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Related post: Date: Wed, 14 russian young lolitas nude Sep 2011 photos top 50 lolitas 21:28:29 +0000 From: Jake Audio Subject: Brothers are more important, Pt 2Here's another fun story. Hope it's up to par. Like all my stories, they are nice fiction but none of them are real, sorry for those of you who would think otherwise. I do my research for stories that are dated 15 yo lolitas models and such! (Please read part 1 first)Brothers Are More Important: Part 2Tedd hadn't gotten a summer job so id didn't matter if he went right to sleep or lolita bbs ranchi dorki not. He pulled out his book when he got in bed. He hadn't put any clothes on just slipped into bed after his shower. He had read 22 of the books. This one with russian lolita art galleries Titus Movus was the 23rd and it was the first time lolitas littles teen girls sex between men had been so open. There had been in the other books stories of House sex and sex between men and women. But this was different. This included it in the gladiator cells.As Tedd read he lolitas zorras lolitas babes wondered how far it would go. He mind still reeled from his dad sucking him off. Tedd lolita nude toplist net again pictured himself as a slave and fighter.As Titus went to sleep in his cell, young lolita galleries bbs Hadius was with young pussy hot lol loli ped nude picture him. underage earlyteen loli model He was like a baby as he cuddled into Titus. Titus was almost asleep, when he felt a hand on his manhood. The youth pulled his lion cloth open and pealed back his foreskin. It made Titus shutter. He would jerk himself whenever he felt the urge get nymphets lolita erotic fantasies strong. But this was different. He looked up at Hadius as youth lowered his mouth, onto to his manhood. He wasn't naked young loli teen sure about the youth servicing him. bondage lolita model nn But he just laid back and enjoyed him working his manhood over.He grunted his load out and couldn't believe it could be so good with little russian nymphets lolitas a male servicing him. "Are you please sir. I am happy to free lolita photo gallery please you," said Hadius. "Have your ever serviced a man before," asked Titus. "No sir. I've never had to...but with you I want to."Titus thought about that. He still wasn't sure about this man to man sex. He had been with a few woman. Yet none of them where his. virgins loli models com They had all been borrowed for lack of a better word.The next morning Titus was up early. Hadius stirred and got up to. He quickly got food for them both. As they ate there was one man who came over to talk to them. "Is this your nonnude lolita tease videos new boy. Now you are a user of boys?" "Look Vicus, how many men have you claimed." "Titus, this is no man. And for your information I kill all would be challengers." "We all know the savage your are Vicus. Didn't you kill your own father?" "It was my right. He had shamed our family." "Yeah sure, and that's how you got here in the first place."Vicus didn't like being challenged. He glared at Titus. But Titus had the icy steal look in his eyes. So Vicus walked away. "One day I kill that brat of yours and you." "I welcome it. You'll me my boy as well then."Titus didn't know if he could best Vicus. But he certianly wasn't afraid of him.Out in the practice area Titus spared with Varilius who was his equal. Varilius was from Gothic decent. His father had been killed in a fight and he and his family were taken captive. He had already seen two brother killed. He didn't know where the rest of his free lolita nudist pics family was.As they sparred The was a new drive in Titus' thrusts. 11 yo nude lolitas Varilius met each blow with on problem. He asked Titus about it. "Why are you so forceful today." "Varilius, I must beat everyone I come against. I will do doubt have to fight Vicus soon. He wants to best me I know."Varilius had always a friend to Titus so when he asked how it was to have a slave of his own, Titus didn't get upset. "Well, Hadius is tougher than he looks. But he's not skilled enough." "So have your taken him?" "No he's only preteen lolita sex dorki sucked me off. I'm not into that." "Well, someone else might take him from you. Only by marking him that way is he yours." "If anyone touches the free lolitas archiv hairy boy in any way 12 underage videos lolita their dead."Varilius knew that Titus meant it. They sparred for nn top lola pics another a couple more hours then it was time for a lunch break. Hadius was ready with food for them both. Titus took the food and looked at the tender youth. nude young lolas teens He lolita top 100 toplist also heard Varilius' words ringing in his mind. He knew that he would have to take home video teen lolitas the youth lolitas pedo childporn sex sexually. If he didn't someone might take him from him and hurt in bad ways.The afternoon practice was good. Titus was doing well even for him. Master Neyvomus came out to see the gladiators he so loved. He found a thrill index jpg young lolita in watching them fight and practice. There was an upper balcony where he could watch them fight. Sometimes he even banged his favorite ones. But something about Titus intrigued him. He wasn't interest in him that way. He had come down to see them up close. He was a man of 55 and he loved naked lolita angels galleries the whole process of young doll lolita model fighting to the death. He had three sons. His oldest had married and moved to Rome.Berstonius had been to small of place to make a difference in the world. So the oldest boy now worked for a senator in Rome. His two younger sons Havriseeis was 16. He had already models lolly free bbs had sex free nude lolita picures with a number of gladiators like his father. It was Torvainiss who was 11 who still avoided the whole gladiator stuff for years. He had shown some interest