallest shifts which let the dildo glide against new and better angles. "Good boi," I told her as she came each time.When she tired, I let her off lightly. I released her from the machines, sent her off with the staff for a shower and a massage and strict instructions to return to me if she should become aroused again and need relief.The dinner party had quietly wound down to coffee and dessert when she returned, clean and relaxed and wet with hormonally induced hunger. "I thought it would fade," she whimpered. "It just keeps getting worse."Her ass had been well serviced, so I strapped her to the exam table and simple opened her up with a speculum in her freesex preteen cunt and her ass. She squealed a protest as I slipped the urethral sound in, panting a little when it was done, knowing what the electrical sexy preteen pussy current could do.Although her nipples and clitoris had responded well to training, and now stood proudly dark preteen nude distended, another session with the milking machines on her nipples would never be wasted, particularly as sensitive as she was preteen video boards from the hormones. Careful placement of the tens pads meant that I could trigger energetic clenching tight of both her cunt and her ass sphincters, forcing her body to clamp down on the speculum. With careful timing, I could deliver the shock through the entire body of the speculum at the same instant that the current forced her body to tighten down on the metal instruments. I clamped both her inner and outer labia, using fine chains to stretch her open wide. "I did promise that you would never suffer from insufficient sandy preteen model titillation of the clitoris, dear." Her genitals were wet and swollen and rosy, spread wide and ready for stimulation. Excellent circulation is the key to a strong orgasmic response. Her clitoris would be stimulated with a variety of very strong sensations and I wanted to begin with improving the circulation.Using my thumb to carefully peel back the hood of Katya's clitoris, I rubbed free petite preteen a small, fine paint brush of the softest sable over freshly cut ginger, twirling the bristles in the fine, wet shreds I had grated to make sure each fine hair was thoroughly wet with fresh ginger juice. The brush was small, even compared to the small exposed bud of Katya's erect clitoris. I carefully swimsuit models preteen wet the brush numerous times, thoroughly painting that small, quivering bundle of nerves, even slipping the fine bristles up inside the hood, tickling inside the protective folds with ginger slicked hairs.The effect was almost immediate. Katya wailed as blood raced to the treated areas in a fiery rush. "Good boi," I told her, and turned on the current. I set the machine using the program developed after weeks of monitoring Katya during her testing and orgasmic work outs. This time, Katya had no control over frequency and voltage. The blindfold, hood and headphones isolated Katya so that her only input was the biochemically induced lust, the burning of her swollen clitoris, the painful suction on her nipples and the current that ran through each speculum and in the urethral sound.I brought her along slowly, the program set to plateau at each new level of stimulation. As the instruments slowly forced her body to build helplessly towards orgasm, she heard a recording of my voice saying her event marker, the sound that would tell her she would receive a reward for her behaviour. Just as Pavlov's dogs heard a bell before the food arrived, and soon began to drool at the sound of preteen nymphets tgp the bell, even if no food were to arrive -- I was slowly training Katya to orgasm when she heard those two words.The current soon forced Katya into a beautiful orgasm, one that was painfully extended by the merciless instructions of the computer program. Aside from the sound penetrating her tender piss hole, Katya's clit was untouched, except by the burning fresh ginger. Slowly the current and frequency cycled back down to arousal levels and Katya could rest for a time, although her sex was still being stimulated with cruel accuracy.I watched her pant her way through the rest cycle as her ass and sex still quivered and spasmed around each speculum. She moaned when I open each speculum wider. Lost in the dark silence, Katya preteen school uniforms writhed beautifully as the program guided her through lavish arousal to urgency and then held her on the fine sharp japan preteens ru edge of release for an exquisite eternity before releasing her with her conditioned reinforcer.I looped the program and left her there. Katya made a lovely centrepiece as she cycled endlessly through the long slow build, the agonising tease and denial of her orgasm and finally the violent, artificially extended climax. preteen girl boys The effect of the hormone therapy combined with the electrical stimulation did the trick. I finally had my training regime under control, and could move on to the next level of Katya's training.Feeling quite pleased with myself, the evening wound itself down to a close. I preteens sexy free knew Katya's performance would be the talk of the leather community for months to come. She had come so beautifully and so often. Some of my guests vowed that they were jealous.As spectacularly effective as the hormone treatment was, it wasn't something I wanted to repeat often. Even mares weren't put through that more than once or twice a year. I began to plan the next session with the hormones that night, even as I watched Katya come so obediently, the pleasure precisely timed by the computer program, making sure Katya came when I spoke the magic words.One of the things I enjoyed most about my fuck toy was her avid participation in her own pleasure. She had been carefully groomed and educated. Katya was an active partner in developing the next phase of her conditioning program.It would combine extended periods of sensory deprivation with hypnosis and specific input through audio recordings and occasional visual images. Katya would be continuously dosed with the hormone for an extended training period, and pleasured according to the instructions of the computer program and my recorded instructions coming through the head phones.I made her study it. Sh
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