since Titus had came to the Lotus thought.The rules of the galleries of lolita models Lotus were clear. No action which causes harm to a slave or gladiator may be taken. Slaves and Gladiators where money. If a single dollar was lost by such act that person would have to make recompense. It was rumored that the oldest boy had left because he had killed a gladiator for an unfair reason.Torainiss interest in the gladiators had changed nonude lolitas free gallery so much that; he even talked Titus img cgi board lolitas who was 20, but looked younger; into teaching him desired angels preteen lolitas a few moves with the sword the first nn legal lolita nymph time this night. "No higher. Hold it higher or a blade will get you in the gut." The lad had gotten his dad's permission as long as he sweet little preteens lolitas followed the lotus rules. "I think if would better if I instructed and Hadius did the shy lolita virgins biz sword work. I know they're wooden nude lolita pic nude swords but still..." "OK," said Torvainiss reluctantly.The sparring continued. Hadius had been trained with a weapon since he was 6 years old. He was good with the sword. His skill with a Triton was minimal. As the free rape loli porn moved went on. Both of them could see the joy in Torvainiss face. After about an hour he stepped back and conceded he was tired. "I am pleased and surprised you lasted that long. We will leave you young master to your home." "No Titus, bbs i japan loli I would see how you do everything." "What do you mean young master??" "I will go with you." "OK, but be preteen child bbs lolita careful. There is brutality in the gladiator cells."There was little exotic nude lolitas always a nonude model lol pics few guards on duty when anyone practiced. They stayed at their post. One who had been assigned to see to youth; He followed them into the gladiator cells shadowing them. He was there just to watch over Torainiss.As they went into the bath area. All three disrobed and got into the bath. Hadius preteen nude lolita links washed him master softly and well. "Torvainiss, do you wish Hadius to bath you as well." "That would be acceptable."Titus smiled slightly. The lad sounded like his father. He also wondered how far the lad would go in this relationship. He himself had never had sex with male till Hadius. lolitas sexy ls gallery Havriseeis nor his father had ever wanted him sexually. He wouldn't have refused them. There were after all his master. But Master Neyvomus had told Titus that he was like a few select he didn't want young little lolita nudes to spoil or be forced upon. It would always be his choice. Well his desire had been woman. Two not his wife, one his hentai loli flash games wife. At times when he had done lolita bbs preteen forbidden well he was allowed time alone with his wife. That is why he had the sons he did. Two lads he didn't know at all both under three.Torvainiss smiled and sighed as Hadius washed him everywhere. elegant gothic lolita clothing "I see why you like a male to wash you. They know russian lolita 16 year how to take care of you." "Yes my father had 4 young boys see to his cleansing daily."Hadius attended to his own cleaning. Then they all got out and put on a loin cloth. "Young master. You don't have to wear the same attire." "For now I want to be like you." "Very good master."The three went to Titus' cell. As the cell was closed it wasn't lock on account of Torvainiss. The guard stood just out of sight in case the young master cried out for help. Torvainiss had been clear to not interfere in anything unless he called for help. "Torvainiss, have you seen sex with men before," asked Titus? "NO. I never seen any kind of sex. My mother had stopped it. But now that I am 11 almost 12 Father says I can do whatever I want." "Are you sure you're ready for this," asked Titus? "I not sure. But I love being with you two. I've never like the gladiator stuff lolita little girl xxx much until you came along lolita forum ls series Titus. Recently something had stirred in me about them. Then when Hadius came it became stronger." "It's called sex. lolita bbs porn cp You're becoming a man. You underage lolitas pics forums are the age when it starts to happen," said Hadius. "So then I can stay?" "You are our Master even if you're only 11. You must stay innocent lolita models maxwell if you want to," stated Titus with a smile on his face.Torvainiss smiled back and lunged for Titus and hugged him. He pulled back with a "sorry" coming form him. "Nothing to be sorry about. I remember what it was like to be 11. You have a good heart.Now Titus had Hadius take of his groin cloth and his own. He was still hesitant to do the deed. But he knew he must to protect Hadius. Titus laid on his back on the large wooden cot. real free latin lolitas Hadius got on top and started to grind his hard penis into Titus' soft one. Something in Titus stirred as Hadius ground into him. The youth also began to kiss his lips. This new feeling was strange and wonderful.Titus gave himself over the feeling. He knew that he was funny models lolita toplist sexually turned on he could do the deed. lolitas nud galleries pichers Hadius took over control of his body. He worked his mouth all over Titus' neck and then went to his nipples. Titus began to moan. He didn't know that so much pleasure could come to his senses this way. He closed his eyes and took in all the pleasure. The he felt Hadius working on his arm pits. There was a lot of pleasure there too. He was now breathing deeply. Then the mouth worked it way down to his preteen lolita bbs rompl penis. Oh the pleasure exploded as his penis was first peeled then sucked. Just short of cumming it all stopped.Titus opened his eyes. "Now you must plunge your penis into me Titus. Mark me as yours," said Hadius. Titus just nodded as he
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